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  1. Humboldt_

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    I'm really happy with the new fix was really sick of clickers ruining the game for sea faring players , if you want to fly a plane play WOWP leave the sailing to the real ships.
  2. Humboldt_

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I won the MARBLEHEAD tier V American cruiser, 250 flags, 250 repair party, port slot, so far i'm feeling lucky
  3. Humboldt_

    Tachibana useless?

    Torping in the Tachibana is the best way to sail this ship.
  4. Humboldt_

    supertest patchnotes and new maps

    Still no xp to crew training like WoT WoWp still using charge me twice doubloons this game is a bit of a cash cow rip off.
  5. So how about xp to crew skills button, at the moment with no crew training it just feels like I am being ripped off with all xp going to ship then needing charge me twice doubloons to change it to xp. Also WoWp WoT have depot so WoWs need a depot too, and the credit system is awful you never seem to have enough credits to buy modules but have enough xp to unlock them and i run a premium account.
  6. Humboldt_

    Funny WOWS ships nicknames

    Myogi - Myslogi.
  7. Humboldt_

    Submarine are so damn fun now that i've tried them

    Submarine is a boat not a ship, this game called World of War boats.
  8. Humboldt_

    Bonus codes (Alienware arena)

    Does not work for me neither.
  9. Humboldt_

    Regarding Ranked Battles from an 'ok' players perspective

    Agree two steps forward three steps back, i really wanted to have another go at ranked battles but its same old same old. So I guess I stay on rank 22 for another season, until I stop being put with fail teams.
  10. Gold do you not mean charge me twice doubloons.
  11. Humboldt_

    PC Gamer starter pack invite code

    Here is my invite code/starter pack - One ship slot, Three days Premium. PG95R-B66MB-RP9R2-RNXPC Enjoy cos I dont need the code and I'm really like my Tachibana.
  12. Humboldt_

    Confused about doubloons vs gold

    Owned and operated by the same company.
  13. Humboldt_

    Confused about doubloons vs gold

    Doubloon or Gold = being charged twice.