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  1. Grimbru

    Totally OP combination.

  2. Grimbru

    NA server vs EU

    Hey guys! Our friends across the pond do like to get up early in the morning! We have an announcement on the way, probably tomorrow, that will clear up everything for you. All the best, -Grim
  3. Grimbru

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Tuccy's original thread and statement can be found here. The most imortant thing you need to take from the thread is this: "The devs are following the statistics and the feedback - and preparing both countermeasures to harmful mods, easier installation of harmless mods... and so on. " And this: "Main thing, though... is to stay calm. We are in a test stage, the more we find out now, the more we can prepare for before the next stages of the game. In the spirit of this... we are eager to hear your feedback, but try to keep your passions under control, avoid name calling and ad hominem directed personal attacks against players who do not share your point of view. " Actually as we speak I am gathering detailed feedback about this issue, and I can assure you the feelings of the community have been made very clear. We are still a game in beta guys, and I assure you your feedback is currently and will continuously be used in the development of the final product. Please bare in mind that any potential changes will not happen overnight, but also that we are listening to you! All the best, -Grim
  4. Grimbru

    What to do with the Piasters

    Excellent work there OP. Excellent work... However, as punishment for crimes, you will now receive the gaze of Stalin. You have to keep looking too, or we'll know. Oh yes, we'll know...
  5. Grimbru

    "Ally in Torpedo Range"

    Here's a story. During the development of the game here at work we had a training session so we would be a bit more knowledgeable about the games new features before we hit the CBT. I had very few games and had only really played cruisers. I got in a Destroyer. Tuccy set up a training room and proceeded to let us battle a few bots and passive enemies. I TK'd two of my colleagues in that little training battle. The point is that I was still learning, had poor situational awareness and launched my torps tunnel visioning for kills. Tuccy's response...? "This is something you can tell your players. Never launch torpedoes from second line." This is something that just comes with experience ad I don't feel we need a special warning for it. These days I don't have TK accidents anymore. Honest. No really. I've got used to playing my DD's, I'm super pro now! -Grim
  6. Grimbru

    tech tree

    We're still at a stage where we aren't ready to fully test the economy, so I'm afraid you're likely to be without Piasters for a while. At this point in the beta I would advise going up maybe one or two lines at a time, selling ships you have had enough with to manage harbour slots. There will be some method of introducing Piasters into the economy as a whole in the future, but not much info on how and when as of yet. All the best, -Grim
  7. Grimbru

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    Of course no hard feelings dude! Haha good luck with the 'fix human nature" challenge. Every online game community in the world is patiently awaiting the answer to that one! All the best, -Grim
  8. Grimbru

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    Don't get me wrong, it wasn't my intention to make you feel I was picking on you in any way. Quite the opposite in fact, I was showing that someone who can be passionate about the game and reasonable on the forum is still quite capable of losing temper and throwing around insults when the game doesn't go their way. That's the point of me pointing out your behavior on this occasion. It's a competitive game, and people will lose temper on occasion, even reasonable people. I don't beleive, the test you've done actually proves anything. Only that we're all capable of losing our temper. I also was not questioning your dedication. I'm really not sure how you got to that conclusion mate. I don't expect you to take time away from your girlfriend to test. You seem to be confusing my intentions here so allow me to completely clarify. Everyone will experience toxic behavior when playing games. It's not nice but it's true. The likelihood is, that if confronted or insulted, people might respond in kind. Sure CV players are an easy target because the class requires a different playstyle that people don't understand. But you will see people calling BB players an idiot for sailing halfway round the map and you will see DD players get called overpowered or cheaters when they land a perfect torp spread. People are going to complain at each other. It will always happen. It's not always going to be aimed specifically at you, and in fact it really rarely is. The 'problem' as you call is is in fact human nature and human 'pride'. If you can fix that reliably let me know... Cheers and much love, -Grim
  9. Grimbru

    The hater against CV's is a serious threat to this game

    I appreciate the thread guys, but unfortunately there are some basics that are being overlooked. Alpha testers were a small community of players, extremely dedicated and passionate players too. Weekend testers were a slightly larger group. Lo and behold we started to see a little toxicity start to appear. The first phase of closed beta brought in a massive wave of players and then we started to see complaints about behavior. More players > more bad behavior. Simple as that. You called your team [edited]. Is it really any wonder they responded in kind? In fact I think most would say that 'retard' is far more offensive than 'clicker'. I know you were frustrated, but that's not really any excuse. It goes to show that even someone who cares about the game and its community is capable of insulting others in-game. Poor behavior is something that happens in every online multiplayer game. PvP ones especially. Free to Play ones especially especially. In my experience I've not really seen anyone particularly target CV players with hate. I have far more often seen CV players asked about tactics, told when to move if threatened and treated as the ship tactical of value that they are than given any particular hate. As people we will always remember the few times a nasty piece of work insults us more than we remember the many times someone says GG or tries to work as a team. Honestly look at your games and I think you'll see more cooperation than you think! I would just remind everyone that we are still in CBT, and the report function will be coming. A tutorial is also in the works, but no specific date on when. As always, the best course of action when someone acts like a **** is to just ignore it. Don't respond to them or they will just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. -Grim
  10. Grimbru

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    Exactly what lines are coming and when is still under wraps right now. You may well see premium ships turning up for various lines before the full lines themselves are introduced.
  11. Evening Captains, and hopeful Sailors! We have 5 Beta keys to be won in a twitter contest running today! How can you be a winner? Quite simple! All you need to do is recreate the eclipse by giving us a nice image of the vehicle of your choice either silhouetted or just basking and enjoying the sun. You're free to be as artistic as you like, as long as original image comes from World of Tanks or World of Warplanes. The winners are judged by the EU community Team. Editing is allowed. Contest closes at 21:00 tonight CEST Enter by sending your image to our twitter feed or to this tweet! Get creative, Commanders, Pilots and Captains! -Grim
  12. Hi guys, This is a great topic, but unfortunately I have to be a little coy about it for the time being. Suffice to say it's a feature still very much being considered and worked on behind the scenes. Those of you that remember the launch of WoWp will know that unified clans were not there from the get-go, and that features were added gradually. Certainly causing issues for players wanting to play both Warships and Tanks in competitive clans is not a situation we would like to arrive at, yet on the other hand a unified account and clan system has some attractive possibilities. Rest assured for the moment that we are aware of your concerns and take past experience and player feedback into consideration as we develop such features. -Grim
  13. Welcome, Captains! Please use this section of the forum to provide your feedback and bug reports. Feel free to let us know of anything you would like to be moved to this section. You are free to create your own topics as you wish! All the best, -Grim
  14. Welcome to World of Warships, Captains! If you're here you're probably looking for the advice of some of our more experienced Captains on how to play, or maybe you have a question you'd like answered on the mechanics of the game. The intention is to make this section the one stop shop for all your gameplay queries, guides, advice and general new player assistance kinda stuff. Please enjoy the new section and feel free to post your questions and guides as you wish! Cheers, -Grim
  15. Grimbru


    What could you have read or heard that would make you think that? There would be no point in botting, since there is more than likely to be at least 1 hard wipe before the game is released. The person would gain nothing. Ships that seem out of control or immobile are almost certainly either experiencing connection issues or tech issues of some kind, or afk for some reason. A report function will be in place in the future but I can't give you any date. For the moment you can take the names or screenshots of players behaving in a toxic manner and send a ticket to support. However, I would say think twice before you do so. In the case of afk players, there can be a multitude of reasons for this, from a phone call to the doorbell and it does not necessarily mean it's done with the intent to afk progress to new ships or exp. Toxic behavior is another matter. It's often subjective and I've already seen players claiming someone is behaving in a toxic manner when they clearly are not. Our support staff are better used dealing with real issues rather than squabbles between players. In the case of extreme instances by all means please take some screenshots and send them to support. Toxic behavior is not acceptable and can result in players losing access. However please bare in mind that the final decision will be down to support staff. Cheers, -Grim