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  1. malagawee

    Which T8 premium would you pick?

    Bayard is a nice ship..great fire starter and with that speed boost..for me its a fun ship...same goes for IRIAN..with the deep water torps which you could use to suprise battleships...and has a torpdeo reload.. Lenin is another strong tier 8 and a fun ship too..Gasgone is an average or even below average battleship.. My personal recommendations.....BAYARD and/or LENIN
  2. Hello everyone...im looking for a competitive clan mainly to play clan battles....im an experienced player and orientated with different game play styles...and wish to mainly play any type of competitions.. I play fairly well with all ships class except destroyers...for more inquires please contact me....
  3. malagawee

    GNB Store Reopened!

    hi everyone...I opened two crates and got the tachibana destroyer and a port slot...but cant find the destroyer...I looked for it in all ports but still cant find it...help please
  4. malagawee

    Grand Naval Battle diamond Shop reopened

    I opened two crates and got a destroyer too but cant find it...where does the prizes go?