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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I said it last time and i'll say it again, people being nice on the internet, strange. In other news if going outside please beware of falling chunks of sky. Any way i'd like to enter the raffle as well.
  2. Can't be bothered actually doing the maths but something like 13-14 khaba's
  3. Planes don't care about islands, they will happily spot you through them.
  4. Apparently you misunderstood what i meant by "i don't care". I meant it as in "i don't care about this ship class" rather than "i don't care about this poll", for example i'm not gonna be playing CVs or BBs so i have no preferences for either of these classes and by the same note that's why your question confused me as to it lacking the option to say i won't be playing this class makes it seem as if your asking what ships would you prefer to see in your team rather than the ships you are going to be playing yourself edit, looking back at what i wrote i only now realise i should have mentioned ships in my i don't care comment to avoid the confussion
  5. Where's the i don't care option? Also what do you actually mean by that question, are you asking about the ships we are going to be playing or about the ships we want to see on our teams?
  6. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/operation-missions/ We do, in fact, have the exact same thing. Edit, just checked and both can be found in the exact same place on each of the home pages
  7. [Operation] Aegis

    I tried to beat it but I just can't. Not really helped by the fact I was getting 3 shira's in the first wave and 3 ishizuchi's in the second wave for most of my attempts, plus friendly carriers having boners for the CL's I was focusing on. Did get to see some rather amusing bot's. Finally gave up when my internet had a heart attack and started giving me 3-4000 ping
  8. Somehow with only 6 torpedo hits and flooding's I broke 150K damage. How, just how. And i would have gotten away with it too if not for the Z-52 and it's hydro that detects me before it's ship can. Edit It is surprisingly satisfying to bully bots
  9. [Operation] Aegis

    Wow, just tried it and 4 stars. One thing i will say though is that the liberty ships die fast, had 3 of them get within 2km of the extraction zone at full health only to be killed before they got there
  10. fighting autowin rocks.. i mean cruisers

    The problem with that is high ranks don't mean good players, it means people who have the time to play hundereds of games during a season.
  11. Edge of Map!

    Here's the real question, why the hell are you even near the border to begin with?
  12. WG, please re-think your missions

    huh, so that's why there's been so many HE spamming colorados
  13. Is this a record?

    Well. Someone's popular. Then again, Belfast
  14. Cry of a BB player

    Make detonation chance on smaller ships higher because they should be easier to be detonated. isn't this already true? I mean how often do you see battleships detonate compared to destroyers who seem to go pop at least once every 5 games or so