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  1. real_sytax

    [ALL][TOOL][EN] Just A Tool - Multitool

    update to - updatet player statistic page. Div2 and Div 3 stats are now available - in the upper left corner below the country flags is now to see how much player are online at the choosen region. this value is actual after start of the program. to update the value you need to click at the region flag. - fixed the values for the winrate at the ships tab. it shows now the last (.xx) digits correct. greetings
  2. real_sytax


    ich findes es auch absolut ok das sich WG auch die mühe macht sich um solche menschen zu kümmern. es sind kleine dinge die zählen um das gefühl von anerkennung zu erhalten. dazu braucht es nicht massive geschenke. alle die sich freiwillig für eine community engagieren sind nicht auf belohnungen aus. es ist wohl mehr das gefühl etwas gutes getan zu haben. wenn es dann noch eine formale anerkennung durch einen betreiber gibt ist das für solche menschen schon belohnung genug. gibt es noch was extra freut man sich umso mehr. da können alle kritiker oder besser gesagt neider hier sich mal was von abschauen. auch ich habe jetzt schon hunderte stunden vor quellcode gesessen um etwas zu kreieren was mir und auch anderen nutzen bringt. auch das nur für das gefühl was getan zu haben. @ WG bitte vernachlässigt diesen part nicht denn ich halte ihn für extrem wichtig. die kleinigkeiten machen halt das gute aus. allen noch viel spass gruss
  3. real_sytax

    [ALL][TOOL][EN] Just A Tool - Multitool

    Hello everyone, i have released the beta 2 version now. this version has major changes. for installation see my entrance posing. IMPORTANT: please go at first to the settings page and configure your playername, the path to the wows exe file and most important, update the shipdatabase (click on the button) at least once. if you are not updateting the database you might risk a program chrash. i already working on that issue. should be fixed with the next update. whats new: - source code is completely rewritten in the way that it matches the modern MVVM pattern - new layout - huge speedup of the performance - many, many, and i mean really many little bugfixes - file size reduced - got rid of the sql database because of buggy database engine. well, you well see what is changed. please be so kind and contact me (here oder via mail) if you face a bug or program chrash. please descripe if possible exactly what you did before the chrash happened. also please contact me for ideas of improfement or about new ideas what i could add to the tool. have fun playing sytax (Sven) EDIT: it could be that the tool crashes if in the match monitor is a player with a ship that he plays the first time. already investigating that and will be fixed in the next update
  4. i doubt that such a mod is available, but i might have read somewhere in a WG announcement that WG will replace the current planes of the GZ. when this will happen .... dunno. greetings
  5. i suggest you all to use virustotal.com to check the file or files that are suspicous marked by your security software. i have the same problems with y tool because we use functions where the generic analyse tools of many security tools throws a warning. greetings
  6. real_sytax

    [ALL][TOOL][EN] Just A Tool - Multitool

    Hello everyone, just a short update on what is going on at the moment and a request for help. At this time i am in the middle of recoding the whole tool that it is matching the mvvm pattern for developement in c#. while i am recoding there will be some improvements done like a new layout and some performance improvements. but since it is a local client and i have to request everythink from the WOWS developer API and there is no fast local database in the background the improvements will not be in that matter i would have them. i will further work on that issue after the new codet tool is lauched. Now i have request some help from you. i would like to color some statistic attributes like i do already for the winrate. but i do not have the color ranges for other attributes. here is a list for what i need that ranges at moment (all is pure PVP data): - Average Damage Overall - Average XP Overall - Accuracy of the guns overall also i would like to implement a overall personal rating. if you have any idea how to calculate such a rating please be so kind and post it here in this thread so we all can diskuss about. i do not want to use the formula from wows-numbers thats why i request here for help. here is a screenshot from the start page of the recodet tool: http://prntscr.com/o6vpzv thx for your help
  7. Hello there, i am in a retraining as application developer. along to this retraining i have startet a small project to learn C#. This tool is right now in Beta version 2 and provides at moment some statistics about players. and a match monitor. IMPORTANT: in order to use the match monitor you need at first to configure the path to the wows .exe. click on the settings button. browse to the file, click on it and click ok in the file dialog. after that you see the path in the textbox. push return to save the setting. you get a green message when the path is correct. Please add your playername in the settings and very important: please click on the "update shipdatabase" button in the settings too. if you are not updating the database at least once it could that the tool chrashes (working on that already) the reason i annonce at this early point is just because i need feedback from as many as possible players. planned features for the future: - a 3d viewer to have a good look at the ship models and maybe displaying the armor modell. this feature is not easy to add because the modding community has problems to get or convert proper 3d models. but i will see what will happen in the future ..... sorry, not possible to create because wg will not release low res 3d models of the ships in an format the modder community can work with . (if someone can convert .primitives files to a commen 3d file format like .obj please contact me) - a statistik section that shows your daily goodies like XP, CR, wins, losses - already in work is a feature that i do not show at this moment. it will be mostly for clans. and of course i try to add features that are mentioned in your feedback. you can download the tool at: http://just-a-tool.sytax.de/down.php just unzip and start the just_a_tool .exe (some security software will throw alerts) but if this thread goes public it is checked from WG and it is clean. the alerts comes up because the tool is requesting information from the WG developer API and the heuristik of security software detects such code. for support please answer here in this thread or write me an e-mail. it is also possible to meet me at specific discord servers. for now have fun with this little tool and i am awaiting your feedback and suggestions. greetings sytax(Sven) p.s.: please be patient if you search for a player. it takes several seconds to collect and display the data. the speed will be improved soon.