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  1. The_Edge91

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    They are just awful. I'm absolutely gutted, was looking forward to getting the RN in game and they are just utter garbage. I managed a game with 55 main battery hits and just over 8000 damage, its a joke. I had a Danae deleted by a Phoenix, he may as well have been a Wyoming for all the help my armour was. The early tiers just don't have even close to enough firepower, 5 or 6 single guns, throw in some RNG dispersion and only one or maybe two shells are hitting the target and at most they are only doing 1000 damage each. I've had to run away from gunfights with Isokaze's. Please WG, take the line out, make it even close to usable and give it back. Or at least give the low tier ships HE.
  2. Well, I've never played ranked before and now I'm in love. Teamwork, glourious glourious teamwork.
  3. The_Edge91

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Getting weird results. flag mod installed into res_mods and the flags and ensigns are rendering like this for all nations seemingly. The backgrounds for the ships on the carousel and captains are okay though...
  4. The_Edge91

    Torpedo soup

    I just want someone to apologise when they annihilate me. Sailing along in the my Cambletown with a Storozhevoi just behind. Check infront, torps away at a Myogi. Then the alarm goes off from behind me and two or three torps slam into me. And the icing on the cake, the little bugger didn't go pink as he didn't kill me, just left me with so little health that a few seconds later an enemy DD finished me off with one shell
  5. The_Edge91

    carrier battleship hybrid

    No. But the aircraft could function like secondaries. Launch them, pick a target for them, AI goes from there, if the target vanishes they could either seek out another or return home. Yes you loose the manual drop but AI drops are not totally awful. It would also help reign in their power so that carrier bourne aircraft will always be superior.
  6. The_Edge91

    What kind of player are you?

    Deliciously average. Not awful but still liable to, on occasion, forget my BB has a rudder. Most fun had when in a BB, especially Warspite, seeing lovely big numbers flash on my screen. Utterly hate IJN DDs. Despite the fact everyone thinks it is some sort of deity I just cant be friends with the Minekaze. Do like the gunboat DDs though!
  7. The_Edge91

    Detonation on UMIKAZE?

    I've seen it happen to BBs. Personally it only ever seems to happen to me in a DD, I very rarely cause one. Except today. That Fubuki was not as invisible and alive as he first believed...
  8. The_Edge91

    Plays poorly report! Whole Team!

    What he said... Preserve your blood pressure. Admit [edited]will retard to the sky and back. Take a moment to laugh at the morons, as they present their Phoenix side on at 5km to a Wyoming and then die. Wins and teamwork is just a bonus
  9. The_Edge91

    Favourite Ship so far

    Aoba. I adore that thing. People don't seem to appreciate it's a proper heavy cruiser and I spent a decent amount of time citadeling T7 and 8 cruisers. Just unlocked the Myoko so hope that is more of the same. Found the Furutaka a barrel of laughs, unlike many I really liked that! Also like my Nicolas. On the other hand I really don't really like the Kongo or Minekaze. Everyone else seems to love them but I've just never got on with either of them.
  10. The_Edge91

    The current MM

    It's been so much fun for the last few days. Nothing like fail team after fail team full of BBs circling in one corner all alone.
  11. The_Edge91

    How to play the Furutaka

    Some love for a true sealclubber. Bravo!
  12. The_Edge91

    Jap BBs

    I really don't get the hate for the Myogi, I really like that thing. Easy to stay out of range of Wyomings and South Carolinas and just chip away at them from a position of safety. I don't get the love for the Kongo though, I really don't get on with it...
  13. The_Edge91

    What's your favorite BB?

    Premium: Warspite because you didn't need that health anyway. Standard: Arkansas/Wyomoing. Even with RNG one of those shells has to hit!
  14. The_Edge91

    Kiddy clowny ships

    Alt+F4. Come back in a few weeks.
  15. The_Edge91

    Warspite Back in the shop

    Well I love this thing. Glad it finally appeared un-bundled then accidentally fell into my port. Damn and blast. Those lovely lovely guns...