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  1. beaupeep


    How do I get cv Weser to complete a mission in German cv combat missions
  2. beaupeep


    How do I get the German cv Weser. I got the Rhein, but now to collect more tokens I need to fight battles with the Weser.
  3. beaupeep

    torpedo's travelling through islands

    no replay. but in this last case they defo sank my ship
  4. beaupeep

    torpedo's travelling through islands

    maybe but that does not explain how torps dropped on islands still travel back into the sea and hit ships. Shells are stopped by the islands why not torps.
  5. Is it me or do other people get annoyed by people firing torps onto or through islands,.. Can WG sort it please.
  6. beaupeep

    What are these drainpipes on BBs for?

    spent gun cartridges. defo. If possible they would be salvaged but in extreme circumstances they would be ditched. The priority being to sink / damage the foe. not cost.
  7. Why do ships go into battle unloaded. Any captain doing this wants cashiering. Why does wow do it.