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  1. Dont try to watch your stats to much it will only frustrate. The learning curve requires patience and results dont appear overnight.
  2. lycea

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Reading and replying in this topic while on vacation
  3. lycea

    AFT or manual Captain skills on Minotaur and Wooster?

    On ships with defensive fire consumable always go for AFT to create a larger 'panic' bubble. For ships that do not have that consumable it's all down to some simple maths to figure out which captain perk is more beneficial
  4. lycea

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    So we'll see moskva's denying cap areas without a real counter to them....so dd's will have no choice but to leave that area or gamble with their lives. Sounds like good game design!
  5. lycea

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    finally rank 1 after 139 battles. I liked this season because of the different tiers you have to play and because of the variety in ships that you can face on tier X. Apart from the french, I've seen all nations being represented well. My main pick was the conqueror, and she didn't disappoint me :) (well sometimes the AP salvo's did on a broadside target, that royal navy AP RNG blows my mind)
  6. lycea

    Tabbing out in loading screen causes client to freeze

    No problems here. Windows10 user as well
  7. lycea

    Moar Medals & Achievements, because bling matters!

    Please don't place rewards for only a certain ship class. We can clearly see what it does to the matchmaker
  8. lycea

    More Battleship citadels - Wargamings "Intriguing Adjustment"

    This is a step in the good direction though I think they've made the changes to big I mean, I citadelled a tirpitz in my Lyon, and almost deleted a full hp yamato with one salvo. Its a bit to much punishment for the average player on the receiving end, at the moment
  9. lycea

    which BB has best penn

    Huh? People were always saying that GK had better pen on the lower caliber guns at shorter ranges
  10. lycea

    Most played ships by Rank 1 players

    Players which have rank 1 are either -Good at the game -Average at the game but with alot of available playtime Players that don't have rank 1 are either -Good at the game but didnt have available playtime/not interested in Ranked -Bad players I don't think you can draw much conclusions from rank1 data
  11. lycea

    Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Cure to not get pissed off: always tell yourself that the enemy team has to deal with the same crap. They must have got some rotten fruit in their lignup as well. So life on the other side isnt better. Look beyond the bad players and you will see that the good players on both sides are the ones that make or break the game, and you can be part of that by giving your best, instead of focussing on the worst
  12. lycea

    another suggestion for cv-play

    Could you also implement a tool for battleships that knocks out the torpedo tubes of their natural counter (DDs). Makes perfect sense right?
  13. lycea

    Restrict Purchase of Premiums to Researched Tier

    They will probably implement this idea on one condition: you must pay the lost monthly profits
  14. lycea

    How would you improve the skill of player base?

    The only solution would be to find a cure for stupid. And anyone that has no motivation to win or do damage, but instead 'plays' this game for the graphics/nostalgia/etc should stay in co-op
  15. lycea

    [Therory crafting] After Musashi...?

    Since we now have an Iowa copy + a yamato copy my guess will be: groBer Friedrich