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  1. SauseBoss

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    Hi, I'm looking for a new clan as my previous clan has became inactive (A majority is inactive so no new upgrades to naval base has been made) I play casual but I sometimes like to play competitive such as clan battles. I like the looks of this clan and would like to join. I also have 2 tier 10 ships and I'm working my way to the 3rd Is there any spaces left? thanks.
  2. SauseBoss

    [DMAS] Recruiting players - English

  3. SauseBoss

    [DMAS] Recruiting players - English

    Friendly bump
  4. SauseBoss

    [DMAS] Recruiting players - English

    We are currently recruiting players if you are still wanting to join, if you can give me your friends names as well then we can invite
  5. Looking for players who are active and willing to take part in Clan Wars. Must have at least a tier 8 or above (premium tier 8 ships do not count), preferably a tier 10 (If you have a Des Moines, you will most likely be accepted) . Must be comfortable communicating to fellow members during divisions or clan battles. Clan base is completed with only the headquarters requiring one final upgrade. Player is required to have at least 50% win rate or more. Reply if you want to join.