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  1. skoebiedoe1

    Chat bann & issues in gameplay

    IMF you give comment in game that CV stil are op toen you get chat banend .. Before never tot banned for wat i Saïd in chat ...nog 2 times i say in chat new AA sucks and CV are stil op and two times ban for 3 days ...
  2. skoebiedoe1

    Free code on facebook

    STEAM1YEAR .... go get it (typo ;) )
  3. skoebiedoe1

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    Make that we can spot dd’s from 12 km away and we dont need radar anymore . Problem solved for you . ;)
  4. skoebiedoe1

    Updated!! Bonuscodes from gamescom

    All codes worked heer. ;)
  5. skoebiedoe1

    T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    And wat with the people that dont care about win rate but want to play tier X also.....
  6. skoebiedoe1

    Suicide teammates in team