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  1. skoebiedoe1

    Time to remove stealth torpedo launch

    Stealth torping ..no problem...carpet torping because of fast torp reload is ....hoe manny noob dd’s are shooting torps blind and hope for a hit ...give them back the old reload time zo it takes skill to kill with torps ....(and remove fast torp reload ; ) ) Iff to dd’s work togheter and carpet torp....bad Luck
  2. skoebiedoe1

    Wait! What???

    Ram the ship ..gaves torpedo hit easy . ;)
  3. skoebiedoe1

    Here's how to reduce toxicity by 500%

    Just remove chat ....problem solved
  4. It has to be the Smolensk because everytime i play here and burn camping BB’s down from full healt to zero i get reported .... (last evening i begin to play wit 3 karma , burn down 3 bb’s and karma is back to zero .....and i like it that way . ;) )
  5. Nope ..mostly 2 sec and im in
  6. skoebiedoe1

    Cruisers dead

    This and the BB’s on your team do the same...they are not aiming for the enemy bb’s (who show broadside mostly to them ) bud shoot at cruiser that are miles away ...they dont support the cruisers Bud hen a dd is near...then they se you . ;)
  7. skoebiedoe1

    DDs Gameplay and no teamwork these days

    Yeah , Bud what iff you come in to give dd Some cover and hé leaves you at first contact with enemy ships ...not even go for enemy dd in type same cap ....
  8. skoebiedoe1

    Just for the kicks. Pick just one ship.

    Kutuzov ...stil a beast of you knop how to play here
  9. skoebiedoe1

    New Year Bonuscode

    It works found it on my fb account
  10. skoebiedoe1

    Three days of bad teams? Can't be only me?

    Its not only in the week-end ....
  11. skoebiedoe1

    Chat bann & issues in gameplay

    IMF you give comment in game that CV stil are op toen you get chat banend .. Before never tot banned for wat i Saïd in chat ...nog 2 times i say in chat new AA sucks and CV are stil op and two times ban for 3 days ...
  12. skoebiedoe1

    Free code on facebook

    STEAM1YEAR .... go get it (typo ;) )
  13. skoebiedoe1

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    Make that we can spot dd’s from 12 km away and we dont need radar anymore . Problem solved for you . ;)