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  1. LazyVegetable

    CV games with Halland are unfun

    I agree with you only partially. I will gladly admit that CVs are overall taking away from the fun gameplay aspect of the game, however, playing one does not and will not make anyone a griefer. It's incorrect to call them griefers.
  2. LazyVegetable

    CV games with Halland are unfun

    CVs are intended to be annoying. So none of us are using anything in unintended ways.
  3. LazyVegetable

    CV games with Halland are unfun

    Halland can't do crap against a CV that knows what he's doing. Sincerely, A CV player that knows what he's doing.
  4. LazyVegetable

    Idea for more balanced teams - yay or nay?

    Nothing will ever change with this terrible MM. Today I had 4 losses in a row. First team went full lemming on the right side of the map, left the entire left flank open, flanked and murdered, even with a massive ship advantage, it was me and 2 others that pushed up, the rest sat at max shooting range and sailed in circles. Second team went down the middle of the map for some reason. All of them. Third team, no one on the right flank but me and the CV, 6 minutes in the game, 2 ships are dead on our team, all our cruisers are in our cap circle, the battleships are trying to hold the flanks only to be overwhelmed by numbers and guns. Fourth team, start of the game, a DD torps another DD, he explodes, turns pink, allied cruiser kills the pink DD, we only had 2 DDs on the team. Battleships sit at the back of the map, try to push with some cruisers helping me, doesn't work, not enough firepower on our side, if only the battleships were to push up with us... Yup, good matchmaker. After the 4th game I just called it a day and I'll play on monday or tuesday when all these weekend gorillas go back to whatever it is they do.
  5. LazyVegetable

    CV's Tier 6 Question

    T6 is a bad place for everything. Cruiser, BBs, CVs, DDs, everyone, nothing is excused from the hellhole that is known as T6. Also a T6 CV cannot meet T8 ships without a fail platoon. It's actually impossible. If you're meeting T8 ships, stop playing in a fail platoon.
  6. Boredom and my premium. With WGs decisions on the game and the way it's headed, i'm only sticking around for another week, then I'm taking my money somewhere else, might still play an occasional game or two with friends, but other than that, i have no interest in supporting this game or WG overall.
  7. LazyVegetable

    ROFLstomp in Progress: What do you do?

    Farm damage and potentially kills on enemies that overextend because they assume the entire team has given up and won't take at least one enemy on the way down. Yesterday we had an enemy Bismarck sail between my Colorado and my friends Gneisenau, commence deletion Several enemies did the same thing, show broadside to 2 battleships at pretty close ranges. Never underestimate how badly people can potato, the team doesn't matter.
  8. LazyVegetable

    Abusive language / player attitude

    I used to hate on CVs, now I abuse them. If WG won't understand that they are broken, that is fine. I can just abuse them and piss off the entire enemy team in almost every match. It's comical to see I've been reported and my karma fell just because I happen to be abusing a completely balanced CV
  9. LazyVegetable

    Has anybody played low tier DDs lately?

    Yes, it's a joke. Even if you know exactly what you are doing, in most cases you just barely get away from enemies. If you don't know what you're doing don't even bother playing them, you'll be dead without doing anything in the battle. This game should be renamed to World of Cruisers. At this point it's cruisers that have the largest impact on the game. That and an experienced CV. BBs just get farmed while overpening most shells, or farmed from behind islands, destroyers get slapped by radar and hydro.
  10. LazyVegetable

    Abusive language / player attitude

    When people start being more and more abusive and overall disgruntled, you should look at the cause, not at the result. If you want to fix a problem you ALWAYS look at what caused it. Companies do this all the time, and it always results in negative outcomes. Why look at the cause of something when you can just blame the people for everything.
  11. LazyVegetable

    Playing DDs in the current Meta

    No one is arguing they are unplayable, what we are arguing is that they require a lot more skill and knowledge than everyone else. Playing DD feels like a job, while everything else is relaxed. This is the problem.
  12. LazyVegetable

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    Thanks, I hate it, worst thing in any online game I have ever seen. Sub vs BB, the BB has no chance at all, whoever introduced the citadel mechanic is a plant and has no business in game development. You can quite easily and reliably citadel BB players and remove most of their health if not outright one shot them, this will encourage camping at the back of the map even more than it is now. I surfaced within 900 meters of an enemy BB, pinged him twice before surfaced on his side and blew everything in his citadel, gg, full hp to 0, no counter-play at all, nothing he or his team mates could have done about that. I was never spotted up until that point. CVs can't do anything to a submarine, i can cross the map underwater and kill them. No counter-play at all. Ditto for CA, and some CLs, there's just no counter-play. It doesn't take skill, it doesn't take anything. It's completely one-sided. Let's say a submarine is way out of position and finds himself between 3 cruiser and 2 battleships. No problem, dive below 6m and no one can touch him. I'm sorry what? Let's say you have a 4 ship advantage, last enemy is a sub, enemy team has 900 tickets, you know exactly where he is. You don't have DDs, you can't damage it. He wins because what? Because he's a submarine? How is that balanced?
  13. LazyVegetable

    Playing DDs in the current Meta

    Testing subs, this is the absolute WORST thing I have ever seen. Impossible to find, disgusting spotting, no arming range on the torpedoes, i can pop up next to a BB and drop torps 1km away and citadel him and either delete or almost delete him from the game, no reason to surface, DDs can't counter because the second they get spotted, this is easily the most disgusting thing I have seen in any online game in my life. If this makes it on the live servers I am getting the hell out of this game and taking my money elsewhere, this is a failure of massive proportions. You can't counter them as a DD without dropping other things like capping, and even then you have to be careful NOT to get torped by them since torpedoes have no arming distance and if you get too close from the rear or front, you gonna get torped. Hurray for adding even MORE roles to DDs taht already have too much.
  14. LazyVegetable

    Playing DDs in the current Meta

    DDs have too much to do already, plain and simple. Adding subs will only give them even more work. I mostly quit DDs entirely and only play them every now and then with either friends or when i've had too many drinks. I used to play with my team, communicate by chat and use their guns and my spotting and concealment to make a disgustingly effective fighting force, which generally resulted in overwhelming victories, it doesn't take more than 2 or 3 people focus firing to what a DD is spotting. With CVs in the game, DDs are practically useless, especially the european ones since I can just spot you and end your life within 2 minutes max with rocket planes and there's nothing you can do about it. They have so many counters that at this point it's not worth the effort.
  15. LazyVegetable

    BB's versus DD single salvo on DD

    Cruisers don't survive dumb play for long? Ahem, yesterday I sailed broadside on to a Montana in my DM for a good 2 minutes and it cost me about 10k hp while it cost him over half his health. I also had a Mogami sail broadside to my Colorado for 3 salvos and all I got was overpens even though I watched at least 2 shells out of everything fired smack right into his citadel, but no, overpenetration. 2 days ago I had a Goliath survive both me and my friend shooting at him, we both kept overpenning and dealing minimal damage while he farmed the hell out of both of us with fire and HE. Don't survive dumb play for long? My [edited]. Cruisers survive dumb plays WAY more than they should. There are occasions when RNG behaves and a citadel hit is in fact, a citadel hit and they get punished for making a dumb play, but more often than not, they don't get punished. While BBs lose a ton of health due to HE with nothing to show for it.