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  1. Wrong. This change will effectively punish BB players who push forward and put themselves in the firing line. Instead of making it a decision on what opponents to angle against to get the best opportunity to bounce their shells, you will always take damage no matter what. This is not okay. This inherently encourages firing HE by it's design simply because you will always deal damage and potentially set fires which can add up damage wise quite quickly. This entire change removes the incentive there currently is for going forward and tanking the damage. I would seriously recommend looking further than the current 1 centimeter you are looking at now. This change is negative for the game in every way possible. There is not one thing about this change that can potentially benefit the game, only harm it. Take the Moskva for example, it's a T10 very tanky cruiser, if you angle correctly against your opponent you can bounce a lot of shells, including those from battleships. You can extend your life quite a bit by simply knowing how to play and angling against the enemy while knowing which area of the ship to shoot for maximum damage. With the changes we have seen in the test server, this will no longer be possible. You will take damage no matter what you do, this removes the entire purpose of armor.
  2. My premise is what has been tested by myself and other players. Clearly you have not tested this yourself. Watch that, and assuming you are capable of thought process, you should be able to understand why this is a problem.
  3. Once again el2azer, thank you for proving in yet another thread that it is impossible to discuss anything with you due to the fact you do not listen to anyone other than yourself and that you are in fact, denser than concrete. There is no point in trying to discuss anything with you, so I will leave this here. I learned long ago not to argue with people such as yourself. Your mind will not be changed regardless of what others tell you.
  4. Yes. HE shells no longer shatter, they will always deal 10% damage. Firing at angled enemies or hitting the belt on BBs which currently results in your shells shattering on impact and achieving a grand total of nothing will now always do 10% damage. With the changes, armor is useless by every definition of the word.
  5. This change affects battleship playstyle all in all. The main purpose of a battleship is to deal heavy damage assuming RNG doesn't give you depressing dispersion and tank the enemy shells so their allies don't die. A very good way of doing that is angle your bow towards the enemy to minimize the damage you take. You will still take damage, but you will take less of it. This is called playing smart. Not charging right in, not sitting at the back angled, but going with your team and using your angled bow/broadside to bounce as many shells as possible. Just the presence of battleships is enough to warrant everyone to kill it because if RNG blesses them with good dispersion, it's likely they will hurt you enough you will take citadel damage next game. Not to mention the fact that with the new changes, secondary guns on BB will be more useful than the main guns are. Mainly on german battleships. Why even fire the main guns? Just get within 8km of the enemy with a secondary spec and farm damage because you will always deal 10% damage. The entire update is a major nerf to angling to the point it makes it entirely worthless. Currently in order to get good results from your guns you need to know where to aim in order to overmatch the armor, with the changes the game will be dumbed down further than it already is. It will be one giant potato siesta. It's absolutely insane. These changes cannot be allowed to go on the live server. It's absolutely insane that people even try to defend these changes.
  6. The problem with this is what it will heavily encourage camping and sniping. A lot of BB players already camp quite hard all game, but there are some that do what they are supposed to, push up a flank with the team and absorb as many shells as possible by angling the ship properly against incoming AP fire from opponents. The only thing this update will do is make even those players camp at the back and simply farm damage and hope for citadels. Or just directly move to a new line entirely and quit battleships.
  7. LazyVegetable

    More clicking, yay!

    Watch out OP, your left click will break from those two-three extra clicks. The only actual valid complaint is that the UI is slower than a turtle, other than that, not really. It's pretty similar to a lot of other games out there in it's functions.
  8. LazyVegetable

    Gameplay is now a joke

    The game has gotten more popular, which obviously means more players, that also leads to more players that most people would refer to as window lickers. They exist for the sole purpose of taking up space in the queue. There is not much difference between this and every other online game out there. While the number of window lickers is increasing, those people are on both team, not just yours. The only thing that does is make it even easier for those that know how to play to perform well. If you no longer enjoy the game, simply stop playing. There is no reasonable purpose in continuing an activity that you do not enjoy nor does it help you in any way.
  9. LazyVegetable

    Realistic Mode

    There would need to be so many mechanics removed and altered to make it realistic that it's easier to just fund a new game entirely.
  10. LazyVegetable

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    Toxic? Haven't noticed any. Players that make you wonder how they are allowed EDIT. Most of the community is fine toxicity wise, but skill-wise, beyond pathetic. Far worse than WoT.
  11. LazyVegetable

    Pink stupidity

    I've worked with multiple global companies that deal with things such as this, believe me when I say this will never happen because it would cost more money than they are willing to spend. I've also had the same argument as you are telling me now dozens of times over many years, something like this, will never happen. It's sad, it's depressing, it's downright disgusting, but it will never happen. Companies do not care enough, the only time they will care is when people start mass complaining about one thing.
  12. LazyVegetable

    Pink stupidity

    Those tasks don't really fall under the QA team obligations. The only time when a company finds out if a specific node is faulty is if enough people complain about it and specify to which one they should be looking for. Other than that, tough luck. Also, who is to say what the "more than usual" bar is? Online players are unpredictable, and most raise some serious questions about natural selection still existing, a system like this would be a waste.
  13. LazyVegetable

    CV Rework Discussion

    They're not even remotely close to being the same, but thanks for showcasing there is no point in trying to discuss anything with you.
  14. LazyVegetable

    CV Rework Discussion

    Instead of reworking the CVs, the game will be better off if they just get removed from the game entirely. Rework or not, the same problem will exist. It's plain and simply not fun to be crippled or killed by something you cannot see. It's extremely infuriating. CVs should just not exist in the game. They have no place, they do not belong here. Yes, you can specialize into AA to counter them, except this isn't really a counter. If the CV wants you dead, you will die, it's only a question of how many planes in that CV willing to spend to kill you. Not to mention that in order for you to spec into AA, that means you are giving up a lot of valuable skills, what about the rest of the team that will throw shells and torpedoes at you? I've watched CVs [edited]up dozens of times over the course of ONE game, and they didn't get punished for it. Yet at the same time BBs and DDs that fucked up were sank immediately and sent back to port. Meanwhile the CV is still in the game. CVs just simply need to be removed, something that WG will not do because it's WG.
  15. LazyVegetable

    Pink stupidity

    Yesterday I played all day with absolutely no issues. 1GBPS up/down here. I went out of my way to ask every single person I know in WoWS, no lag problems experienced at all by about 20 people. This is all anecdotal evidence as is everything you have said so far. The servers were not down when you claim they were, otherwise the forums would've been flooded with complaints as it does every blue moon that the server does actually go down. Your ISP is the problem here, not the server.