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  1. TheLordFlash

    Hamsters died ?

    Good to know, getting now
  2. TheLordFlash

    Hamsters died ?

    Someone just forgot to pay the electric bill. On a serious note, running pingplotter and something is not right
  3. How does Skybuck still not know the basics of this game?
  4. Im still stuck at rank 20 and doubt i'll get past it (was at 19).
  5. TheLordFlash

    Dear Wargaming Employees

    Seems forums mods are working in the background, most of the spammers are going grey.
  6. TheLordFlash

    Dear Wargaming Employees

    Hijacking the entire EN fourms is not the way to get your message across.
  7. TheLordFlash

    The idiots in this game are so decayed that...

    His other thread is been used to verbally abuse players, I reported him twice now for blatant rule breaches.
  8. TheLordFlash

    Done with this [edited] of a game.

    Theres only one way for this to end, time to sit back and watch.
  9. TheLordFlash

    Done with this [edited] of a game.

    Why is this twonk not yet banned? I've reported him also, I suggest everyone do the same.
  10. TheLordFlash

    Done with this [edited] of a game.

    There we go, changed that for you
  11. TheLordFlash

    Done with this [edited] of a game.

    I am so sick of rage kids using the term cancer to describe any issue with a game. Take a long hard look at yourself the next time you use this word in any online post. Your misuse of that word is an insult to those who have had cancer, or had relatives with cancer or have passed away due to it.
  12. TheLordFlash

    Fighting13th | Recruiting now!

    Any restrictions to joining, such as set win rate, K/D?
  13. Even ramming of a U-boat could severely dmage a ship. HMS Alymer after raming U-1501 in 1945: (Yet another useless thread by Skybuck)
  14. TheLordFlash


    Im guessing the "pro sub" crowd think they were some invunerable wonder weapon. Simple fact, they were not, by late 1943 the Germans will calling their U-boats "Iron coffins" due to the low survivabilty rates. The Royal Navy submarine force didn't have it easy either, they suffered heavily in the mediterranean theatre. Why anyone would think going 4-5 knots submerged would be fun in a fast paced arcadea game, I really have no idea.
  15. TheLordFlash


    Thats how most of my patrols went in Silent Hunter 3 - 2-3 week patrols seeing sod all, but still was enjoyable.