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  1. Jo______

    [800GS] -=Neur=- Clan Recruitment

    Hiya Overtakerer, You did not mention your Clan name? Regards
  2. Jo______

    BS4 Open for members

    Hello Sparky_55 Sounds like just what I am looking for a nice casual clan. Application has been sent. I am English and play most days, Regards
  3. Hiya TheShewolf, I would like to join the clan, if you are full again please place me on your reserve list. My player name is Crippled_Hand. I am English and Ex-Royal Navy, so have spent time in the Frozen North (Artic) and the Frozen South (Antartic), and many places inbetween. Regards Crippled_Hand
  4. Jo______

    Clan BONUS need players who need bonus.

    Hello, sounds just like the type of clan I am looking for :) Have applied to join, I am an average player, but looking to join a casual clan. Please note my app is on my H150 account Regards