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  1. Fine_Wares

    Old but still working bonuscode

    Code worked for me. Thanks
  2. Fine_Wares

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Worked, thanks for posting the code.
  3. Fine_Wares

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  4. Fine_Wares

    Beta tester insignia?

    I logged in today and got the symbol. I was not in the closed beta, but I did log in the 1st day of the open beta. Might use the symbol as it appears quite nice (at least until they remove it, in case it was a W.G error).
  5. Fine_Wares

    Bonuscode 45k limit(?)

    Worked so still some codes to be used, thanks for finding the code.
  6. Fine_Wares

    Battleship AP vs DD - work satus

    In this season of ranked about a couple of weeks ago, I nuked a Z52 in my Yamato to about 2k health and he got sunk seconds later. 5 hits, 5 full penetrations. Wish I had taken a screen-grab, needless to say the Z52 was not especially amused in chat but only at BB AP in general. I cannot blame him for feeling that way. As mentioned earlier going full broadside in a DD is the only likely way to avoid getting these daft full penetrations.
  7. Fine_Wares

    From Reddit - 1 Day Premium on EU

    Thanks for posting the code.
  8. Fine_Wares

    (speculation) what will ruski battleships be like?

    And here is a test of the Anti-Aircraft guns of the tier VIII, IX and X Russian BB's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8hlj4EbdsE
  9. Fine_Wares

    Football patch

    Some of these patches actually look pretty nice, would be nice to have one. Too bad my national football team is Scotland ........
  10. Fine_Wares

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    I think a Pan European tree would be a good way to add some extra ships to the game. The Austro-Hungarian empire had some dreadnoughts which could work for tiers 3 and 4. A glance at wikipedia shows they had a proposed battleship class that could work for tier 5. Could probably stick Goeben as a premium and call it Yavuz Sultan Selim when it was in the Ottoman navy. Sweden had some good cruisers as well.
  11. Fine_Wares

    Limited ammo

    This is a terrible idea and it would completely ruin the game. Seeing as the Op wants it because he got torped, would he also want the more realistic idea of incoming fire destroying fire control, radar etc? (like the 1st salvo that hit Scharnhorst did in the battle of the North Cape, a 1st salvo fired by British cruisers.) Limited ammo for realism would then need realistic damage control behaviour. Damage control parties being incapacitated or forced to evacuate due to increased flooding or incoming fire, throw in power loss as well from any hits. (De Ruyter in the battle of the Java sea is a good example.) These threads are always BBs who have been sunk by something that dared to not be another BB. Wonder what would happen if the realism they wanted was applied to their BBs?
  12. Fine_Wares

    Dolphins and now Sealand Port?

    I reckon the Archimedes Death ray event will be monitored closely as it will allow WG to stealthily test the Russian tier X BB's main armament and work on its stats Maybe they'll end up something like this? "Fire chance 100%" "Sigma 10.0" "Rate of Fire 30 rounds per minute" "Velocity 9000 kilometres per second"
  13. Fine_Wares

    Win Big With Signal Flags - Results

    Wasn't aware this competition was even on. Aww, I would have liked the Roma But thanks for the camos , extremely rare for me to actually win a lottery. (Edit) Also Wargaming, I noticed no one who's username won a Roma started with the letter F. You could have chosen at least one player with a name starting with F (especially if it was me)
  14. Fine_Wares

    New bonus codes

    Thanks for the codes
  15. Fine_Wares

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    This is a nice idea, thank you to the generous players! I would like to enter the raffle draw. P1. Alabama P2. Arizona P3. Doubloons