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  1. Earthglade

    convert free xp on premium ships for free

    Certainly a miss read ... sorry guys 😩😩
  2. Hi Group , I have several premium ships, it says you can convert XP for free, how do you do that ??? I click on the ship and its asks me for Doubloon's to convert... am I missing something ?? Big Thanks Paul
  3. Sorry what are these legendary upgrades and where do yo get them ???
  4. Earthglade

    How do I cash Ship xp on Old Ships ?

    Sorry Ship XP....
  5. Earthglade

    How do I cash Ship xp on Old Ships ?

    Hi, I have several ships that have quite a bit of Ship XP banked, I have now sold these ships . how do I cash in their The credits the only way I can see is doing this is vis XP.. is that the only way of doing it ???
  6. Earthglade

    Print Eugen ....Help !!!!

    Just purchased this ship a few days ago as a Rank battle Ready ... I have T9 T10 German ships.. this is a lovely looking Cruiser but hopeless to play.. Has anyone else had problems with ship ,if so what are your thoughts.. it cost me a fortune ???
  7. Earthglade

    Personised camouflage

    Hi, i have seen some battleships with personalised camouflage on , examples Bismarck with yellow turrets.. is this something we can do with an App ??? or is it a tech nowhow ?? paul
  8. Earthglade

    Ranked Battles

    Yep just had to purchase ????
  9. Earthglade

    Ranked Battles

    Do you loose your previous rank as I was rank 15 and just started to play my level 8 Cruiser .. my rank shows 19 ... anyone know why or is this normal....
  10. Earthglade

    Ranked Battles

    Hi Guys, I am at level 15 from previous ranked battles, my ships at the moment are Hindenberg and Fredrick De Grosse level 9 and 10. I don't seem to be able to play them in Ranked... Will I have to buy another ship to play in these battles..
  11. Earthglade

    Roon Captain skills

    i have a 17 point captain on my Bismarck, I seem to be playing more on My Roon now.. which has an 11 point captain onboard. shall I put my 17 point Admiral on her and would it make a lot of difference ?? If so what skills shall I use....
  12. Earthglade

    Roon Captain

    Hi, recently new to the game about 1 year. i need some help on Roon. at present I have an 11 point captain on her, i have a 17 point captain on my Bismarck, I am trying to play Roon mostly... question shall I change captains and if so what skills should I use on my Roon. any help would be apriciated ...?