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    Am I missing something? The Orion-class in-game is also modeled with a fictitious configuration (it's noted as 1934 in the game files - none of the ships survived that long). The Orion that we have has its torpedo booms removed however it still retains the really tall topmast which were all removed in 1915. So yeah, both the German and British BB lines are plagued by make believe ships. Really, really sad. More so considering that there was ample amount of material to build them as they were in real life. Also, Iron Duke hurts the most. It was the World War 1 ship to have.
  2. rottenscotty

    Map Boundaries

    Does anyone know how to change the colour/make the map boundaries transparent? It used to be a 2-3 minute job in GIMP but now nothing seems to work. I've noticed that the map boundries actually have an "empty" 3D model now? Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Could the Port Flag mod (Imperial German Navy flags etc) have any problems with GoldPile's Master Port mod? From what I can tell his mod changes some GUI stuff to display a huge selection of custom ports...
  4. rottenscotty

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    The Royal Australian Navy used the Royal Navy White Ensign during World War 2. Edit: They also used the Australian flag as a naval jack on the HMAS Perth. You can just edit one of the reward flags in WoWs to have it.
  5. Can we also get the Flag mod as an archive, please? EDIT: Much appreciated!
  6. I'm guessing the 0.5.14 update pushed the flag mod back even further? Sometimes I wish they would give up this gimmicky "F2P updates" thing and just release big patches instead of putting out small ones just to keep players coming back for "new stuff"...
  7. micro-patch makes the Imperial German Navy flag not appear on the WWI ships. Is it just me? :[
  8. Thanks a bunch! You never let us down! Keep fighting the good fight :p .07
  9. rottenscotty

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Whoa, you've been really busy lately with the skins. Can I ask for a Channel Dash skin for the Gneisenau in the near future? :>
  10. Yup, most likely the case. Just like the New Mexico, it has the guns of the 1944 ship, the main body of the ship in 1941ish but also with parts taken from her sister ships. In terms of naming the ship models, it couldn't be more obvious than the latest example Scharnhorst_1939... without the turret mounted catapults... Horst in game is from what I can tell in the 1943 configuration.
  11. First source is the game itself. If you open up res_packages with the viewer you'll notice WG named the two ship models "Michigan_1916" (Hull A) and "Michigan_1919" (Hull B). Second, here is a .pdf with the USS Michigan in 1909 during trial runs (ship looks identical in 1910, when she was commissioned). Pay attention to: 1) base of the forward mast and how the bridge looks like 2) the platform on the top of the forward mast 3) the ends of the smoke stacks (smooth, straight). Here is how the elements I described above look like in October 1912 (48 star flag was approved in June 1912 from what I recall). I'm not willing to do more research than what I already did for skin making purposes, but this is at least enough evidence to place Hull A in October 1912 (in no way is it before 1912), couple that with WG's designation (not worth much, but hey), and I think it should be concluded that the ship should have the 48 star flag.
  12. Wrong! It doesn't matter when the ship was commissioned. The South Carolina that is in the game, AKA USS Michigan, is in the configuration that she had in 1914/1916 (Hull A) and 1918/1919 (Hull B), so the 48-star flag (1912 onwards) is correct.
  13. rottenscotty

    Invisible models

    A bit of an odd request but here goes... does anyone know how to make models/parts invisible on the ships? As in, for example, replace a small ammunition box' model parts in the .primitives file with an empty model and thus make it invisible when appearing on the ship? Or maybe making the .dds texture file transparent? That however doesn't seem to work, even with a completely erased file the game just reverts to the old file. Any ideas welcome, thanks!
  14. rottenscotty

    New York port sky from

    Thanks a bunch! The weird line is still there but after taking a look at the original New York dock, it's present there as well, so not much to do about it. Here's the dock if anyone wants it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xz6fuy8tuvvxbps/NewYorkSkyonEmptyOcean.zip Further screens: EDIT: Forgot to explain how to put it in the game. Go to your installation folder then "res_mods", choose the version (currently ""), then "spaces". You can probably put it on whatever port you want of those available. Just change the name of the folder from "dock_Nagasaki" to "dock_ocean" for example.