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  1. Almighty_Hamburger

    Turnieje w WoWs

    Wydaje mi się, że dobrze wiesz co mam na myśli
  2. Almighty_Hamburger

    Turnieje w WoWs

    Tego pieprzenia nie da się czytać.
  3. Almighty_Hamburger

    DDs get worse tier by tier

    Jeez. Guys, you are all so wrong about USN DD's.
  4. Almighty_Hamburger

    Turnieje w WoWs

    Wkradła Ci się literówka, powinno być : 2026 rok
  5. Almighty_Hamburger


    Your stats saying something diffrent mate ;)
  6. Almighty_Hamburger

    Jak grać niszczycielami?

    I co w związku z tym?
  7. Almighty_Hamburger


    USN DD's are not about ambushes.
  8. Almighty_Hamburger


    One BIG advice to USN DD's - Use main guns, leave torps alone..
  9. Almighty_Hamburger

    Getting ridiculous, DD imbalance.

    So.. start playin on DD's, then you will have always one in team
  10. Almighty_Hamburger

    Rekrutacja do Klanu [S_O_K] - Sons of Kraken

    To się nazywa gra for fun, nie wtrącaj się statpadderze :/
  11. Almighty_Hamburger

    Farragut Hulls

    This game is about dealing damage, lol
  12. Almighty_Hamburger

    Farragut Hulls

    This is why i have 49k average on Farragut and you have only 30k on farra but wait... on myoko you have 45k dmg And i don't know how to play DD? edit : Because shooting in BB's is meh ( first battle on nico today)
  13. Almighty_Hamburger

    Farragut Hulls

    Just try it, it quite nice when you see -2000 hp every 4 seconds when you shoot at cruisers ;)
  14. Almighty_Hamburger

    Farragut Hulls

    Im not hating now but...you just don;t now how to play USN DD's. You can easily rape cleveland with 2k hits. Same with citadels, 5-6 km and you can shoot them easily.
  15. Almighty_Hamburger

    Farragut Hulls

    Won't do anything? USN DD's are all about guns.