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  1. soulredemption

    Game Ends Early

    i didnt know that was a winning condition but no im fairly sure the teams atleast in some cases didnt get to 0
  2. soulredemption

    Game Ends Early

    i may have missed this one some where but can some 1 explain to me why sometimes the game ends before any "winning" condition has been met ? just sometimes it looks like the game is far from being over and all of a sudden the servers decide "nope this is done no way they're coming back from THAT" and ends the game
  3. soulredemption

    Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    soooo let me get this straight ive gotten rank 1 5 times now ive gotten all 3 flags for stalingrad and now i took the stalingrad from the arsenal and the system took all my steel INSTEAD OF THE FLAGS and im left with 1k steel?! WHAT? where is your promise of the flags being worth 6k 6k 10k accordingly it basically gave us whatever the last season of CWs gave us and the first 2 flags were worth nothing?!! also werent we suppose to get copper for each previous rank 1 this patch? got none of those
  4. soulredemption

    new ship modules

    So has anyone truely been using the new modules given by the random containers? cuz i havent! they're almost all but useless so heres a thought how about creating a module spot that is destined for those modules allowing you to pick 1 or 2 modules total that will also fit along side the existing modules so youd have your 4 or 5 or how many normal module slots plus 1-3 extra slots that can only fit those specific new modules that will make the modules actually effective as they wont take old modules spots and will actually come to the aid of the player
  5. soulredemption

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    this is completely unreasonable WG my money may be well spent somewhere else
  6. soulredemption

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    this is quite literally the worst ranked season to date! its belfast everywhere smoke and radar everywhere good job WG