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  1. TheBigWildfire

    Any meaning to this icon?

    No, it is ur rank-not in ranked battle- but in the series that u progress through when u start the game. Like u start at 1 and then when u reach 9 ranked battles are unlocked. Each type of these ranks have an icon.
  2. TheBigWildfire

    AP shells not penetrating

    dont forget the bread room no.60
  3. TheBigWildfire

    AP shells not penetrating

    Hell, i was using a myogi!
  4. TheBigWildfire

    AP shells not penetrating

    I dont know if rngesus is with me, but the first time i ever landed an AP shell on a cleveland with my Myogi, 2 citadel hits and 8k other damage taking him down to like 5k HP! Is this just me?
  5. TheBigWildfire

    USS Langley Aircraft Carrier

    It happened to me to, my fighters were not in combat but bugged and i couldnt give them commands while 2 hoshos rushed me
  6. But do they mean killing an enemy DD from full, not an enemy BB?, it sure feels like that
  7. TheBigWildfire

    What is the point of play JP CV vs US VS?

    This one cv for jap thing is true, but is becoming crap because now there will be no such thing, now my ryujo has to be against another ryujo or an independance so im doomed. I cant rely on a friendly bogue to take care of the 1 and only bogue on the enemy team while i farm damage on stupid ships now helpless to my ijn cv damage potential
  8. TheBigWildfire

    Bogue Config

    I dont think the bogue is mich of an improvement from langly, but i have ryujo and ijn cvs def improve each tier and are much better in terms of xp earning. I have been ripped apart by a bogue in my zuiho but then i would trick him into focusing my fighters and sneak my attack fighters past while he tunnel visions. When im out of planes, i ram an enemy battleship and get extra xp, i did this in langly and got 45k extra damage by ramming myogi(enemy had a 2/0/1 bogue)
  9. TheBigWildfire

    What is the point of play JP CV vs US VS?

    yeah, i noticed that on the test server
  10. TheBigWildfire

    What is the point of play JP CV vs US VS?

    ive had many games like that, tier 5 and 6 ijn CV have been an absolute blast for me and they are the best CVs, i think bogue is usless. It just gets lots of clear sky medals or has no fighters at all. Clear sky doesnt even give a reward in any way except in self esteem
  11. TheBigWildfire

    What is the point of play JP CV vs US VS?

    Btw, i played on the test server with hakuryu and my 4 fighter squads ripped open then enemy midways 2 squads. Plus, i use fighters with zuiho ryujo and they aint bad