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  1. Tired of dealing with the kiddies? Looking for a group of older gamers? We might be what you've been looking for then... Pay us a visit, chat with the clan members - play a few battles with us and enjoy the social banter, saltiness, laughs and fun.
  2. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Count me in. I'd like to enter the raffle
  3. Clan application

    What is your age?
  4. Emnon - log into our Discord server and try to get on TeamSpeak if possible tonight and we can have a short discussion to explain what our clan is all about and make sure it is a good fit for you.
  5. I see a lot of the "Looking for a Clan" posts are from players focused on clan battles and trying to sneak in last minute to get a flag If you are one of those players, we don't want you. We do NOT recruit based on statistics. We have players from Alpha and Beta testing and we have players who have only a couple hundred battles. We want players who enjoying socializing, banter, salty language and being part of a group. If you want to throw your stats around, go do it somewhere else. If you are looking for an older group of gamers, then we just might be the clan you are looking for
  6. Good luck, I guess. I don't think you'll find much interest since you're ready to engage in clan hopping and give up on your clan. No serious clan would consider you at this point.
  7. Seriously, if you are interested in our clan and thinking of joining - I don't care about your stats. Don't send us links to your stats, and we aren't going to look up your stats. We can take an average player and help train them to get better. But we can't take someone with a sh!t personality and teach them to not have a sh!t personality. This is why we want a short discussion on TeamSpeak - to make sure you fit with us, and we fit with you - that is what is most important. We are focused on the social banter, camaraderie and working together in battles. Stats are NOT our focus for new or current members. Visit us on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S Visit us on our TeamSpeak here: awg.teamspeak3.com
  8. I saw the post on Reddit by u/bymywindow and the Youtube video your clan put together as a final salute for Ludwig45s My clan played a few battles against your clan, and I had the pleasure of talking with Ludwig a few times. Sorry to hear the news of his passing.
  9. We will shut down our website in 60 days. For all applications, please visit our Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S OR, log into our TeamSpeak for a short discussion: awg.teamspeak3.com
  10. Why such emphasis on win rate

    Some clans recruit only based on statistics (win rate, WTR, or both). Some clans recruit based on age and personality. If you don't have the statistics required for one of the clans that recruit based on statistics, then find another clan. Simple solution is simple.
  11. Your personality and maturity are more important to me than your ratings. AWG currently at 31 of 40 roster slots (AWG is our primary clan tag and used for Clan Wars and experienced players) AWG2 currently at 12 of 30 roster slots (AWG2 is our secondary clan tag and used for newer/less experienced players)