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  1. Clan mergers

    hahahahahahahahaha....found the trigger for the snowflake......hahahahahahhahahahahahaha
  2. guys put submarines ok and fast ok

    If you really want submarines, then go purchase a submarine game....Warships has never had, does not have now, and hopefully will never have, submarines. Now, go ask your momma to make you a snack and get off the internet.
  3. Clan mergers

    Boo hoo....OP didn't like the responses to his outrageous request, so now he's filing reports....boo hoo.
  4. Clan mergers

    So far, that is the only sensible statement you've made in this entire discussion.
  5. Clan mergers

    Oh, let's be clear...this is not even under consideration on my part. My clan was established two years ago, and based on what I'm seeing of your attitude, I wouldn't even consider you or any of your members joining my clan. You really should have paused for an additional 30 seconds before you clicked submit on your post. You are asking for everything, trying to keep all the benefits, and giving up nothing. It's conceited and arrogant, and I hope your clan ultimately fails because of it.
  6. Clan mergers

    This has to be one of the most arrogant posts I've yet to see in the forums. OP wants to reap all the benefits while absorbing an existing membership from another clan or two in order to boost his own clan membership because he is failing with his recruitment efforts. Warships players never cease to amaze me...and that's not in a good way.
  7. Why is it this clan does not have to follow the English translation rule for posting in the English Speaking forum?
  8. B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Maybe because you are posting in the English Speaking forums....
  9. The things players in this game will complain about...it is nothing short of amazing.
  10. Some dead weight removed to free up some more slots. This is a social clan, so we do expect members to join us on TeamSpeak when possible and play with fellow clan members in divisions. If you want to be a solo warrior and anti-social, do not waste our time. We want salty, social and older members. Age 25 and older, working proficiency in profanity and saltiness is a bonus.
  11. Welcome to our newest clan members: forrest_grump; whocarre; 4James97; and Firestorm1980 Waiting on a few others to finish their cooldown period from leaving another clan, which will leave us with only 6 or so open slots before we are completely full.
  12. [AWG] wishes [RNSF] good luck and fair seas with their recruitment efforts.
  13. I've really enjoyed some lively debate and discussion with a leader from another clan, who's clan motto happens to be Honor, Respect, Commitment Unless you engage them in debate on certain world topics - and then you quickly realize respect and honor are throw away words for them. Point of that - in our clan - we're not going to force some mantra or doctrine or stupid clan motto down your throat. If you have an opinion, be prepared to debate it and justify it, and understand that some may agree with you and some won't - and, if you can't handle lively debate and discussion and challenges - then we don't want such a sensitive snowflake in our clan.