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  1. Hmmmm....you do realize you posted this here in the ENGLISH SPEAKING FORUM
  2. And who are you to determine who should be able to play ranked battles? Who are you to determine how any besides yourself plays this game? You really have some serious issues, and I think the absolute very best thing you could do to improve this game is if you uninstalled and stopped playing it...
  3. Ummm....what? Anyone with a tier 6 ship can play ranked. You know, reading through some of your absolute sh!t-posts today...why do you play this game? It is quite obvious you seem to hate the game and hate all the players in the game.
  4. Why don't you: 1 - Delete your account 2 - Uninstall World of Warships 3 - Go away
  5. If you don't like Ranked Battles, then don't play Ranked Battles. I f'ing despise Ranked Battles...each season I try it...and each season I see some of the most retarded gameplay ever... Honestly, I don't have the patience to grind through that sh!t
  6. Why are these rant threads like this allowed? This adds nothing constructive to the community. Sure, it's a bit entertaining, and we all got a good laugh at OPs expense, but come on... EVERY f'ing week there is a thread claiming X ship or Y ship is terrible, or W ship or Z ship is over-powered...and very often, the threads are discussing the same mother f'ing ship. I really don't know why there are supposed "moderators" on these forums...what do they actually moderate?
  7. Still hoping someone can make this happen....I need Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann and his rage
  8. First, equating ranked battles with competitive gameplay is a farce. Ranked battles are a special kind of toxic. Currently, all competitive battles are hosted by individual clans and played in training rooms, because after over a year since open release, Wargaming still can't properly implement clans and competitive play into the game. Second, don't over-estimate our input on the forums. We represent a tiny fraction of the overall player base, and more specifically, the EU server is not, never has been, and never will be the prime consideration for any changes to ships, maps or game mechanics - Wargaming will always cater to the RU population. Third, let's examine the skill in a competent player argument. Look at the average player XP and damage totals (which are used to determine WTR or personal rating, or whatever metric you want to use). The average player is horrible. ANY skill which boosts performance will drastically further boost performance for a competent player. One of the discussions brought up early in the Radio Location development was complaints from the player base about late game mechanics, where an enemy ship could not be located. Again, I don't believe RL is game breaking at all. It can be very useful, or mildly useful, all depending on the team composition, locations and map. It is a tool...nothing more, nothing less.
  9. PM sent from [AWG] Asymmetric Warrior Group. We don't believe in copy/paste responses to people looking to join a clan.
  10. Then by all means, uninstall the game yet again. NOTHING introduced into the game has been game breaking. Not Radio Location, Not IFHE, Not stealth fire nerfs....NOTHING has broken the game. But hey...keep reading Reddit and listening to the b.s on Youtube rather than play for yourself
  11. Taking a guess you are one of those people who routinely follow the Reddit/Youtuber drama and over-react accordingly...
  12. Just add it to the list of broken promises from Wargaming....but make sure to put it after the "Unified Account" promise
  13. Looking for a clan of older gamers? We might be the right clan for you. We do expect active clan members to do the following: - At least 21 years of age (and we prefer older clan members, 25+) - Be active on TeamSpeak (when possible) - we understand people can't always be on TS, but if you can - get on, talk, chat, and join some divisions - Be active on our website - we have dedicated forums for tips, tactics, captain builds, ship lines, etc. If you're interested, visit our website: https://a-w-g.enjin.com/
  14. Hearts of Oak - I strongly recommend you do not recruit killerkeano kk was in AWG in one point, but did not participate in any clan activity; he does not seem to be a reliable clan member
  15. A friendly clan bump [AWG] Asymmetric Warrior Group clan strongly endorses Divine Intervention clan