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  1. SFCGunny313

    PSA: free captain respec.

    Don't have to worry about captain respecs if you stopped playing the game
  2. SFCGunny313

    [AWG] Asymmetric Warrior Group Now Open For Recruits

    Are you salty? Do you prefer to be in a clan who won't limit your free speech? Do you enjoy a clan with plenty of banter, laughing, and tossing jokes at each other? Tired of all the "try hard" clans with an abundance of rules and requirements? We are looking for players 21+ with a minimum PR of 1000 and who fight into our clan personality. Jump on our Discord https://discord.gg/PjeU9Eb and read the recruitment channel and fill out the application or just speak with one of our seniors who will be happy to help.
  3. SFCGunny313

    [AWG] Asymmetric Warrior Group Now Open For Recruits

    We've recently added Naval Action as one of our clan games, because....well, let's face the reality of the recent cash grabs, horrible teams and utter mess of recent Warships updates...so, it's good to have an alternate naval game to play from time to time.
  4. Ok then, listen up WG staff....fix this fiasco and fix it now, by order of the Peaky effing Blinders...
  5. SFCGunny313

    Compensation for server downtime?

    I love how the WG staff is completely ignoring this topic. The silence speaks volumes.
  6. SFCGunny313

    server interruptions, 19h

    WG: Players can't complain about the PR grind if they can't log in...
  7. SFCGunny313

    server interruptions, 19h

    WG: Players can't complain about the PR grind if they can't log in...
  8. SFCGunny313

    looking for a competitive clan pref eu

    During our discussions with him, he also expressed he doesn't want to interact with fellow clan members or division mates via voice comms. Would recommend sister clans give this "prospect" a hard pass.
  9. A voice mod with Gunnery Sergeant Hartman quotes from Full Metal Jacket would be absolute gold! Any creative/talented modders out there interested?
  10. SFCGunny313

    RESULTS - Battle of Cape Esperance

    @The_EURL_Guy It seems there is an obvious issue with this event. There is absolutely no method to track progress/points. With current technology and innovation, certainly one of the programmers of the WG staff team could develop a simple tracker for the player base, or is that asking/expecting too much?
  11. SFCGunny313

    This is getting out of hand

    And here boys and girls, we see the snowflake liberal resort to his ultimate debate technique - when losing a debate, resort to abusive, profanity laden personal insults.
  12. SFCGunny313

    This is getting out of hand

    @AdmiralDing3Ling For someone who is so intent on throwing his stats around to prove a point, you just don't have the stats to back up your claims. You're a try hard attention seeker who is getting triggered because people won't rally around your boohoo feel bad for me post. And by the way, @AdmiralDing3Ling, to quote your topic title, the only matter of "This is getting out of hand" is your failure to understand your own selfish play style and pursuit of stats is bringing the toxicity upon you. In other words, you are to blame. You reap what you sow. Become a better team player, and you won't experience these problems. Since you decided to bring this up - then absolutely NONE OF YOUR STATS matter, because you don't have a single ship played with more than 100 battles. Done. Go away. You lose.
  13. SFCGunny313

    This is getting out of hand

    Well, here's the thing. Do you make posts trying to say how good you are and referring to your stats? If not, don't worry about. On the other hand, this game is full of 20-something, live at home, neck beard, snowflake, man breast, acne faced, mouth breathers with nothing else going for them in life than trying to prove they are good at a certain game. Quite the society we've become.
  14. SFCGunny313

    This is getting out of hand

    It seems many of us are coming to the exact same conclusion regarding OP - however, as is typical in this modern snowflake society - he will refuse to accept any of the facts, but he "feels" like he is a good player, therefore he is.....sigh.
  15. SFCGunny313

    This is getting out of hand

    If you are having those comments directed at you frequently, then you truly are the problem. You want to cite your win rate, but perhaps, it is the other members on your team who are actually carrying you, and you still really haven't learned how to play the ships correctly. And, since you want to use your stats to claim you are a good player, let's go to the stats and take a look, shall we? 2068 battles and has 2 tier 10 ships. Destroyers - 341 battles with 54.5% win rate Cruisers - 615 battles with 59.5% win rate Battleships - 991 battles with 55.5% win rate CVs - 121 battles with 52.8% win rate Looks ok so far, but let's dig deeper. Most played ship is Missouri, with 82 battles and 51% win rate - not so good. Played 49 battles in the tier 9 Iowa with a 36.7% win rate - ouch - that's horrible. Highest number of battles is 31 in the tier 6 Farragut with a 48% win rate - well, there goes your argument that you know what you're doing in a Destroyer. 24 battles in the auto-click tier 5 Zuiho for a 58% stat padding win rate boost. 21 battles in the auto-click tier 5 Bogue for a 57% stat padding win rate boost. Only 8 battles in the tier 9 Fletcher with a 50% win rate. Your stats reflect someone who is actively trying to preserve and boost win rate and overall statistics, but does not reflect a person who has actually learned the game mechanics, maps, situational awareness, or other necessary skills to be a consistent contributor to the team. I would therefore surmise, you are a selfish player, and you probably provoke the comments you receive, either from your refusal to assist the team when necessary, or possibly from your own snarky replies to their requests. Oh, and as a side note, if you don't want to get "raped", then stop wiggly that sexy Fletcher backside, you're just asking for it ;)