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  1. *Edited
  2. *edited* So, your proposal is for a company, a for profit company, that needs to pay employees, developers, graphic designers, programmers, server costs, etc - and that makes money through the premium shop (ships, premium time, bundles) to restrict players from purchasing anything until they have approximately 2000 battles accumulated so they achieve a certain "skill" level? *edited*
  3. Feel free to uninstall
  4. Nope....just nope. As usual, you are just constantly wrong and constantly complaining. Just as in World of Tanks, the way to sustain your tier 10s is to play tiers 6-8. If you only play tier 10s, then you will suffer with the economic model
  5. Sigh. Here we go again... First - the game is free, nobody is forcing anyone to purchase anything in the game. It is not pay to win either - pay to progress, that I can agree. Second - if you ask the average gamer to describe naval warfare, they will mention battleships since that is the only naval vessel most people know about. When they are "advertising" they are trying to draw new players into the game, so of course, why would you mention something besides the most commonly known ship class? It is really so tiring seeing the same people in this forum complain about EVERYTHING
  6. Recruitment is currently CLOSED. We have two clan tags in-game, [AWG] and [AWG2], both of which are at maximum capacity. Recruitment is currently CLOSED for anyone looking to join and get a clan tag. If however, you are still interested in joining a clan of 25+ salty b@stards, then please visit our website and submit an application and join us on our TeamSpeak server.
  7. Paging any lazy POS MF'ing Wargaming admin or community rep to respond. Ignoring the non-functionality of the clan system is absolute and complete B.S. Stop getting drunk on vodka and cornholing each other in the backside and fix this.
  8. Somehow, why am I not even a little bit surprised that Wargaming is ignoring this. The game went into open release 2...yes two, that's right TWO years ago. It took them a long time to even introduce clans, and then, they decided on a rather arbitrary 30 roster limit. And, even the absolutely dead game of World of Warplanes has a web page function, but not Warships. Nope. We have absolutely no clan functionality. I can't add, remove or promote clan members. And, to make it even more fun, the League of the Seas tournament is about to begin.Edited OMNI was sponsoring a tournament, Wargaming would've fixed this mess already. So Warships programmers, put down your vodka bottles and do some work on this already. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  9. It all depends on what type of clan you are seeking. If you are seeking a more social clan, then the stats won't matter that much. If you are seeking a highly competitive clan, then they will insist on certain stats, ship tiers, games played, etc. Most of the clans list their requirements in the Clan Recruitment threads (including my clan). https://a-w-g.enjin.com/
  10. 0.6.10

    It seems nobody from Wargaming is monitoring this thread at all...so pretty much no point in posting a bug report about the problems with the clan features
  11. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to high-speed broadband internet...so patch updates can take a couple hours, and a full reinstall....literally 2+ days
  12. The players complaining about the clan members in the same battle were probably all denied entry into a clan or kicked from a clan. Pretty sad some players can't even make friends on the internet As you a said...a complete non-issue and their complaints hold no water
  13. Was I "forced" to purchase anything? Not at all. Nobody forced me to do that, I did it willingly. I enjoy the game, and I've purchased premium time and quite a few premium ships...but I certainly wasn't "forced" to do so. And that, my idiotic window licking friend, ends this discussion.
  14. Unpopular opinion - but absolutely correct and accurate.