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  1. Nargoth73


    You're tearing me apart, Lisa, WarGaming!
  2. Nargoth73

    Did anyone else have a terrible weekend?

    I played a few matches in coop this weekend. Not so much XP, but the salt level was bearable (meaning: none). Plus, queue times of 15 seconds for coop makes me think I wasn't the only one.
  3. Nargoth73

    strange object off map

    By the way, which one of you is Pink.
  4. Nargoth73

    Murphy's Laws for Battleships

    Number 32 has happened to me so many times on my Scharny and Tirp. Darn you, RNG, darn you.
  5. Nargoth73

    How to celebrate the release of 0.6.3

    I heard the guys from Atlantic Fleet are making a new game, Cold Waters.
  6. Nargoth73


    I had this happen in my Mutsu yesterday. Fired off a parting torpedo to a Bayern, heard the sound, got sunk, and no fishies in the water. Sucks, but that's just latency at work here.
  7. Nargoth73

    NA Camo Carnival Event.

    Actually, carnival is big in other countries too. In Holland we have carnaval. But hey, it's no Mardi Gras! Shame, could have used a few of those Restless Fires.
  8. Nargoth73


    I have her and even though I do like her, the meta at tier 10 is not really my thing. I am more of a tier 6 enjoyer. Happy with the Bayern we got for the Graf Spee hunt-thingy. Dispersion is a [edited]on Greater Curry, but you have 12 rifles of love so that should help out with evening out the dispersion.
  9. Nargoth73

    Convoys 2

    Haha, and queue Daki's response. Hitler was stupid to keep feeding his men into the Eastern war machine, and Stalin had the manpower to spare. In this case, Audi's slogan of "Vorsprung durch Technik" does not work on the battlefield, where the ability of having an enormous number of bodies to throw away is more important than having a nice shiny and nearly impossible to penetrate Tiger tank. 10 T-34s will make short work of said Tiger.
  10. Nargoth73

    Same Ship..Different Day

    I would like to try British BB line but it does not look present or active at all. Gief RN BBs nao!
  11. Nargoth73

    This was post on Croatian (renamed)

  12. Nargoth73

    This was post on Croatian (renamed)

    Google translate even says: Did you mean: [edited] If even Google translate can't properly understand you, how can we?
  13. Nargoth73

    Consumable Keys = Spurious MB fire?

    I turned the touchpad off and use a gaming mouse. Also since I use my laptop as a desktop, I have no need for the touchpad.
  14. Nargoth73

    Can not connect ... Technical issues

    It's WG's way of telling you to go play outside. Winter is almost over, enjoy the spring sun!
  15. Nargoth73

    Epic graphics glitch