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  1. woodyudet_17

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yes, but you could implement that into the current RTS, I.e. when your planes near the target you enter FPS mode for the attack ... rather than that being the entire mode
  2. woodyudet_17

    CV Rework Discussion

    Indeed; it’s not actually playing a CV - it’s simply playing World of Warplanes against ships...
  3. woodyudet_17

    CV Rework Discussion

    True- but that’s a massive dumbing down nevertheless. i am not a well skilled CV player, but surely the whole point was that you were in more than one place at once as this is what a CV is all about ? i can see what WG are trying to do here, but it seems overkill; surely a hybrid could work here where you manage fighters in RTS but when using attack planes they go into arcade mode ? lck of air to air seems really daft
  4. woodyudet_17

    CV Rework Discussion

    I was wondering that ... of all my CVs Saipan was the one I played the most because I enjoyed the air superiority and spotting without huge numbers of squadrons to control. I do think WG missed a trick here by leaving CVs as is but reducing number of squadrons and increasing number of planes in each ...
  5. woodyudet_17

    CV Rework Discussion

    Hmm ... interesting idea but really seems to be lowering the skill level - no spotting no air superiority.... Unlimited planes is a bad idea i;d suggest can see myself playing more tier3 to avoid this though. i actually like the fact that in WOWs carriers are rare at higher tiers as you can actually enjoy the gun fight if this comes in, they should remove Carriers from tier 4, so at least we can have a ‘first world war mode’ that is CV free...
  6. woodyudet_17

    My thoughts for Musashi.

    +1 I don't really have a problem with a T9 free XP ship. I've got 1M + free xp sitting in my account and am at T8 on Pan Asian [T10 for everything else] so if it is 750k Free XP its a no-brainer for what is in effect a free ship.
  7. woodyudet_17

    What's the point of new Pan Asia line?

    In knife fights i’ve found them to vg - especially if you have BFT; only US are a concern, but then that is the case for all DDs
  8. woodyudet_17

    What's the point of new Pan Asia line?

    I’m enjoying the PA line. There’s nothing particularly special about them per se as they are UK/Ger/US built, but I really like the fact it teaches newer players to engage enemy DD’s [that are moving] with guns rather than torps. Not being able to hit DDs in smoke with torps is frustrating, but it does require a change in play style which is refreshing and challenging. Have to to admit I’d like the British DDs to have the same quirk - really like the PA smoke. Can’t imagine RN DDs are that far away given that with gallant and the PA T5 and T7 we already have 3 types of RN DD in the game [am not counting Campbeltown as was US built]... fingers crossed
  9. woodyudet_17

    being threatened - support etc

    Because I was looking for advice from fellow players; a number of whom have provided helpful guidance.
  10. woodyudet_17

    being threatened - support etc

    Thanks guys- this is very helpful - your help is much appreciated Thankfully this is rare - been playing for years, not had this sort of experience before; hopefully won’t again. Thank you I didn’t volunteer any info; just responded that I wasn’t a kid [he suggested this] and had a good command of English language given it’s where i’m from etc got responses calling me a liar, slum dweller, go back to school etc. Not bothered by the insults per se, more with the threats etc hipefully the person involved will desist and this will go no further.
  11. woodyudet_17

    being threatened - support etc

    Hi, had a player take exception to me in a game and ask everyone to report me. Then direct messaged me suggesting i'm lying about age, slum dweller and mentally ill etc. He is threatening to report me, post stuff online etc. Usually don't care about this sort of thing, but rather annoyed about this - not least as completely unjustified, but also because while I don't care too much about being insulted on the internet I don't take kindly to being threatened. Not going to name names, etc but does anyone know what support type options I have? I'd rather let this go as the internet is full of wallies and it's not worth the effort, but if I do get reported [no doubt with an edited chat etc..] or named online etc then what are my options? many thanks
  12. woodyudet_17

    how do I create a clan

    can't seem to find instructions to create a clan - I want to set one up with some friends - any ideas how I do this? can't seem to find instructions in game, in FAQ or clan section all help much appreciated
  13. woodyudet_17

    Todays event at chatham

    are WG gong to be back at the 1940s festival this year? Hope so, and would think that this may well tie in with release of British BB line ?
  14. woodyudet_17

    HMS Hood Teaser

    Not liking the camo; would rather she just had her regular paint schemes - if anything she'll stand out by virtue of having a regular colour...
  15. woodyudet_17

    HMS Hood Teaser

    probably - we invaded pretty much everyone :-)