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  1. I can of course not guarantee that but I did not see the desync issues I've been suffering from when I played on the public test servers yesterday where the 0.5.1 patch is available for testing. I can only say that it does look promising, at least for me. You can try it out yourself by following the instructions available here: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/pt-guide/
  2. It popped up after first battle and then it seemed to work ok. Odd that I could start when you had not indicated that you were ready though. So far so good. Can't say that I've noticed any desync at all on the test server so it looks very promising.
  3. Really annoying without the chat. Don't know what happened now, could see you in the division but when I joined a new game you were not there.
  4. I've not noticed any lag so that part seems okay to me. Been trying to get a similar round to the Nicholas one I made the video off, but all I get is that retarded ocean map.
  5. Been playing a couple of rounds and it does look promising. I want to try with some different ships though where I have experienced the problem but with the low amount of gold for XP conversion, I guess I'll have to play one round with every damn ship on the way to those I actually want to try with, really annoying.
  6. Yeah, I'm going to try it out too. Installing the client now.
  7. I assume this is for the upcoming patch? The last small patch was no improvement.
  8. Know the feeling mate. I played one round to try the latest mini patch and the ghost ship out today but the desync was worse than ever.
  9. I have nVidia videocard both in my computer and my daughter's computer. Both are suffering from the desync issue but I've not tested very much on hers, just my own. For now, I'm not wasting more time on the game though. I play WoT instead which seems to be working fine. Sure, I do tend to look for desync issues in WoT too as its the same bigworld engine and I have seen an odd shot or two but if they are related or not is impossible to say. Feels more like normal behaviour for an online game where so many factors are involved.
  10. It seems to be there all the time but to be honest I've pretty much given up so I hardly ever play anymore. A few rounds after each patch before I've had enough of the desync.
  11. I never ever use hibernation or sleep. I always shut down when I hit the sack
  12. Nope, I only use one monitor. It is a 144Hz gaming monitor though which I guess is a bit uncommon. I've tested running it at the common 60Hz though but it made no difference.
  13. Just updated my motherboard bios and my network card drivers as I noticed that Windows 10 had replaced the ones I had before and tried out the new patch but the same issues still remain.
  14. When I played CBT I had Windows 7 and no issues. I've had Windows 10 since I started playing OBT so you could say that my story is the opposite to yours.
  15. I've still not seen a single shot fly through another tank in WoT. It appears to be working as it should. Regarding your packet loss Karck, do you see any packet loss towards login.worldofwarships.eu or only the on the hops to it? Packet loss towards routers in between (the hops) is actually normal behaviour as some routers have low priority on the ICMP protocol used to send pings so during high load they will just drop the packet by design. Either way, the game should still resync and handle the packet loss. This is the internet, everyone is affected by packet loss from time to time.