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    NOERD Looking for members

    Welcome to Noerd We're a fun-focused English-speaking community in the EU TZ with multi-national members of medium to experienced level who always play to enjoy ourselves. Our Goal is to be able to do clan battes fairly regurarly, but due to the fact that its very hard to find member villing to even join discord its been hard! We aren’t elitists, we don’t take ourselves too seriously either. We are a group of average casual players that aim to get better and have a lot of fun in a great community along the way. We currently seek (mostly) competent players that meet or exceed the clan average in order to expand the clan roster and make a push for some success in Clan Battles! The most important part is having fun and getting to know the rest of the clan, so we dont put alot of merit ino the fact that you have to have a tier ten ship or so on so average, we help eachother gring and we teach eachother, so we are looking for fun people willing to join a clan, div up and play Clanbattles Our requirements are as follows: • Conversational English • Discord (Compulsory) and working microphone • A sense of humor • A willingness to learn, improve and be a team player! What we can offer you: • We offer a friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Training and CB attendance isn't compulsory. We understand that real life comes first. • Good laughs and great banter • Training and feedback • Divisions most evenings • A multinational clan roster from all over europe How to join: • Contact one of our recruiters • Apply directly through the in-game clan browser Best Regards Clan Commander PewPewPeew of NOERD
  2. hey guys, yeah i relaly need to get more active here hahahha