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  1. TBNRtom

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the Lottery! @lup3s And also to you fine gentlemen, Thank you for doing this Lottery again!
  2. TBNRtom

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    Stop comparing new ships to the Stalingrad please....
  3. TBNRtom

    Nerf graff zeppelin

    People dare to ask me why I love HE spamming cruisers....And now I read this..
  4. TBNRtom

    Daring crap

    The Royal Navy DD's are among the most fun DD's I have ever played in this game!!
  5. TBNRtom

    Zao needs a nerf.

    The AA is fine in My opinion, doesn't need a Buff, there is already too much AA in the game.
  6. TBNRtom

    Zao needs a nerf.

    First of All to my knowledge the Moskva shells are still faster. Second, insane firerate with adrenaline rush? Yeah if you have 500HP left it maybe decreases the reload with 2.5 secs... Third: Firechange in port is not the actual firechange. Last: torps might be strong but have an almost 3 minute cooldown. Zao is fine where she is, WG just buffed her so she is back in the desired place.
  7. TBNRtom


    Same here, I never had any troubles with this map. I like it!
  8. TBNRtom

    German BB AP Bombs Ruins the game

    AP bombs do not ruin THE game, it ruins A game from time to time. There barely are any CV's around so please just start a new game and tadaaa no CV.
  9. TBNRtom

    the "carry harder!" thread

    I really have to get back on that French grind, but playing Wooster is just too much fun
  10. TBNRtom

    the "carry harder!" thread

    That Henri IV on the enemy team though, 3.45k base xp!
  11. TBNRtom

    Cleveland out of place at tX?

    Maybe I'm missing something but being unable to hit the target is only the players fault, he has to aim. I understand that cleveland arcs are diffcult to master, but never impossible.
  12. TBNRtom

    Yueyang In Clan wars--> WHY?!

    I have so far seen only one clan that used a single shima in their line-up, but never have I seen a YY and a Shima in the same line-up, a lot of teams in the typhoon league actually trade a DD for a Wooster right now.
  13. After we complained for about a whole year abou this WG has stated multiple times that they are working on improving these mechanics. If I remember correctly there is even something in Supertest right now.
  14. You have to give WG credit for the superrealistic bots in this game, they are just like "normal" people, well done!!
  15. TBNRtom

    999 Containers

    Someone will have his American Collection finished today, I guess thats 999 pieces..