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  1. Sweetlove07

    Gtx 1080 bad performance, anyone?

    ​Hi there I cant see the exclusive fullscreen u mentioned above in the option, I only see the Windowed, Fullscreen and Fullscreen Windowed so which one is your recommendation?
  2. Sweetlove07

    Gtx 1080 bad performance, anyone?

    Hi guys firstly I would like to thank all of you for quick response and good advices. So until now I can sum it up like this: 1. This game focuses on CPU ----> Mine is Intel 5820K and overclocked to 4.5Ghz with custom watercooler so I don't think it is my problem. 2. This game has 75-76fps cap ----> nothing I can do. I have V-sync on for reducing tearing display and what I have here is the inconsistent fps, like 59-60 drop to 45fps. 3. This game has some graphical issue like AA ----> workaround like turn it off in game and use Nvidia Control Panel to force/override it. 4. Unlock/change the fps cap in the engine_config.xml ​could lead it some bigger problem ----> leave it alone. So far not really any way I can fix my bad performance innit Someone said they will upgrade to new engine or new graphic dx11/12 in 2017? Can anyone confirm it by give me any link or source please? Still looking for any workaround to give me consistency of FPS thou...
  3. Sweetlove07

    Gtx 1080 bad performance, anyone?

    Ahoy fellow captains Just curious anyone here got bad performance on the latest Nvidia cards like me? I upgraded from gtx 780 to gtx 1080 and expected a big jump on graphic and performance but the result failed me with inconsistent​ fps. With V-Sync on I never had a solid 60fps, it normally 57-59 and sometimes drop to 45fps which is very annoying. Without V-Sync my fps never reach to 70fps which is very weird to be honest because I can run Battlefield 1 on Ultra setting resolution 2560x1080 and upscale 125% at 80-100fps. I don't think my PC is not capable for this WoWs game or maybe this game engine is very poor optimized perhaps? But I do need to know it is just me or maybe someone here suffering the same issue? My god hope you guys can understand the feeling of spent more than £600 on a new graphic card and cant max out your favourite game T_____T My rig: Cpu 5820K OC 4.5ghz, 32GB DDR4 Ram, Gtx 1080 My display: LG 34UM68 34" native resolution 2560x1080 Any help/advice/fix would be appreciated!!! Thank you.
  4. Sweetlove07

    One on One - Battleship vs Cruiser

    used to lose in situation 1vs1 ( I am BB ) due to their higher RoF, torps, etc and every nightmares end when I touch my hands on Bismarck. 10.6km 2nd armaments and 5pts captain skills overkill everything closes to me
  5. Sweetlove07

    2nd Armament bug? Anyone?

    Just want to update before close this thread. It's 100% the firing angle issue. Bismarck cant fire 2nd armament when charge bow perfectly ahead but if I turn the ship a bit it start firing. More than happy now thanks all of you guys for great support.
  6. Sweetlove07

    2nd Armament bug? Anyone?

    Thank you guys I will test a few more game and update here but it seems likely it is the angle firing issue. ​I have 1 more question before I dash off to the seven seas. If there is a DD in a smoke with close range and I turn on Hydroacoustics and be able to see the enemy and target that DD but my 2nd armament doesn't open fire, that means the 2nd weapon cant fire at a target in the smoke even hydroacoustic is ON ?
  7. Sweetlove07

    2nd Armament bug? Anyone?

    ​Yeah seems like that. Only happen when I charge my bow forward. Does it need to be angle or show broadside to use 2nd armament?
  8. Sweetlove07

    2nd Armament bug? Anyone?

    ​With all respect it may sounds like I am a drunk captain who suddenly found that my Bismarck's 2nd armament doesn't fire after 25 battles. What I am saying is my Bismarck's 2nd weapons still functional but they are suddenly not meet the standard which they supposed to be. They used to work just fine since the 1st time I own her cuz when I unlock + buy Bismarck I assign my 15 pts captain from Scharnhorst straight to Bismarck and pay the doubloons, skip the retraining process and test her 10.6km ( which is awesome). Right now they still open fire but they not immediately fire right after I click the target for them. All I need is my 2nd armament open fire at 10.6km like in the stats, not 7 or 8km. ​I even create a forum account and created this topic because I would like to fix my Bismarck ASAP... This issue made my Bismarck just like another Gneisenau with 1 more turret.... =.=
  9. Sweetlove07

    2nd Armament bug? Anyone?

    Thank you guys for your response. ​I am playing on an ultra wide 34" resolution 2560x1080 monitor so I think I must be blind if someone said I have a "feeling" about unable to see my 2nd armament shooting. I have Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and play with them a long time before I can touch my hand on Bismarck so I am very familiar with German 2nd armament. And my screen is quite big so I can see any single shell fires from my vessel so I don't think this could be the reason. ​And when I assign my captain from Scharnhorst to Bismarck I did pay doubloons so my captain on Bismarck is fully operational. I don't think this could be the reason. ​I will try to save some replays for further research on this topic because if it IS a bug then hopefully the dev teams can keep an eye on this. Because when I charge my ship's bow forward, the moment I see enemy ship at 11-12km I click/double click their name/ship and white aiming symbol appears on their name, I pay attention very carefully and realized my Bismarck didn't fire at 10.6km at all. Notice in this case there is no obstacle like friendly ships, island, landscape etc.. and I keep going ahead with scary tactic because I love brawling and play manly and at the distance of less then 8km (sometime 6km) my ship started fire 2nd weapons toward enemy ( she supposed to start fire from 10.6km). ​
  10. Sweetlove07

    2nd Armament bug? Anyone?

    Ahoy fellow captains First of all I need to state that I am not a newbie a noob. I know how to use my 2nd armament and I am a PC builder/hardcore gamer so I know that my mouse work just perfectly fine before I make this topic. It's about the 2nd armament on my BBs is not working sometime and it's quite annoying so I would like to ask if anyone in this forum had/having this issue/bug/error and how to fix that? Everything work just fine until I unlock and buy the Bismarck and assign my 15pts Captain from Scharnhorst to Bismarck. This is when everything went wrong. My Bismarck is fully upgrade and have a 15pts captain with Manual Fire Control for 2nd Armament. She has the range 10.6km of her 2nd batteries. She is supposed to open fire from the distance 10.6km when I click on enemies names/ships but NOPE. Sometime she follow my order, and sometime not. I tried to click or double click, I tried other ships as well. Everything is working just fine except the Bismarck. In last game a Gneisenau spotted at range of 12km. I double clicked his name/ship and the aiming symbol appeared on top of his name. At the distance of 10.1km my Bismarck still silent and only open fire until the range of 7.6km. I meant WTF? Is it just me or this is a bug? It made me depressed so much so I came here and rage on and begging for your help to fix my beloved Bismarck. Because I don't grind my captain to 15pts and grind to Bismarck just to experience this issue. ​All comments/idea will be appreciated. ​ Many thanks.
  11. Sweetlove07

    Any chance they will sell the Tirpiz again?

    lol a lot people want to have them at the first glance and I have missed it so far so I worked hard and save money so I dont care it is in bundle or not to be honest. Anyone know how to raise the attention to WG so they can aware about the demand of Tirpiz ?
  12. I am so in love with Tirpiz or Bismark and I just cant wait until they put it back on sale. At this moment there're some events online (paper ships,etc...) and the prize is Tirpiz but I know for sure I am never win this event so I am so keen to asking you guys for help. Should we raise the attention to WG about put Tirpiz back on the shop?