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  1. HKPiax

    fix this turd of a ship ( Des moins )

    This kid is the kind of person that needs some good old bullying until he gives up on the game. Can’t wait to meet you in game.
  2. HKPiax

    Giulio Cesare spelled wrong!

    I saw it, though it’s the only picture like that, and it’s before the huge refit done some years later. Plus I asked a museum! They do that as job, and it’s “Givlio”.
  3. HKPiax

    Giulio Cesare spelled wrong!

    I studied latin too :) But the “V” is not the issue, it’s the “C”. It’s not “Civlio”, it’s “Givlio”.
  4. HKPiax

    Giulio Cesare spelled wrong!

    Hi everyone, I noticed that you guys wrote “CIVLIO CESARE” on the Giulio Cesare’s stern, on the keel. I thought it sounded weird, so I asked the Naval Museum in Venice and they confirmed that it’s spelled “GIVLIO CESARE”. It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the way “ciulio” sounds in Italian is very much like saying “Pismarck”...it’s very weird. You think you could edit it somehow? It would be awesome! Thank you!