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  1. SoothingWhaleSong

    Detailed List of Real and Paper Ships

    Absolutely love this work and how it's a continuation of Phoenix_jz's original series. I assume that the spreadsheet version is fully updated with the ships that have come out since/entered testing?
  2. SoothingWhaleSong

    legendary upgrade mission

    Back in February with 0.9.1 And I wasn't happy about it back then either.
  3. SoothingWhaleSong

    WOWS Twitter

    I don't know. I think Verizon would be fine with how WG does business. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/08/verizon-throttled-fire-departments-unlimited-data-during-calif-wildfire/
  4. SoothingWhaleSong

    I didnt get any ships from containers in 5+ years

    I mean do you think WG personally dislikes you?
  5. SoothingWhaleSong

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    You're right the short list theory is quite commonly misunderstood by people thinking you need to get all the short list ships first. Likewise I'm sure someone could explain it better than me (which is why I linked the original reddit post). But it's interesting to get some data, flawed as it might be and get people to post about what they got and check it against the theory. Likewise whilst some people have clicked "no" on both the EU and NA polls such a huge number have clicked yes Most importantly I haven't yet seen anyone who's actually posted confirm that that they didn't have any of the relevant short list ships before opening some gifts, winning a ship and it being a ship other than the short list. Not a single person.
  6. SoothingWhaleSong

    Poll: What will you do after the SantaGate?

    I was resisted the temptation to buy anything for Black Friday and was likewise resisting the temptation to buy any Christmas creates and the shortlist scandal helps that. I actually did rather well last year when I caved, got some and got Le Terrible, a ship I wouldn't buy but really enjoy. However I am unconvinced lightning will strike twice. (I also should finally grind the British DD line...) I'll likely buy premium time and a few doubloons. I *might* buy a premium ship/complete dockyard events/perma camo on a tier 10 but actually have more ships that I can regularly play.
  7. SoothingWhaleSong

    Faildivs aka +/-1 Tier divisions - do they need to go?

    The Tier 8-10 is interesting, as I don't view it as a fail division if you can't be up tiered above your usual spread. There is potentially a very remote chance of a weird queue dump if literally no other tier 8/9 ships were queuing but at that point the matchmaker has bigger problems. If you can't queue as divisions that can up tier members, there still should be a message or *anything* warning players they could be.
  8. SoothingWhaleSong

    excess ship exp

    It would be nice to have alternative ways to use elite ship XP. Esp. for people for whom credits basically no longer matter. However as long as anyone is willing to use the doubloon (& hence real money) to convert elite XP into free XP then there is no incentive for WG to change this.
  9. SoothingWhaleSong

    Faildivs aka +/-1 Tier divisions - do they need to go?

    If you're in a fail division you should be fine to queue for co-op but not random AND you should get a message explaining why. (I'd be fine in ranked with a tier spread as well) My biggest problem is that unless you go and read somewhere like the wiki page Matchmaking, the game in no way explains to new players that if you queue in a fail division then the lower tiered ship can end up uptiered. So a pair of new players might only find out when one of them is +3 up tiered and they get their teammates hurl abuse at them. I can see why they don't want to make anchoring to low tiers work, as people would regularly try and do it. Anchoring does pretty much work using lower tier CVs... well until you get such amusing results as these.
  10. SoothingWhaleSong

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    Yeah given you already had ships on both shortlists before you opened any gifts then the theory accepts you might get another ship first. I likewise think it's noticeable that you got both California and Ochakov early on in the rolls. Despite replies to both polls with "no", I literally haven't seen *anyone* on EU/NA forums or Reddit who have owned none of the 3 or 4 ships in a short list and who got one of the other 100+ ships before they got at least one of Duca d 'Aosta, Yūdachi, Vanguard or Ochakov in a Mega gift or Makarov, California or Orkan in a big gift. And a huge number of people getting at least one that they're missing. Given the sheer amounts of players whose creates conform to the theory and the wording of the 2016 Christmas Box and 2017 Christmas Box I also feel there being a handful of cases of this occurring (perhaps a tiny percentage chance of just rolling a ship supercontainer) still wouldn't invalidate the fact that it seems if you do roll a ship then it's vastly more likely to be one of these 7 and this was not explained to players in the armoury/shop or news article.
  11. SoothingWhaleSong

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    (This is a clone of a topic and poll I made on the NA forums with my tiny NA account) So this theory posted on this reddit thread has rapidly gained a lot of interest and lots of confirmation from many accounts the forums, reddit and tests by streamers like Flamu. So. SCIENCE! Before opening any Santa's Mega Gifts: Did you already own *ANY* of these ships: Duca d'Aosta, Yūdachi, Vanguard or Ochakov? Likewise before opening any Santa's Big Gifts: Did you already own *ANY* of these ships Admiral Makarov, California or Orkan The theory is if you get a ship then it will choose one of these 3 or 4 ships (depending on the gift). I *believe* this ship should appear from that gift container. *Note below. BUT if you already have it then you will instead get a super container (with I believe the super container animation)** with a ship you don't already have from the far longer 107 ship list. So in my case I already have Duca d'Aosta (from a Santa Gift from last year... oddly enough...) so it's possible for me to get *any* ship from the full list if I buy a Mega Gift Container and get lucky. But I should be unsurprised if I end up with Yūdachi, Vanguard or Ochakov (which I don't have) However as I don't have Makarov, California or Orkan, then by the short list rule the first ship I get must be one of them if I open a Big gift and get a ship. After getting at least one I can again get any ship on the list. This is obviously clearer if you open the containers one at a time but also full results are also interesting. So if you've opened Mega or Big gifts this year and you got at least one ship: Did it follow this rule? Please tell us. Do we have anyone who doesn't have any ship from the relevant short list who gets another ship first? Please tell us what you got. *Likewise short listed ships were specifically mentioned in previous years 2016 Christmas Box 2017 Christmas Box. But not from 2018 Loot Box. **A note on the gift crate vs supercontainer animation. As any unowned shortlisted ship could *also* come out of a super container if they're a ship that the player doesn't own so I'm less sure how important the animation is. It's more I don't expect *any* other ship to come directly out of a gift container animation aside the 3 or 4 from the shortlist than never expecting any from the short list to come from the super container.
  12. SoothingWhaleSong

    What WG have done right

    Whilst I can see what you're getting at. I'm not convinced your logic holds out. Most battleships could get away with just premium DCP and repair party; for some it's literally all they have. Whilst cruisers and destroyers can have 4 consumables that are all pretty important. (or 5 in the case of Seattle & Worchester) Likewise the old system hurt new players who already had lots to learn, not bad players who had brute forced the economy with premium accounts, premium ships and sheer play time and continued to play badly at high tiers. Whilst your stats indicate you're an extremely good player, I do none the less find your above sentiment about the importance of economic gatekeeping of high tier play amusing; given you've got over 200 games in a Missouri.
  13. I've been very lucky with it; got the Oklahoma on 14th November as I had gotten 22 containers with 15/16 with 7 duplicates, Also note the containers will be available for coal eventually, although this may take 6 months.
  14. SoothingWhaleSong

    Is Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya worth to buy?

    I actually did pick her up for coal after I restarted May 2019 after over a 2 year break and think it's a great ship (for tier 5) and have been using it to division up with a friend for tier 5 matches. Also I indulge in BadWrongFun by sticking my Kremlin Kuznetsov captain on her. I enjoy OR, and the amusing history of being the most advanced Russian battleship (arguably Imperatritsa Mariya class were more advanced being built later but their service record is... well...) It is also one of the cases of the exact same ship being in the game twice - as Tier V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is literally Tier IV Gangut that went through modernisation in the 1930s. The in game models and photos on Wikipedia.show how substantially she was changed from her WW1 state. It's a bit odd because it predates the actual Russian battleship Tech tree line by almost 2 years, and so doesn't have the weird Russian battleship dispersion, instead having the usual formula used by US, UK and (now) German battleships and it has an extremely short cool down limited repair party. Which was later refined when the tech tree line was released. Still, this won't effect captain skill build or anything. It still is very Russian in so far as it is tough when bow in or angled, but very vulnerable if caught broadside. However it is almost universally considered a better idea to save the Coal and armoury resource voucher for your first tier 9 premium ship which should cost 171000 with the 25% discount voucher... unless you just prefer low-mid tier games instead. Likewise, beyond the benefits of a premium ship (captain swapping, improved credit earning, permanent camo etc) in many ways Pyotr Velikiy does a very similar role and arguably better.
  15. SoothingWhaleSong

    What WG have done right

    Getting rid of Premium Consumables (or technically making them free and getting rid of the basic ones) and then the refund of any excess was a massive benefit that I think slipped under many people's radar. This can be as much as 90000 credits extra per battle. Although some of the playerbase managed to whine about that because apparently it dumbed down the game or something. Matchmaker remembering when you've been uptiered.