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    The Blyska used to be glorious in the early days before BB whining removed the stealth firing window, it was designed with this game mechanic in mind hence the poor torpedoes, maneuverability etc. It's still not bad but there are better options for your cash, personally I'd go Leningrad.
  2. Bulrim

    Win rate abuse

    Could it be that you used to be in lower tier ships where mistakes are more tolerated and now you're playing in higher tier games where poor play is less tolerated?
  3. Bulrim

    Win rate abuse

    What have they been saying to you?
  4. Bulrim

    man this game sucks balls

    It looks like you made it to rank 9, found it too hard so got dropped back to rank 11 and gave up.
  5. Bulrim

    Most OP high tier ships in the game

    Last night a couple of salty German BB players (Bis and Tirp) insisted my Neptune was OP and needed a fire rate nerf.
  6. Oh well, I guess next ranked season will be tier 8 then.
  7. Bulrim

    Ranked: Which is your Nemesis Rank?

    Rank 5 for me, every time I get there I seem to get spanked so hard it knocks me down to rank 7. It's my own fault as I let the frustration get to me, make stupid mistakes and keep playing long after I've stopped being productive in a vain attempt to stop the fall.
  8. Bulrim

    MM makes me looose

    It seems more of an issue in ranked, occasionally you see one side getting multiple radar ships while the other gets none. That match, while not a certain win, is definitely weighted towards the radar equipped side.
  9. Bulrim

    MM engine fix

    Well that was an interesting read. As usual with a "MM is rigged" type thread the people complaining are the ones who struggle to have a positive influence on matches. It's much easier to blame the mm than to look at yourself and why you seem to have worse "luck" than other players.
  10. Bulrim

    Dear wargaming . you lie

    I've had it once since the patch, ranked battle in the Belfast. After I died I looked at the smoke area and it looked like the last puff of smoke had come from the very back of my ship so I had drifted out of it pretty much straight away.
  11. Bulrim

    What's your ranked games experience like?

    Playing mostly Blys, Fiji and Belfast I'm currently at Rank 12 I've preferred the Fiji to the Belfast so far. The Belfast is great in an organised team but the Fiji just seems to have more carry potential for me. I had a great Friday night, Saturday was alright and last night was poor. Last night I started ok first match a win, then top in a loss but then I started to catch the stupid virus that was going round and really struggled. If I was on your team I'm sorry. Overall the team work is there in most matches and they come down to the skill of the players on each side.
  12. Bulrim

    Fiji > Belfast

    I prefer the Fiji to the Belfast, the torps and heal let you play it a bit more aggresively than the Belfast and if you are in smoke with a BB driving at you have the torps, did I mention torps? I just wish it had 4 torps per side rather than just 3.
  13. Bulrim

    New weapons poll

    I think it'll be some sort of premium weapon, probably unguided rockets that act like torpedoes above the water.
  14. Surely there should be an easy fix to this, keep RDF in but allow you to turn off your radio (like you can with AAA). You lose all input from from the rest of your team but don't appear on the RDF thing.
  15. Bulrim

    Why does the Emerald Suck?

    The one thing I really disliked on the Emerald was the gun layout, you had to show too much broadside to get any sort of damage out especially when you consider it faces tier 6 and 7 opponents most of the time.