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  1. _FTD_

    Clan-Bewerbungen - bitte erst vorstellen!

    Naja du scheinst mir auch die Farbe Orange zu bevorzugen, dein Auflauf scheint mir sehr reich an Karotten zu sein
  2. _FTD_

    King of the Sea III - May 13-21

    What is your problem man? That's how we treated the league internally to build up new player, that's why I said it. You should stop insulting people straight away without any background knowledge.
  3. _FTD_

    King of the Sea III - May 13-21

    Easy. It's not like anything but WK/KotS matters but yeah i forgot the practice league, good luck to you guys in the next KotS MDIV League: OMNI vs AAO = AAO
  4. _FTD_

    King of the Sea III - May 13-21

    They really need to be briefed about this once, its painful to see them struggle on stream to remember in what ordered it all went down OMC Cup: TTT vs ALN = ALN Winter King: OMNI vs AAO = OMNI KotS 1: OMNI vs OMNI = OMNI KotS 2: OMNI vs OM = OMNI KotS 3: OMNI vs OM = ?
  5. F**k BB's, overpowered as hell. I don't even wan't to be productive about this matter anymore, have done it often enough.
  6. _FTD_

    the "carry harder!" thread

    It's not the highest, not even close actually but I can feel your pain when it comes to french cruiser and carrying pleb teams. French cruiser cannot carry, they are just damage whoring CA's with less carry power than the IJN.
  7. _FTD_

    Win Rate

    You should have learned by now that WR is dependent on premium time, tier and whether you have the upated hax package or not. I'm disappointed that you still haven't learned this allu..
  8. _FTD_

    Fara Carrier Guide

    This guide is usable way beyond the beginner stage.
  9. If you have any questions about CV gameplay or CV handling in general, you should really checkout the following guide that Farazelleth just put up -> http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/79134-fara-carrier-guide/ All the other episodes will be added over time, this deserves some attention!
  10. Anything but BB lines, don't need more of these powercreeps.
  11. _FTD_

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Can you guys please stop doing click in fiestas? I just now had a game with 3x 3 man divisions of SV-SV3 and it ruined the entire game, what is the point? If you guys want to play against each other go into the training room or something, this is just pure damage to a random battle... Good luck recruiting.
  12. _FTD_

    Time for Clans Results - List of Winners

    Completely forgot about this, thanks for the camos and boxes WG! (desperately need some detonation signals...(pls WG sell them as single package in the premium shop I know so many people who would buy them...)) Congrats to all the other winners!