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  1. tmGrunty

    Help required from experienced DD Captains please

    Actually no. 32mm penetration can't penetrate 32mm armor. The penetration value is rounded mathematically (<0.5 = rounded down and >= 0.5 rounded up). In order do penetrate the rounded value has to be greater than the armor it wants to penetrate. That means you need at least 32.5mm (rounded to 33) penetration to penetrate 32mm armor. Now there is one catch to that. People reported that what I stated above is only true if you DON'T use IFHE. Apparently if you have that skill there is no rounding and if the penetration is greater than the armor you penetrate (e.g. 32.1mm penetration can penetrate 32mm armor). However I have not tested this claim and can't tell if true or not but there has been a big thread on reddit about that you might want to read if you are interested in.
  2. tmGrunty

    Help required from experienced DD Captains please

    Akizuki and Harakaze with the 100mm guns because without it you can't even penetrate 19mm superstructure armor. The German DDs with 150mm guns (Gaede and Z-23) also profit from it as it allows you to penetrate 32mm bow armor of high tier BBs. Although personally I would only take it on the Gaede (it doesn't necessarily need SE or SI) as there are more useful skills for the Z-23. Someone could also make a case for using it on some some low tier DDs with 105mm guns like Clemson if you like seal clubbing and have a high point captain for it. The skill is a total waste of points for every destroyers with guns with a caliber of 120-139mm.
  3. Well there is obviously a bug, be it either the tooltip being wrong or SE not giving more heal per second. I do not know which one it is but I do know that WG is aware that there is a bug because it has been reported in the CC Discord.
  4. You do not receive more heal per second with SE. Yes the ingame tooltip says so but it is not the case if you actually test it. It is a bug but I honestly don't know if the bug is the tooltip or the fact that it doesn't count.
  5. tmGrunty

    Pan Asian DD line. Your advice.

    Why do you need Superintendent on a Pan-Asia destroyer when you play them with smoke? You have 5 charges of smoke even without that skill. That more than enough. Switch that to Survivability Expert and then take Adrenaline Rush as for the last 2 points and you have a very good captain for the T10. But on a side note: imo there is no point in playing the high tier Pan-Asian destroyers with smoke to begin with. If you want smoke just play the original and stick with USN DDs. They don't have those stupid deepwater torpedoes and can actually fight other DDs too. What makes the Pan-Asian DDs special is the possibility of Radar.
  6. tmGrunty

    Gadjah Mada and her guns

    You're assumption is completely wrong. The shells on the Gadjah Mada are much slower and therefore has worse arcs than the Blysk. It has the same arcs as the Gallant and is very close to USN DDs
  7. tmGrunty

    Pan Asian DDs and Cruisers

    They have the same spotting mechanic as every oter torpedo. Just the detection is shorter. So yes they will get spotted by planes but the planes have to be very close to detect them. Hydro also works normal and spots them.
  8. tmGrunty

    Z-46 struggle

    Well my statement especially regarding the Z-46 comes from having way over 100 games in it on each NA and EU server. And I'm actually 4th in WTR (3rd in damage on EU) regarding to warships.today on both of those servers. So I like to think I know what I'm talking about especially since those stats are mostly solo play. DE in general is one of (if not THE) most overrated skills in the game for (non Russian) destroyers. This is especially true for German DDs which have abysmal HE performance. You will get your fires eventually as the firechance isn't that bad to begin with. But there are just so many other good T3 skills to take. I'd literally take every other skills except BoS and the CV skill before even considering DE there.
  9. tmGrunty

    Z-46 struggle

    DE is hot garbage on German DDs because you don't want to shoot HE in the first place. Whenever possible you want to shoot AP because it is so much better. So take BFT (I even life AFT on Z-46) and then SI to get more smoke and Hydro. Some even like TAE but I think that is overkill and not worth the points for what you actually get out of it. But please don't take DE.
  10. tmGrunty

    Z-46 struggle

    forum messed up and created a double post
  11. tmGrunty

    What's the use of Last Stand skill?

    Not wanting to lose HP and actually not losing HP are 2 very different things. I'd argue that if you don't lose HP on your DDs then you are playing them wrong and are hurting your team.
  12. tmGrunty

    Gearing - Skills and upgrades

    Nobody mentioning his use of Speed Boost mod and therefore likeliky Speed Boost consumable? On any DD that could possibly mount Defensive AA consumable you want to mount it. And to make it more effective you want AA Range mod in slot 2 aswell.
  13. tmGrunty

    What´s the point of the Gearing...

    SI is still usefull and imo the goto T3 skill on German DDs. Your smoke is so short that you can easily use 4 charges for yourself and in addition you get the 4 charges of Hydro.
  14. tmGrunty

    Skip the German DD Line up to...

    I have bad news for you. If you think the turning on the Gaede is what makes that ship so terrible for you then you should stop playing that line right now. The tuning circle is only marginally better at most higher tier German DDs and indeed worse on the Z-52. And on top of that the rudder shift time is actually lower on the Gaede than on its successors (except Maass).
  15. tmGrunty

    Gremyashchy setup?

    It depends if your captain has EM or not. If you don't have that skill yet you probably do want to use the turret traverse mod. If you have it then you can try it without that mod to have more DPM but it is still more comfortable to play with the traverse mod. For captain skills you want: PT, LS, BFT, CE, AFT, EM, DE You can swap the position of BFT and DE if you prefer having more fire chance first and also AFT and EM to get the turret traverse earlier. The captain skills also synergize well with the other Russian premium DDs Leningrad and Okhotnik aswell as on a Grozovoi (gunboat build) and maybe Udaloi / Kiev if you want to go the stealth route on them.