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  1. Hello, I am new to the forum and have found the replies to my posting regarding Win Rate interesting. Let me attempt to provide some additional perspective for Clan Commanders to consider.

    Consider that each player develops and improves his/her game over the course of a few thousand games. They develop a better understanding and implementation of teamwork, detectability, ship control, etc. etc.  As a player improves they position themselves to play with better players.

    Now, let's compare World of Warships to an athletic sport using tennis as an example.

    A high school tennis player is trying to get a scholarship to college. The athlete has been playing and improving since grade school.  The colleges are looking at the player's stats and comparing them with thousands of other players competing for the scholarship.

    Would it make sense to compare the performances of all the competing athletes based on their stats only in their senior year as a representation of that athlete's ability?


     Would it make sense to average all that athlete's stats since grade school?

    If the person reading this is a Clan Commander and you are looking for a good BB player, would it not be to your team's advantage to select a BB player that you see is a 50%-60% + player for BBs based on the players last 100 games with a BB? Would it make any sense to include that players combined performance on destroyers, cruisers, carriers, and stats from grade school?

    It would see that if your objective is to build good teams built on decent players that changing how Win Rate is calculated would provide the Commanders a more accurate snapshot of the player's ability they are trying to recruit.

    Good Sailing

    Jan Miller

    1. MiniBrit


      Hi Morgan,

      I'm afraid I haven't been on this site in a while, could you link to me what I said, I have a lot of opinions and I can't keep track of them all ;p

      kind regards,

      Alex E