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    getting detonated by AS saipan because lol game balance


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    Yeet the inferior clans into the wall
  2. Give all cruisers heal?

    All dumb bait aside, cruisers do not need a heal below tier IX, they would only hurt cruisers more, and wont actually benefit cruisers in BB engagements. Cruisers also of course do not need any more speed, all that is required is to chase the DDs away from their capital ships or out of the caps, their presence does this very well. You do not need to kill the enemy to win the battle, especially if they have less firepower than you. The only fix cruisers this game needs is consistency. You can show your flat broadside in a CL and get away with 3 over pens or angle a CA perfectly at 25 degs and get dev struck through the bow. It's the same for DDs and BBAP, CVs and AA, BBs and dispersion etc etc. The game should reward good play and punish bad play, not leave it up to an RNG to decide wheter you win or lose an engagement. A severe rework or removal of overmatch will fix 90% of cruiser problems. Nothing worse than angling and maneuvering to be taken out of the game because a BB got lucky with where a shell landed, as for a BB, nothing worse than shooting a cruiser during a misplay to have them escape with no damage taken. I don't know whether removing overmatch or making it yield pens (not cits) would be better for the game, but either is better than what it is now.
  3. Give all cruisers heal?

    -bismarck -by the time you catch a DD, youre either so overextended you get focused to death, or they smoke up and run because lol what is radar or even worse smoke up and gun you down because of the smoke firing penalties for cruisers (lol thakns WG nice teamplay) -with the addition of DWT, skill has become less of a constant in dodging, so yeah... sorry if I eat torps that give me about 3 seconds reaction time while my rudder takes more than twice as long..... not all of us can be super unicum DD predicters sorry im not you smh -Helm is useless so long as the range youre at takes less time for BB shells to reach then your rudder does to do 2 shifts to completely change course. Cleveland can barely do one shift in the time is takes a BB shell to travel 13km. BETTER STEALTH????????CL55 gets 11.7with CE and giulio cesare gets.... wait whats that you say? 11.8?????????? whattttt noooooo????? So clearly, this 0.1km advantage means cruisers are so much stronger. Even you last longer in bed than it takes a BB to close that gap. -Justifying a mechanic that relies on RNG entirely really makes me want to jump from your ego to your win rate for a quick and painless death.
  4. Give all cruisers heal?

    -are you forgetting the plethora of fast battleships handed out for free over multipl months???? And using one tier difference to say the balance is irrelevent is stupid. The vast majority of T6 game sinvolve T7, the balance is for both tiers. -CAs cant mount concealment mod at this tier so hunting DDs ei exceedingly hard, especially when 5.4km detection is common place in... oh waht another ship handed out on a massive scale thats OP?? no wayyyyyyy tactics should be left to the ships with smaller guns, not glass hulls. -cruisers at this tier have little to no torpedo protection, and due to the prominance of sky cancer DFAA is a must so hydro cant be used to counter torps or smoke circle jerking. The low hp means one torp/flooding will cripple if not kill a cruiser. GIVE THEM HEALS. -calling a class meta that is overmatched on upper belt and nose by every BB it meets that has under 30k hp.... im honestly starting to think youre baiting here. To say cruisers have helm at this tier is a joke, they havent got access to double rudder and their range is so bad they cant dodge like that. All BBs have massive range and can sit safely behind the DDs while the DDs spot cruisers and BBs and DD torps eat cruisers alive. Playing a tier 6 cruiser is the biggest RNG fest there is jog on u fat oaf
  5. Give all cruisers heal?

    Not only can battle cruisers with speed flag out run cruisers, but cruisers can no longer chase down DDs and because of the lack of radar at this tier, all cruisers need more speed than DDs base to balance the run and hide OP playstyle lobbing torps every few minutes. Teh meta has evolved but cruisers have been left behind and need heal and speed
  6. Give all cruisers heal?

    Cruisers are the most versatile class, they have rudder shift and great speed to counter the fact they arent as tanky as BBs, giving them a heal below tier 9 would be stupid and make them ridiculously powerful as they could then unevenly trade with other cruisers making other cruisers lives even more hellish, so I dont see how this will benefit the class in any bit? Using the argument that BBs chunk them is retarded since heal only regens soft damage, which is mostly done by other cruisers and DDs. 99% of complaints about cruisers are just because people dont know how to use them to their full potential and would be better suited to the sit and click BB meta. EDIT: You have 300 battles, just over a third of them in cruisers... maybe learn to play the game before whining???
  7. outrageous

    no its actually impossible for people to be bad at the game its always teams
  8. Maptrick doesnt work anymore?

    The main use I have for it is telling what sort of maneuver a ship is doing, you cant tell from the name whether they are turning left, right, what speed they are at etc. Besides, the centre of screen where the crosshair normally is offset (you arent looking at where youre aiming vertically speaking) the moment you click M, you cant really use the M trick to aim if you tried.
  9. @GhostRider_24 which post am i looking at? There are a lot of mentally challenged people here ;-;
  10. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Count me in bois :D #1: Alabama if GZ is not available (A man can dream you guys ;-; ) #2: Mutsu if T-61 is not available #3: Doubloons #4: Doubloons #5: Doubloons #6: Doubloons #7: Doubloons #8 Marblehead xaxaxa 10/10 idea, ty ty <3
  11. ru cruiser line.

    I see no bias here xaxaxa Goes well with shrugging off all attempts at enemy CV striking with a side of desperate Khabarovsk crying
  12. ru cruiser line.

    For those of you newfags his potential dmg is higher than most BBs will ever see <3
  13. It Happened :D Thank you SpankyTheFrog I dont even care about skewed MM
  14. Hello, I've been in queue way too long and just want to play a game with Midway, if any of you have a tier X CV on EU please consider queueing :D Many thanks, MiniBrit <3