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  1. So they are dumbing it down to make it easier for cv players ?
  2. Interdiction

    Chat ban

    This is something i have to address as i never realised how much i was spending ...Buying gifts for family / friends as i introduced them to the game etc ....It does mount up ...
  3. Interdiction

    Chat ban

    Something i am going to do my level best to prove ......Once my ban is up I am only ever going to say the words " WP TEAM " At the end of every game regardless of the outcome ...My money says chat bans will still roll in ...On a lighter note i have calmed down now and realised there is no real support for grievances in this game ...You just have to suck it up and get on with it ....That was the reason i stopped play W o tanks .....Shame really as they have had a lot of cash of me in the past ..That has to stop now ...Thanks for your replies people ....See you in the game
  4. Interdiction

    Chat ban

    Well i am giving it one last go to see what happens ...Then i will suck it up and move onto pastures new ......Why would i get a forum ban for asking simple questions ?
  5. Interdiction

    Chat ban

  6. Interdiction

    Freedom Camo for the Minotaur

    Will the freedom camo become available for the Mino ....Seem weird that its been missed out
  7. You certainly cannot take a joke ...A chat ban for a joke ...You are a control freak 


  8. Interdiction

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    The last time i did this i ended up a daddy .....Please please give me my gaming time back ...
  9. Interdiction

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Aye same here cannot log in ...
  10. Interdiction

    A Challenge to all of you

    i get this all the time in my murmy ...Its the way of the game
  11. Interdiction

    Will we ever see a battle in WOWs...

    Hardcore mode would be good ...
  12. Interdiction

    Anyone needs some bad weather or is it just me?

    Nothing like a storm for sure Looking forward to that now ...Hope it happens Das Boot style
  13. Interdiction

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Will there be a perma ban on those caught using such a mod ...They deserve to lose everything tbh ....
  14. Interdiction


    Engine boost gives you away too
  15. Interdiction

    If i sell a ship do i lose all it's xp?

    For a paltry sum you can get a port slot and keep the mut ...Its a nice little ship when you get used to its Foibles