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  1. Have the cv been restored after the nerf??

    Carriers played big role and are more valuable than any other ship but this is game not war, so everything needs to be equal otherwise you will loose the players. Thats the reasons real life comparison only applies if it is in favor of making things equal... Shells travel 20km in 5-6 seconds, torpedoes cover 10km in 30 seconds, T10 destroyers are as big as T7 BBs, the list goes on and on.
  2. the "carry harder!" thread

    No premium
  3. Hood feels underwhelming

    Ahh probably my stats are not worthy for the author because he saw my profile but said nothing. Now I will have to win games alone I guess.
  4. Hood feels underwhelming

    You can queue with me I play only CVs, in about 2 hours I will play so if you are interested pm, I plan to do 3-4 games.
  5. Cyclones [poll]

    Without cyclones the game will get a lot more boring than it is now. And thats the last thing it needs.
  6. Midway is still okay, but it used to be better.
  7. I play carriers only for me it will take 7-10 battles, but I don't really need these missions anyway because theres only 2 CV lines in the game and I have both of them, there's nothing more the game can offer me, and I just play for fun not to grind or unlock something.
  8. Suggestions thread

    Is there a single player suggestion that has been implemented to date ? I don't know of such, maybe the author of the thread should write such a statistic in first post so people can ajust their expectations when they suggest stuff...
  9. Is there a single player suggestion that has ever been implemented in the game to date ?
  10. What to do with oil...

    They should just add something that consumes oil daily or per person. Like +5% more experience or credits for 5 oil per battle per player or so forth. I mean it's not hard to come up with a solution to such a problem so it's a matter if they want to solve it.
  11. 2351*1323 Resolution

    I just wonder if it is so easy to do that people make mods about it for free, why developers don't want to just update it in the game. You can't say the game is new or they are busy doing other things since the game is out for 4-5 years now.
  12. Bug with CV gameplay

    This is a bug that has persisted for some updates now and it only happens rarely. Gets fixed once the game is restarted. The bug is that once I give a command to any squadron to attack something I can not do anything else except return that squadron to the carrier. That means if I attack enemy fighters I can not exit strafe, if I give an order to protect friendly vessel I can not do anything with that squadron no new orders are accepted. If I tell a torpedo bomber to attack someone I can not change that either and so on... And dont try to blame this on mods I never used any mods that some bug in the game that appears only rarely, today I have left the game open for some hours without playing after that this happened.
  13. Hm, now 8 hours later I tried to update it again and it worked. So the problem somehow got solved by itself apperantly.
  14. My client is at 7.4 update and can not contact the update server. So now what, should I reinstall the whole game which will take hours. This is a silly problem to have, I am not 10 updates behind after all.
  15. How to : Old version replays

    Too bad only WG staff can resolve this bet but they will not bother to answer such a question.