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  1. sisito0o

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I bring the fire, I bring the end of the fun for many... But that's just how Wargaming made it's game I only use it to it's full potential
  2. sisito0o

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I did first blood by killing enemy CV
  3. Thank you for the answers, you can consider the thread closed now.
  4. I played 7-8 battles in the new ranked, don't like them, actually I consider them a mockery with the idea and the format, that's another discussion. Here my question is: Are the stars from the normal ranked gone forever and do you consider this to be normal ? For me the new mode came out of the blue and is nothing in terms of time consumption, difficulty and/or rewards compared to the normal one.
  5. sisito0o


    So for 5122 battles you this is the first time you saw racist comment in chat ? Why are you not celebrating then ?
  6. sisito0o

    Please allow me to introduce myself....

    I'm afraid you are not quite on the best track to super unicum, because it doesn't go through the russain tree, rather it starts at Japan's Hosho and ends at US's Midway...
  7. sisito0o

    What do you wish you knew when you started?

    Not trying all the classes in the game before picking one to focus on was my largest mistake. Dazed by their history and appearance I played about 500 battles with BBs when I first started at win rate of 42% and dropping... before I tried CV and saw how hugely better I was with them. Forget about captain skills, upgrades, modules or game settings, all that pales in comparison to choosing the wrong class as your main. Try them all first and choose one. And if you want to be good you will choose a class as your main, the saying "Jack of all trades but master of none" is still true in this game.
  8. sisito0o

    History of clan base activity

    Some say you can only trust yourself, so are you in a clan alone ?
  9. sisito0o

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    2 games played today with 2 carriers against 2 equally doomed enemies and then people dare to say they are not in balance, well I rarely see more balanced victories than these
  10. sisito0o

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Honestly I feel sorry as well, in that battle after I took the last cap I just rushed with my carrier towards enemy ships and so they killed me. But it's better to feel sorry for the enemy then the other way around, besides they say "strike what is weak, avoid what is strong" so I do ^^
  11. sisito0o

    Spotting damage by aircraft carriers in KOTS

    Very detailed answer thanks, my damage in the 7 games was between 130-201k which is not much different than yours, that means our strategy was wrong the damage wasn't concentrated well enough probably... We were just farming and they managed to heal, I don't know, I was expected to spot every one most of the time and deny enemy spotting which is hard to do in randoms let alone KOTS. What is your approach ?
  12. sisito0o

    Spotting damage by aircraft carriers in KOTS

    But I am looking for other people's damage not mine. I already know mine.
  13. Is there anywhere info on spotting damage done by carriers in king of the sea ? I would like to take a look at it, in order to evaluate how big of an impact my performance had on the battles that my team has lost in today's rounds, in other words to know how much am I to be blamed.
  14. And I just got a battle exactly for this thread... Not one that can be done by anyone but with the right division on the right map, it was going to be even better if it was capture the base mode.