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  1. sisito0o

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Maybe, I don't know, but what I do know is that I was still playing the old style CVs when they announced subs, so I tought - I don't like new CVs or the other 3 classes but these subs look good so maybe I will jump into them once they add them...
  2. sisito0o

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Aha ookay sorry, so I can expect WG to produce a real functional submarine by the end of this, otherwise I don't see how we are on track. Because correct me if I am wrong but all they do is put a drawing of submarine that was already built in some arcade game.
  3. sisito0o

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Congratulations, 2 years have passed in testing of this with no end in sight. I am sure a real submarine can be designed, build and tested in about the same time it takes WG to decide whether it wants subs to dive to 70 or 75 meters for the next round of testing...
  4. sisito0o

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Soon it will be an year from what I can tell in development and testing for these submarines, how much more do you need? Have we gotten anywhere close to launch? I don't want to rush you but some companies would make a brand new game for the time you test one class that will be part of one mode of your game and it's not clear whether a progress was even made in the last half year.
  5. sisito0o

    way to hard to be a cv

    So after all is said and done, once the guns go quite and like with everything - the end comes. Only the memories remain of how the CVs once ruled the battles, turned the tides of war and did what they were born to do.
  6. sisito0o

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    Sooo Wargaming will waste 4 patches, 5 actually with 8.0, thats 5 months and something away from developing the game, like adding new content, just so it can attempt to balance the CV class that probably after being balanced no one will play. If that's not a stupid decision I don't know what is.
  7. sisito0o

    Comparing Midway to Hakuryu stats-wise

    What do you mean CVs ware not fun before ? They were the only fun class to me. Once I gave them a try I never looked at anything else and I tried the other classes at least a little, but no, they were all the same boring concepts. Now CVs are not only boring but ineffective as well, at least if they were effective in something I would continue to play them just for the sake of the good old times.
  8. sisito0o

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    Wargaming I want my ship to shoot automatically with all of it's guns and with no option to do it manually! I have waited long enough and I feel it is time for my wish to be fulfilled!
  9. sisito0o

    460 MM "AA gun"

    Pff the suicidal part we already have, I count all my planes as lost currently before it even happens anyway. So we already have the bad part, now let's implement the good one.
  10. sisito0o

    tier 4 IJN carrier sucks right?

    All the carriers, until the very last one suck at the moment and that's including the premiums. They are not worth the effort to be played, low game influence and get boring very fast.
  11. sisito0o

    Add option for random without CV

    But then why not random without BBs, or without DDs. Or why not random with only cruisers, but only 2 tiers below me and only Italian cruisers ah sorry there aren't any, well then I guess you can just give me the victory since the enemy did not show up and so on...
  12. sisito0o

    Wargaming. hate US aircraft carrier.

    You got one lucky game against tier 8s with 10 most likely and now you will show it to everyone as a testimony of skill and perfection of balance ? You will have to try a bit better to fool me. Hakuyru and only the torpedo bombers of it needed nerfing, not the whole class like they did with the patch.
  13. sisito0o

    Wargaming. hate US aircraft carrier.

    But seriously before 0.8 update and after implementation of AP bombs Midway was the carrier to go. Not even just the carrier but the ship in the whole game to go, nothing else had that carry ability like it, I have won many games just by myself with 6-7 kills despite the desire of my team to loose them with total randomness in actions. And the best part was that 95% of players failed to see this which left me with so little competition that I would often have days of playing without a single loss.
  14. sisito0o

    CV Hotfix working as intended...

    Is there any CV at the moment that's capable of doing something meaningful or to stop until a buff comes if ever ?
  15. sisito0o

    Rollback the carrier rework

    They invested too much money in the rework. Many months of salaries and time, it will be a big embarrassment to delete it, so much that I believe they will carry on with it even if everyone stops playing the game tomorrow. So there's little point in asking for it.