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  1. Racism in clans and wows?!

    Ok then report it, I don't mind, I just say it will be a miracle to see any result. Do I now have to start insulting you to prove myself ? I am just saying, don't agree with me if you don't want.
  2. Racism in clans and wows?!

    This practically can not happen, if you don't believe me, next time someone insults you try it and tell me if you got any results apart from someone laughing at your complain in the police station.
  3. Ocean why.....

    Ocean is my favorite map and the only that is accurate to the game, so if there was just 1 map in the game it should be this one.
  4. The Ultimate Frontier

    The game tells me I need to be in a division with at least 4 players to do the operation, and so does for Raptor rescue and Newport operations is this a new change ? How am I going to find 3 other players for such division...
  5. What targets can AP bombs hit

    And so do you use them now in your US Carriers ? Because it will cost me 2 millions to buy them for Midway but I am saving credits for another ship.
  6. What targets can AP bombs hit

    First, what damage will those bombs do against destroyers, and after that against cruisers ? What is the criteria to determine who will be hit hard by them ?
  7. Does currently being on fire increases detection range ? If there is any logic in the game it should since flooding decreases speed.
  8. Rebalance CVs

    When you only play Saipan at tier 7 it is very easy to say it doesn't need rebalance, why don't you play Ranger instead,
  9. Rebalance CVs

    Yes, sure lets remove them, and lets remove the battleships also because they are hard to balance as well besides wargaming allows only 1 in clan battles so it wouldn't change much if they are removed completely. Destroyers on the other hand are also somewhat problematic because there is always someone that is not happy when in random battles the teams have different numbers of destroyers, so it will be easier to remove them as well. Now cruisers are all good but there are so many of them why should we bother thinking how to make every single one somewhat different but also equally capable, soo lets just leave 1 cruiser and remove all the rest this way all players will have equal chance against the opponent, and lets remove the secondary battery because it's random and breaks the balance, the consumables, AA, and upgrades are also unnecessary and some maps aren't symmetrical which is again hard to balance let's remove all the maps and leave just Ocean. And there you go I made the perfectly balanced WoWs following you logic, yeee what is my prize ?
  10. Last week I started watching Arpeggio and I reached episode 12 and that's it ? Is it really only 12 episodes long and it ends in the middle of nowhere ?
  11. I don't always pay attention what I got
  12. But isn't that display the only way I can see how far I am with the missions ?
  13. This happened 5 minets ago. So I just completed the second part of Where's the revolution mission which requires me to sink 2 ships and win the battle and once I clicked "back to port" I received the prize and when I checked the mission page all of them were restarted, before that I had completed the daily Oil mission and the first part of the other mission forgot it's name but I received the prize of 50 000 credits for it. Now I need to start with all the missions from the beginning.
  14. Global map with carrier view

    When I use the global map is there a way once I go back to normal carrier view, my view to be on the location where my mouse was when I exited the global map. Currently without doing anything as you know when you exit the global map you will be returned to the position where you camera was before you opened the map.