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  1. For example here I had to carry 3 to 4 bad players, If I was in a midway I was going to be able to carry probably 2 more given that I was playing against the same CV player.
  2. Owning a tier 10 game with Lexington, mmm very interesting.
  3. For myself when not in a division I will say about 4 on average. There are some games, not very often, where the enemy CV is as good as me so we equal out and then it's all about who has the better team.
  4. Me vs Definitely_not_Pape Needless to say very intense battle and a nice ending. All in all for battles like this one I play this game.
  5. Rank 1 for the first time

    Not necessarily but most likely where did that statistic came from ? I want to see my position.
  6. Rank 1 for the first time

    Who managed to get to rank 1 with fewest battles ? It took me 110 this season which despite my higher win rate is more than the 108 that it took me last one. So I am regressing a bit it seems.
  7. Exactly what I said ;) lets see now: There is no real established industry to play any operation you want. There are only a few places on this whole game from where you can have a chance to find people. Lastly, there are only small time frames where you can expect to have enough people to have a chance. So you see now, my answer matches yours quite well after all.
  8. Mhm, you can fly to space with a rocket every day as well, so do you ?
  9. Will did you choose 1 week for operation rotation period ? Because there were too few operations ? Or to keep players for longer in the game waiting for all the operations ? Either way it should be much better if they rotate daily.
  10. In game chat has a serious flaw

    First, that's not the point here, my example for a ship asking for fighters was just that, an example there can be many other situations that doesn't have commands, and then I can't tell every player to use commands some of them use the chat.
  11. In game chat has a serious flaw

    It seems kind of obvious to me and many times I wanted to say it but then dismissed it as something minor, maybe because I play CVs only that it is a larger problem for me than for the rest of the players but still. When someone says something in the chat which is actually not trash talk, like if a person tells me he wants fighters for support(this is just an example, so don't tell me there are commands available, that's not the point), I have no idea which ship on he map that is, because the chat doesn't tell me that single most important thing during a battle. So I need to see the player's name, then need to press TAB look which ship is that player playing then again find it on the map and that is precious time lost for an obvious thing that should be included together with his name on the first place.
  12. What's the most Karma you've had?

    Yes and if you had 0 and got complimented you can brag that you have became infinitely more appreciated compared to 5 minutes ago
  13. Ranked season 10 (CVs perspective)

    Yeee, thank you. By the way, I played several games against you, all of them hard ones, it was pleasure. No other class in the games allows for such a intense duels and decisiveness between two players, it's a mystery to me why so few players understand that. There's no way for me to play anything else but CVs at least until the rework...
  14. Ranked season 10 (CVs perspective)

    I think I beat you in that contest, I don't need to use the words: pretty much or apart :P
  15. What's the most Karma you've had?

    143 for me