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  1. FPS

    I agree, gameplay with CV is particularly affected by this problem
  2. Is Missouri got nerfed?

    Why it's nicknamed Mighty Mo and not Mighty Mi ? Wargaming didn't mentioned anything about nerfing it so it's not. But still it's not that mighty, this is a game so nothing is mighty or not mighty everything is average more or less with slight touches here and there. Probably the Carriers are mighty in the true meaning but only in the hands of the best players and as you can see this causes a lot of unrest in the rest of the player-base because it's very cool to have a mighty ship but only if it's on your side right ? If you are getting sunk by it in the first 2 minutes you won't be praising it for being that mighty.
  3. Carrier Squadron not taking orders bug

    I have never used mods...
  4. Carrier Squadron not taking orders bug

    I am attaching a replay of the battle, whenever I clicked, catually I didn't even click on a ship, thats another bug of it's own, so when I clicked near a ship and the game interpeted the click as a click on the ship so the squadron starts to fly in circles around if or I tell a squadron to go back to the ship they become unresponsive and can not be given another order. They can only return to the ship and thats it. 20180216_115752_PASA015-Midway-1945_50_Gold_harbor.rar
  5. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    Isn't it that games include multiple gpu utilisation when they are too demanding even for the best graphics cards and not just for the sake of doing it ? I play WoWs on laptop at max graphics 1080p with GTX 1060 and I get 75FPS
  6. Clan Battles Season 2

    There is nothing substantial added or changed compared to the previouse clan battles so I can't say anything good for the current season. To begin with, you should first include all the classes that you made the game have in the clan battles and only from there on we can talk about improvements, currently it's like CB beta v0.78 even thought it has been 3 years since the game is out of beta...
  7. Clan Battles start 10 February :)

    Boring stuff, same as before nothing new, but I guess for 2 or 3 years of hard work (but who is counting) since the game is out of beta this is as much as a person can hope for. Games like GTA V get developed from null to full in that amount of time but here we should be happy on 2 new maps and 50 ships(premiums) and what else ? Ah sure a clan battles which are just ranked battles with the name changed and no CVs of course very important difference!!! (probably this alone took 1 year to implement)
  8. Exactly, perfect this is how the sea should be. Well it's not actually perfect but it's a good start and a whole lot better than what we have now...
  9. I don't think it's hard to pin the reason for this one isn't it ? In who's favor will waves be ?
  10. Going by your logic one can change the name of World of tanks to Warships and say this is the game for warships, yes it doesn't have ships in it or water but this is not a historical simulator just an arcade game so pretend that everything is there...
  11. I just watched part of Sea Smackdown where this time they decided to compare a real footages with the game which immediately reminded me how far the game is from the real thing. They have added some good textures over it but the behavior of ships is the same like in Super Mario compared to real person, in that aspect the progress is close to none. Will it ever change is the question or we will forever stick to new premium ships and ports or a new collection at most.
  12. Remove / Disable Patches From 0.7.0?

    The game is not sinking, or you have some sicret statistic to prove otherwise ? With that said, I am not happy with many of the decisions that are being made, because even if the game is not declining in popularity it can gain more player base if certain things get chaged or implemented.
  13. Any plans for a IJN CA tech tree split ?

    Like facts from real life play any role in this game, at best they can just add some flavors, so there is no need to pretend that such a detail can stop or make wargaming put a ship in the game.
  14. Ok then instead of every week having the same rotation, the rotation will shift with +1 or -1 or +3 it doesn't matter this way every week will have a different missions on each day compared to the previous week. So done, this problem just got solve and being such an easy solution I have to ask you to please think first of what you are going to write so we don't have to spam the thread with such close to spam messages. And I know you don't have 5-6 people willing to play operations, it was rhetorical question, because what you told me to do you made it sound like an easy thing which in fact I tried to do and couldn't and just after I found it is hard to achieve I came here to post my solution to the problem, which as I said so far has no drawbacks for the player or for the owner
  15. If a player misses an operation because of real life reasons with the daily change system, all they have to do is wait 1 week and will be able to complete it, which is no worse than what the current system is, but what's better is that you can play something different every day, it's not only first time players that play those operations a lot of people that have already completed them do them again and it's not important for those people if they miss 1 day but it will be a lot better if there are different missions every day so that it doesn't get boring. Also it's very kind of yours to remind me that "You can always play all operations every day. All you need is a division." as if it's the easiest thing to find 5-6 other players for a pve division, if it is so easy for you can you please find me 6 players I would like to make a division for Ultimate Frontier now ?