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  1. Conqeror. By far not my favourite ship, and to be honest, I sometimes feel ashamed when resorting to it and making other players wonder why they even started the client that day... but if there's one single ship I had to choose to enjoy the game regardless of wins/losses, noobs on teams, current missions, etc... it's got to be this ship. Win a game? Yay. Lose a game? Doesn't matter - had se...I mean, got damage. Mission time? Achievements count towards HoF progress? Getting dreadnought/fireproof/unsinkable, maybe even witherer/arsonist, and 2M pot dam in 2 out of 3 games. 80-500 points, regardless of game outcome. During the RN event, I hardly ever played more than a single day actively (6-8 hours), on the other 3 days I just logged in for about an hour each weekend(4 day HoF-period). Failed the top 5% only twice due to IRL... otherwise, the Conqueror brought those achievements and points home each time. Lots of camos, idiots on the team didn't matter. It is the only ship in the game, which might indeed lack true fun and skill cap to play - still contributes to sustaining your mental welfare among so many potatoes and in such a salty and brain-damaging environment.
  2. NicramDuel

    0.7.12 PTS - Others

    [EDITED] All working now - just had to restart the client. :)
  3. NicramDuel

    0.7.12 PTS - "Mighty Prinz" Campaign

    yup, got it!:) Thank you!:)
  4. NicramDuel

    0.7.12 PTS - "Mighty Prinz" Campaign

    Hi! EDIT: Figured it out already!:) Things are looking great so far!:)
  5. NicramDuel


    Well, they definitely made it into Japan - that's what the Internet says!
  6. NicramDuel

    Lack of Transparancy

    OP's right. I've already been playing this game for over a year. But no matter how many pokéballs I use to level up my Paladins, I still couldn't get a royal flush in any of the weekly raids.
  7. NicramDuel

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    So, what exactly are we getting rewarded for? -Is the 15k coal and 500 steel still up as an offer? -And what's up with those who managed to complete the 10 games / 3 wins last week? -When, and for what exactly are the rewards going to be awarded?
  8. Seems the server took one heck of a citadel hit this night, lol... :D
  9. Hey Folks! Anyone else notice this too? Is this intended? Or some kind of bug? Currently, Silver league requires 0 points to reach, and the Superior league (top 5%) requirement has dropped by about 600(!) points, from 4400+ to 3800. Currently, I am safely in the top 5%, but before the server restart, I still had about 200 points to go. I want no surprises in the morning - aiming for those 3 extra Mosaic camos. Which of the scorings is now the accurate one? The one before the restart, or the current one? @Crysantos
  10. NicramDuel

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Same here. I would like to continue the Royal Navy arc, please. Hoping the server reset will be done fast. Thank you Crysantos for the fast reply. Any chance on letting us know an approximation for when things will be up and running?
  11. NicramDuel

    Bug in Cherry Blossom - 5 Star impossible

    No. Cherry Blossom is a completely different operation, which is in no way related to any of the Halloween operations.
  12. NicramDuel

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Been in a random co-op, just doing the daily 50% first wins, and bumped into @NothingButTheRain in his beautiful Scarab-camo! I need one, too (three, four)! Dynamo was a long time ago, 'twas about time! :D
  13. I would like to apologize in advance for necrothreading. Now that we are getting closer and closer to that particular patch in which at least one of the newly teased T9 special ships arrive (who knows? maybe we might be literally days from it)... Musashi's future obtainability becomes a serious question. Of course, up to date there was no info even vaguely hinted about removing Her from the tech-tree as a freemium or from the arsenal as a coalie...But you never know. Any chance of an official statement regarding this matter? @MrConway
  14. NicramDuel

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Not exactly a minimap situation. But still quite a commonplace feeling nowadays: You look at your MM before the game, you finally see some great squads and good-emblemmed players on your team while the enemy has near-nothing. You're all happy that finally you'll get that +50% daily exp...only to start the chat like this, and know from the first 30 seconds of the game that this will be just one more of those "special" losses... But since this thread requires a minimap image, I did my very best to accurately replicate the Master Plan unfold on the map!
  15. NicramDuel


    Take it! Take 'em in all the flavours! Bonus CV-evacuation floatation devices now included! ...Acually, this is quite a good impression of a future 3v3 CV game including average spesulz probably - given the 2-CV's-per-team-max limit will ever be raised lol! ...Or the new sprites for remaining spectators after three minutes of the average random battles of today