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  1. Thing is, they actually can make money. Sims sold like crazy while Dynamo was available. Good thing I learned my lesson in this case, too: _NEVER_ invest real cash into a ship just because it is good in an operation... since the operation can be removed. I was considering to buy Atlanta for sooooo long, and even unlock Flint via steel just for this single operation that I almost actually made the decision. Seems I was one of the lucky ones. May this be a clear warning for everyone.
  2. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Last narai-spam from me (luckily, this nightmare of having inexperienced players farming ARP missions in this op will be over tomorrow, haha!). Finally broke the 400k damage barrier, and got 2k+ base with just 3 stars. The best part was having a chance to do everything. Literally. Never thought I'd ever be able to kill the 5 transports AND the CV in the same game - while also casually slaughtering the sheep...ships one by one in the port. Now if only people would stop farming those ARP ships here. I really need to finish my last leg of 100k commander xp for those same missi...uhhh...nothing, nothing!
  3. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Needed 15 kills for the Haruna. That escalated quickly.
  4. NicramDuel

    Sincere suggestion for Narai

    At this point, even if we get a single BB swayed from stupidity, it would be awesome :D The only real improvement that CAN be done actually is just to join with a squad of good players (in the right ships), and avoiding the stupidity of random dummies all in all. :D Seeing how WG is probably actually very happy with this development (the more [edited], the less farming ability in this op with random teams), no real change is likely. :(
  5. NicramDuel

    Sincere suggestion for Narai

    Not sure what happened since the last time Narai was available, especially seeing how this is an old operation. From the past 2 days I've had multiple instances of: - Gneisenau/Scharnhorsts throwing themselves towards transports, often dying, and we lose a tank (even if he survives unscratched). This has somehow become a "thing" this week. I've never seen them do this before. - Random BB's going after CV's (some failing to even get that far due to tactical beaching at B6 - The usual "3 days of tardship" has passed - that's about the time the server needs to adjust to the weekly switch in operations. Not that I'm complaining too much - we usually just ignore all of this by joining in 4-7-man divs, but with random teams, this is seriously getting a bit out-of-hand. The occasional (okay, quite often-occuring) instance of cruisers failing at CV's/TP's just happen. It's part of the game. But this new trend of BB's seemingly intentionally throwing the game and themselves raises an eyebrow...
  6. NicramDuel

    Is Moskva worth grinding?

    God, yes, she is a must. One of the distinctive traits of the new russian cruisers will be the inability to accurately hit anything beyond mid-range. The Moskva however will remain unaltered, as per the Stream. Especially with the legendary upgrade (the mission for which it is attainable for is still available to unlock for a few days - after that it's RB-stuff) she is, and will remain a precision hitter even at 20km, according to current WG-plans. Judging from the direction the line(s) will take, Moskva will be a great combination of the two lines: accurate, yet still high caliber guns with insane ballistics. With exceptionally good armor, being able to reliably bounce BB fire. With just a 10.3 sec reload. She is actually very fun in randoms, and the backbone of a CB team. The two main reasons people hate the Moskva is: - A big citadel which will be punished if you broadside with it (people playing cruisers usually learn this general trait of cruisers at arond t6-t7), - It doesn't excel at damage farming, it is only good at massively influencing the outcome of the game. Most players know how to shoot. Only few know how to think. I personally love her, and I would proudly recommend it. Even the permacamo is awesome.
  7. NicramDuel

    WoWs v0.9.3 - Changes in the Armory (No more "Smolensk")!

    It might just be me. May I be proven terribly wrong. But I've been playing this game for over 2 and a half years now, and I've seen just enough WG "official statements" to be weary...VERY weary about figure of speach. "But no earlier than in half a year they will return to the armory, where they will be obtainable in exchange for coal". - So, anything between the second half of 2020 and the beginning of 2050 (by which time no one will even remember that one unique company who successfully combined the promotion of gambling and a highly frustrating, yet unrewarding gameplay. Was it maybe Worg Gambling or something? Who knows). Why do I smell the stench of dungboxes lootboxes again? Running for at least a few Christmas sessions? - "...in exchange for coal"... Translating this from WarGameglish to human speech, this could roughly sound like "expect to obtain them in exchange for ranked tokens, or twice the amount of steel they used to cost". - I also have my eyes on Black and Flint, and knowing how jinxed I am with luck or getting anything I barely missed out on in WoWS... expect no good news for the future of Black and Flint. - There is a minimal chance that there is one single person in the office with at least two braincells who will pull in the brakes before this new train-to-nobrainland leaves - and Flint/Black will remain for steel. Of course, there is a much more decent chance that things will just proceed as they currently are, and WG will kick themselves in their Willy Wonka's again... but you never know. There's a first time for everything. Those of you who have already spent steel on these ships - you may have actually, currently unbeknownst to you, made the right choice.
  8. NicramDuel

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Some games are just better to jump out of before the end. At least I tried.
  9. NicramDuel

    continueous server , ping problems!!!

    In the morning, this...now in the evening, this. Thank you for the 200% extra xp for the first win, keep it. Give 0%, just let me play, please... Actually, never mind, actually, don't. :) The message is clear: there are so many better things to do than this joke. 30k ping, all day long...
  10. NicramDuel

    continueous server , ping problems!!!

    Same here. I guess I'll just play a bit of cookie clicker while I wait for the breadloaf server to recollect its hamsters. Oh, and give me back my lost attempt in naval battles!!!!!1111one111
  11. NicramDuel

    Server unavailable, disconnected midgame

    Donations, Bajie/Wukong/Siliwangi sales desperately appreciated!
  12. NicramDuel

    So what is this ?

    They have a nice permacamo. That means that we can expect those goddamn lootboxes again. May I PLEASE be proven wrong.
  13. NicramDuel

    Submarines are here! Montana edition.

    A while ago I was also forced to mount an island waifu. No worries, no Azure Lane #2 has occured from this brief romance of a ship and an island...the offspring would probably be as dull as a rock, anyways.
  14. NicramDuel

    Another PLAYTo Rico arrives, along with some thoughts

    This exactly. And wg was very shrewed in "asking us" just how stupid we are. Cossack. wg: "guys, we never did this before, we wanna try something new. Would you be willing to, even if for a single euro, after a long grind, open your wallets to get a high-tier, very good performance, premium ship?". community: "screw you, wg". Forums burn. Wallets open. Benham. wg: "guys, you answered "yes" to our previous question. We would now like to ask you, if you, for an even higher tier, even better dd* (*in some aspects), would be willing to pay a decent premium price? Of course, we are generally giving it out for free™." community: "screw you, wg" Forums burn. Wallets open. PR. wg: "guys, you answered "yes" to our previous question. Next question: just how much are you willing to pay us for an even higher, impossibly higher, even better* (*uh, never mind) dd** (** umm, never mind we only design ships, we don't know our own game actually)? Of course, we are generally handing this one out for free™, too. community: "screw you wg". Forums burn. Wallets open. Future. wg: Thank you guys for your generous feedback! Your answeres are important to us, and we value your opinions! No more questions asked, here's the next 20 T10 payfests. community: "screw you wg". Forums burn. Wallets open.