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  1. NicramDuel

    What do you like about patch 0.8.0?

    Somehow, Narai seems a lot easier (probably because it was a very recent operation...). Quite a lot of 4-5 star runs happening!:)
  2. ...And he's very happy to meet you! Sorry to disappoint - no drama thread or CV stuff here! Take it easy, things will be getting better soon! :) Have a nice day - Fair Seas, Captains!
  3. Extra bit of help for the last few hours, if you do not have friends available: Check out the "Operations" chat! Quite a few good players and nearly-complete div's are continously looking for extra players - and games start quick even if you have no allies online. Oh, and as a little btw: Those who found this chat seem pretty decent - so far the games I had with random divs created by players from this chat were potato-proof :) (Hmmm, actually, I think I know where I'll search for div's during harder ops instead of just clicking on the "battle" button, lol...) Where to find it, and how: Little chat bubble to the bottom left of the screen, choose "channels", scroll down to "operations", "left-click", "enjoy"!
  4. Mahan is also good if you do not have access to Sims:)
  5. NicramDuel

    So no Alaska in 8.0?

    lel, major undertaking indeed... towing away two monsters from the arsenal/techtree simultaneously on thursday will be a rigorous effort, without a doubt! May Sushi and Kronnie have a safe tow-trip to the far shores of Lootboxistan... and may their tugboats return to us safely with Alaska after their 6-month-long-journey!
  6. Hey-ho, Fellow Captains! A few operations will shortly be gone (on thursday), and although they may return in the future, they will probably be different. If you enjoyed them the way they are, or are simply in need of some quick free exp before Kronnie and Sushi are gone... now's the time! :) Although UF and RR often turned out to be a bit complicated with random teams, the others were quite farmable. From which Dynamo is currently ranking in at #1, by far. With Musashi and Kronshtadt sailing off for an "indefinite period" on thursday ("indefinitely" meaning "will return in lootboxes" in WG terminology), this may very well be the last chance for some of you to do a quick last grind. For Dynamo, you only need 4 players (or rather, in all honesty, 2 good aa-DD's with a decently aiming player - the others are there just to be able to start the operation), and make it 5 for a safe Cherry Blossom. For anyone still in need of a little free (or normal) exp, while having any good flags/camos and a few friends derping around... Suit up, and fair seas! P.S.: Use the "Operations" Channel to quickly find players and divisions - even if you have no friends/clanmates online! --> Little orange chat button in the bottom left of your port --> Select "Channels" --> Scroll down to "operations" --> Left-click --> Win!
  7. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    five...THOUSAND...base... AWESOME! :D
  8. NicramDuel

    Playing WoW like WoT

    Me too. And since I play a Warlock, I can easily snipe/nuke any camping/hiding/spamming WoT-like player I choose from behind their cover. Worked out pretty well in this game, too. Oh, wait - you mean, WoWS? I feel you. I also like to play in a realistic fashion. More of us should go rescue helpless crews after our kills. Just be sure to warn the enemy team: You mean no harm, nobody shoot please (and anyone named Nobody-something, please do not shoot!), you're just recovering their allied, able-bodied seamen!
  9. NicramDuel

    Whats the deal with players like this WG?

    This. Completely this. I composed a very long post to another thread about exactly the same problem - only to have the server crash (forums too), and lost all I wrote. It is painful and pitiful to watch WG attempting in vain to market/promote WoWS as even a vague resemblance of a resemblance of a resemblance of a [...] fraction of a resemblance of an E-sport game, while even the most fundamental concepts of scoring and the design of the "ranked" competitive environment, along with many events has more to do with luck, and IRL time to spare than actual skills and team-oriented focus. All you need for ranked: - beat your teammate's scores, not your enemy - have waaaay too much time to spare (1k+ games and 46% winrate for a R1 position (?!)) - and simply have luck on your side to pool you together with the better players of that given game Scoring in randoms: - capping is worth lots! - shooting from 20km+ is worth lots! (Provided you've learned how to use your pixelpoopdeck) - killing enemy planes by the twenties is worth lots! (Provided your decently AA'd floating joy has been chosen as the next pokemon of choice by that soon-to-be-potato-syndromed enemy CV). - Being the tank who takes 3M+ for the team is worth... a few Witherers/Arsonists for the enemy team. Points? Nope. - Being the one to risk everything and spot enemies is worth lots... of reports for being a noob and the first to die. Okay, that's actually an exaggeration. You get 1 in each 1000 points you earn for massive spotting - yaaay! - Tactical defence/providing AA deterrence for key allies is worth... reports. Again, reports, for being AFK and not fighting. Well, you will end up on the wrong side of guns eventually anyways, and hell... is supporting even a THING in the 21st century? Shortly: capping and damage FTW, all else is deemed nigh-useless in terms of exp and credits. ...And finally... with winrate being the key (or, in most cases, ONLY) determinant of performance in all game-modes instead of PR-rewarding, WoWS will remain little more than a peculiar, funny little arcade game compared to other, more serious endeavours of competing companies. Funny thing is, that even within WG games, at least 1 is PR-based (WoWP. Or at least was till 2.0.) It would be so simple to come up with more performance-based rewards in all game modes, and such events... but hey. Our "development" team (Development. Haha, get it? Development... hahahaha) is only capable of so much. The only few members I can truly respect are the CM's who do their best to convey our thoughts and observations...only to hit the rocks themselves on the deaf ears of the so-called "developers". Well, hope dies last. There probably still is hope. Somewhere.
  10. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Talk about a carry! :D GG, WP! :D
  11. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Still loving Dynamo - see you in 2019, you beautiful operation!
  12. NicramDuel

    PT 0.7.11 Rewards can now be claimed!

    Greetings! When may we claim the rewards for the 2 rounds of pts 0.7.12.?
  13. NicramDuel

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. Merry Christmas, Everyone! :)
  14. NicramDuel

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Conqeror. By far not my favourite ship, and to be honest, I sometimes feel ashamed when resorting to it and making other players wonder why they even started the client that day... but if there's one single ship I had to choose to enjoy the game regardless of wins/losses, noobs on teams, current missions, etc... it's got to be this ship. Win a game? Yay. Lose a game? Doesn't matter - had se...I mean, got damage. Mission time? Achievements count towards HoF progress? Getting dreadnought/fireproof/unsinkable, maybe even witherer/arsonist, and 2M pot dam in 2 out of 3 games. 80-500 points, regardless of game outcome. During the RN event, I hardly ever played more than a single day actively (6-8 hours), on the other 3 days I just logged in for about an hour each weekend(4 day HoF-period). Failed the top 5% only twice due to IRL... otherwise, the Conqueror brought those achievements and points home each time. Lots of camos, idiots on the team didn't matter. It is the only ship in the game, which might indeed lack true fun and skill cap to play - still contributes to sustaining your mental welfare among so many potatoes and in such a salty and brain-damaging environment.
  15. NicramDuel

    0.7.12 PTS - Others

    [EDITED] All working now - just had to restart the client. :)