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  1. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    100k+ exp's per battle coming soon to the live server, lel
  2. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My first hexakill in ranked, crowning today's 14-game streak of ranked (12 wins, 2 losses (1 of which was a starsave)). This was perhaps my luckiest day in the game.
  3. NicramDuel

    Operations - Aegis

    Lines A5-A10, and B6-B10 are no-sail-zones until the moment the last escort cruiser blows up. Any ally entering the zone prior to wiping out the 5 escorts will trigger those extra BB's. This has been a very old feature of Aegis, dating back to earlier than jan 2019 (when CV rework happened, and we lost Cherry Blossom, Hermes, Dynamo, and the one where we had to defend an airfield on a crescent island - can't remember the name, haha). Note: A4 is still safe as far as I know, but I haven't tested it in a while. For any ship waiting to jump on the spawning Ishi and Kongo is highly advised to stop at the top right corner of B4, and can commence the rush once the last enemy cruiser exploded. You will have a 20+ second window to close in and smoke up 2+ km away from them - without them being able to fire off their turrets. This is enough for even a cruiser to get up to point-blank range to them (I usually do this with perth if no DD/CV/BB/anything else is available to swiftly deal with them).
  4. NicramDuel

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    My issue is with the "All in-game random and milestone rewards were already credited to your accounts!"-part. I did my best to make sure I recieved 400 points in each run (getting 400-something in the first, and a little over 400 compared to the ending score of phase 1), and only got one supercontainer. Of course, at this point I guess I may have either miscalculated (or the actual time when one of the segments ended differed to that stated in the news). Anyways, I'll do my best to believe I messed up, and I hope that one day, slavic developer training in belarus will reach the level of being able to create a proper score tracker for an event.
  5. NicramDuel

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Still having problems with allocating the rewards, WG? Anything we can help you with?
  6. NicramDuel

    If you could make up a ship...

    Old, but still looking for the historical sister ship of Smolensk.
  7. NicramDuel

    Latest 'Return to the Game' email

    Seems it's a bit different for "baby accounts". WG apparently takes into account what fleet you have waiting for you. And you indeed must stay completely offline - not just not entering a battle. Out of my 3 multis, only 1 got such a message. Had 6 battles on it from 2021 or so. This is what I was eligible for: Hopefully, the T6 will be a Perth - would be perfect to farm Aegis with. :) But no T9... ...Oh, wait, nvm, found it! Imagine registering freshly into the game, and finding this on your first day. Your team will be so proud of you.
  8. I consider this brawl two things. 1. The late april fool's event! 2. A statement of WarGaming culture. April fool's event: "Dear select few players! Have you ever really-really wanted to sealclub, but T4 CV's and subs are just not cutting it enough? Look no further: this april we bring you the Kickemall Galore! Get your 8 fellow hurricane/typhoon/KOTS-unicorns online during easter, and join us on this jolly easter-egg-hunt! You can hunt a maximum of 18 eggs of maximum 9 male opponents in each game-just try to maintain your 9-man-count! A quick 41 games, and you can rake up a volley of rewards! And remember: We love you all!" Statement: Naturally do it on easter, make it painfully long for anyone, and make it multiple times longer for anyone trying to solo this. Who cares about your IRL or family. You don't need them, and we don't respect them. Tried it solo, hated it. Div'd up: lost 2 out of 25 games while looking for our Moskva with 4-5 petro's, 1-2 stalins, 2 kremlins, and a nakhimov (the staple from-joke-to-chant of every single such div in the 4 days). And we didn't even find it funny after the tenth-or-so round. I just couldn't bother to finish or even try the last few games. This was just disgusting. I would have a thought on where the WG employees responsible for this brawl should promptly div up and go to, but that may be politically incorrect to state in such times. A moment of silence for all who had to witness this as a solo player.
  9. NicramDuel

    submarines tier 6 in scenarios

    1. Subs are officially in a state of being under testing. This means that they have been introduced to the two game modes where most relevant data can be collected. Randoms and Co-op. No further relevant data can be obtained at this point from introducing them into a mode which caters to, according to WG spreadsheet, a mere 1% of the WOWS playerbase. 2. Scenarios are built around multiple factors. All 5 currently available scenarios, and 3/3 of the removed ones require protecting/tanking for certain allied units that require saving. While all four other classes can provide some form of damage negation/protection, subs are purely a hide-and-strike class. Simply put, subs lack a core element needed for scenarios, greatly hindering any team, except special team-runs of 3-4 players on narai/aegis.
  10. NicramDuel

    can anchors be used in the game ?

    20x in each game... "Let's drop some lead on those motherf-FIRE!"
  11. NicramDuel

    Screenshot co-op corner ?

    Came close many times, finally broke the 1k barrier today with Mogador, too. Exchanged complements with the only other human player, Eistiger61 - thank you for the run!
  12. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Some CV love in ranked... one of the things Minnie is great at. :D 2:30: 3:30 +1: Just because Russian Warship, go f yourself
  13. NicramDuel

    Ranked Battles: The Sixth Season

    Recently returned player here. I haven't kept track of how exactly the rules have changed. I am aiming at maximizing steel rewards. I remember there used to be something like trying to stay in bronze or silver purposefully for maximum gains. As far as I understand, the current system suggests just doing your best, and get up to as high as you can, without stalling too long in lower leagues? Thank you in advance for your answers, and/or links to any currently relevant topics on the matter! :) Fair seas!
  14. I haven't played for nearly a year and a half. The wows anniversary itself couldn't get me to knock off snowflakes. No email offer was even worth consideration. Nothing even came close to tempt me to log in. In january, I read somewhere that they pulled these bu11$h1ts out of the game for a period of what, 2 updates as far as I know. After a few moments of euphoric disbelief, I was already scrolling through my dock. Since then I've played enough games to finish the 27 possible free dockyard stages (not planning on finishing Her for dubs, though), Chumphon is anchored in port, genuinely loving ranked (and happy to see most of the rarely appearing CV's finally suffer). Brawl's almost finished, too. Hell, apart from the final xp-bracet-reward for high tiers in asymmetric battles, even those missions were completed. I'm really loving it here for now, yet I'm sad in advance about how short-lived my stay is likely going to be. One update down, one to go, and if I remember correctly, the third one brings them back.