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  1. NicramDuel

    Your "Famous Last Words"

    A Wise Man Once Said That Choosing Your Last Words Is Always Harder Than Choosing Your First Letters. Never let the surroundings get to you all, strive to shut down the game in the same or better mood than you logged on that day. Don't let this company get in your heads. Enjoy the fun aspects of the game. Stay true to yourselves, and respect others. We put the "World" in WoWS. . . . Fun times with you all - they will be missed. Unwinding, generally, before, after, or in between games. It shall be missed. Could always come up for some nice info around the world. These will be missed. Knowledge of the game, gathered by all of you through the years. All of it will be missed. Your - sometimes heated - arguments, which improved so many of our way of playing the game. They will be missed. Outstanding achievements, commemorated for eternity in the "What were your best achievements today" thread. They shall be missed. Unnecessarily long WG-news-posts getting roasted to hell and back, like they deserved to be... They too, will be missed. Well, this is the end. Good luck, and fair seas! You shall all be missed! <3 !
  2. NicramDuel

    Best tier 8 premium ships for operations and Co-op?

    I was beaten to the answer. Kutuzov, if you have it, is very well-rounded for any of the operations. It particularly shines in: - handling Aegis by singlehandedly annihilating the second wave spawning in the northeast, liberating the transports, and pulling a smoke on them in the end (Fyi: Pan asian cruisers also excel here). - supporting Cherry blossom by securing bases early and being able to deal with airfields from range. However, it is unavailable at the moment, and please, don't feed the greedy slavic monkeys by trying to fish for it from lootboxes. Mainz/Cross of Dorn (Mainzclone), however, pales even Kutuzov, and is still readily available. Don't let the lack of heal and smoke scare you like it has me for a long time. It is very tanky, and the operations where you most need it will have a healing option at some point. This thing is a monster and had I known, I wouldn't have waited until the last Warhammer collab to get my hands on one of these. Although it makes a perfect ship for co-op farming due to its tankiness and very quickly loading torps, the place it really shines in is in operations. Aegis: I'm still learning how to best optimize for a noob-team-scenario, and find this op the only one I can't unleash the full potential of the ship. Perhaps someone can elaborate. Cherry Blossom: From start to finish, you get to shoot - and kill - something, with all enemies being highly vulnerable to your he and ap. You can also easily get in close enough to finish off the airfields. Ultimate frontier: your AP and range allows you to cause massive damage to spawns on either side of the map, you can shoot the enemy CV from the healing zone if it is spotted, and your torps will be handy in the end. Optionally, you can reach the northern Atlanta in time if your allies are turds, and can still make it back to the fight. You can also have loads of fun doing "something else" in Killer Whale. After helping your mates get into the port, just sail up to A1 and wait for the spawning BB's and escorts. And any other reinforcement spawning. Your team will usually fail protecting the harbor even though there are six of them, and might even leave one of the key ships you can't reach alive (4 or less stars are common), but you'll still have a blast, and generally make more exp than the lucky chap who snipes all 5 transports. And you can easily shrug off the damage. Speaking of transports... Narai: You will enjoy yourself on either flank, and can practically guarantee a win if you go south vs transports (usually the suggested Mainz-route is towards the enemy CV though), even though you might lose numerous stars due to your teammates preferring a 100% hp pool throughout the game versus protecting anything. Hermes and Raptor Rescue also serve situations where you can really help out: The threat at the end of Hermes with the 3 DD's and torp spams can be greatly mitigated with your hydro/reload time, and your torpedoes do an amazing job vs clusters of ships, both of these operations provide such instances. The same goes for Defence of naval station Newport - and if you survive, your torps will come in especially handy when dealing with the last Musashi/Yama and Nagato. Odds are that you can enjoy a lot of wins and good carries with Mainz/C.O.D. Even after a loss, you will probably have still enjoyed yourself. Oh... and you get to farm complements, too, for all it's worth.
  3. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    500k+ run (Ultimate Frontier)
  4. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Cross of Dorn / Mainz is fun so far!
  5. Shortly: - The current system for Operations is perhaps the best (and perhaps ONLY) improvement WG did to the game in the past 2-3 years. Including adjustments to it: apart from the occasional goof-ups of the AI, it is now the smoothest and best-balanced mode in the game. I would LOVE to see an accordingly tuned T9-T10 bracet, too, but that is where I would divide it. T6-T8 stays as is, and T9-T10 go separately. Longer version: - T6 ships get highly enhanced, and T7 ships get enhanced earnings, which compensates at a personal level - as long as the player driving it is competent (with all three: knowing the ship, knowing the operation, and knowing what his ship's specific duty on that op is). A poorly controlled T8 is perhaps an even bigger hindrance in terms oflost potential. - With operations being randomly selected by default, the age of annoying Best-ship-farmers has come to an end. No more Weimar-owners ruining the fun for everyone else on Narai and Ultimate Frontier weeks. No more soviet/japanese CV's hogging Killer Whale, and no more Perth/Leander-floods in Aegis humping each other for that coveted cit-farming spot upon the poor second wave of cruisers. Although Dynamo is no longer available, I'm sure some of us can recall the mayhem a Sims or a Cossack meant in there (Yup, Cossack - the first-ever T8 to be allowed into an op). Now, although there are still some universally powerful ships in the game, you don't get to see them in every game anymore, and you can have both fun AND an impact on the game with a choice from a much wider variety of ships. And this pool involves a number of T7 and T6 ships, too. Old favourites are still often viable. -T9 and T10 would be amazing in ops. The reason I would keep them distinctly separate from T8-T6 is because of WG. Balancing out anything was always what they failed in the most and for the longest periods. I can already see a team of T6/T7's mixed with an odd T9 amongst them entering Hermes, getting the 4-BB spawn of 2 GK's and 2 Mecklenburgs. The two main issues I'd see here on WG's behalf is that, firstly, they might find the task of replacing what spawns instead of what too hard (lel). Secondly, and this is the real issue: They would, with this, introduce the first-ever option to permanently opt-out of the farce going on in random battles for anyone who wants to play any tier at or above T6 - but doesn't want to be a pinata while facing the $hitstorm of CV's, unicorn-division squadclubbers or the goddamn submarines. Random battles would soon be facing extinction. - On a personnal note, I use the Pan-Asian cruiser line for resets. I feel that Chumphon, and even Rahmat can have a very strong influence on the outcome of nearly all operations, especially in Narai, Aegis, Hermes, and Newport (exactly the four ops generally considered to be the hardest). Raptor rescue and Killer Whale are also good xp-pinatas for you while still being able to have some moderate influence on the outcome. Oddly, of all ops, it is exactly Cherry Blossom (maybe the easiest of all operations in general) where you have no real tools to turn the tide in case you have a sloppy team. You can do incredible amounts of damage even in Rahmat, and your AA will come in handy, too - but you just can't do anything about the airfields if your team wasn't aggressive enough during the final minutes. Losses on Cherry are rare though, and this tech-tree branch can shine anywhere, even from T6. I've reset the line 10-12 times already due to it being so overlooked (and yet so powerful) in operations, and am planning on doing so a lot more.
  6. NicramDuel

    Early Access to British Submarines

    T6 Urine, T8 Turdy, and T10 Trash... Perfect names for the new content you've created... sounds like they've literally been pulled from the butt and privates of the dev team.
  7. NicramDuel

    Why is Ranked Battles such a total sht-show?

    You're currently in silver league - that's the league of my choice, too. Sorry to hear that experience - trust me: in silver, you actually get a LOT of fairly balanced runs. Win some, lose some (I'm just in for the fast MM's compared to gold, but the weeding-out of complete dingbats from bronze as well). Randoms, and in the latest patch, operations are much more of a $hitstorm - in all honesty, and I AM, without sarcasm, being honest: I do silver league battles because they are currently the most relaxing amongst the other options for the daily containers (and of course, the 18 wins). For every roflstomp or for every braindead "friendly" 42% wr DD who autonukes himself, you get 2-3 games where both teams play fairly up to expectations. During the second week of each sprint, very strong or very adamant players (extremities for better or worse) are already done, so it's more enjoyable and relaxed then. One thing that you might wish to try is to avoid the peak period of 16:00-21:00, and the "daytime" hours of weekends in general - if you would like to reduce the chances to witness an outstandingly retarded performer on your group. Of course it can happen during all hours of the mode being open. In my experience however, in both ranked and operations, during non-peaktimes, you tend to get more of those players who are up late or early to get something done. You have less of those who just log in, press some buttons, don't give a damn, and perhaps don't even realize how much they hinder other's experience. Give it time in silver league: it's perhaps one of the most balanced options this game currently has (and that is saying much for a game where only soviet balans of the peepul exists). Best of luck!
  8. The other issue I've been seeing lately is squads of 2-4 "complete green" players (no clan, very common names). Both or all 4 at times share the features of being very new accounts, ~30 random battles, ~40 WR (not that this has ANYTHING to do with operations, but the coincidence is strong), random ships, and very poor understanding of not just ops, but the game in general. The 2-man team in the Newport I posted earlier were a sight to see, but even they couldn't come near the 4-man "special specials" squad: In the past two weeks or so every third run of mine is with a faildiv. But I haven't seen too many "autofail" divs before that, even as a coop/operations/ranked main. And now ops start randomly crashing, too. I only have wild guesses on what's going on, but this is again a nice fail from WG. Although no surprise. No info on anything, just random tinkering. And of course, throwing $hit live.
  9. I am adding my version of Newport. It messed up when the third wave AND the remnants of...something... gut stuck, due to not being able to kill the detector stations. Luckily, we managed to finish (we almost didn't due to something I would like to address in my next post) - in this case, it was actually a benefit. The first spawns went completely berserk, sailing to random locations - and so did whatever actually started moving from wave three. Dear WG, pls tell Kirill and Katya not to have their happy hour near any keyboards with the coding of operations open. TY!
  10. NicramDuel

    OMG ... I'm So Lucky!

    True. My last reset on the Pan-asian cruisers consisted of approx. 50 games, only initially using some free exp, and only using blue boosters. - approx. 60k free exp to T6 - T6 Rahmat: 5 runs in operations, even losing one of them. -T7 Chumphon: 7 runs, lost 2 of them. T8 Harbin: 15 games, lost half of them due to the mistake of entering operations on a weekend. T9 Sejong: 20 games in Airship mode until I hit T10(random might have been faster, but I hate randoms). It's 50 games with just blue, and not red eco-bonuses to get a T10 nowadays. Without any free exp to spend, it's about 10 extra games in a T1 or anything else to get up to T6 from free exp by using blue free exp boosters. Also, if someone wants to blow free exp on tiering up faster, it can be done in about half as many games. ...And if someone wants to go all the way and has red boosters, 10-15 games of using both xp and free xp are enough. There was nothing like this up until a few years ago.
  11. NicramDuel

    OMG ... I'm So Lucky!

    Sadly, WG is not to blame for this. Our community is. True, they did come up with the concept, and slowly sniffed out what exactly our whales are willing to pay for, and just how many whales there are. Perhaps they themselves didn't think at the time that people would be ready to dish out a 5-digit amount of doubloons in sequential bundles just to be able to buy the last ship, and the permacamos (actually some are very nice - but of course, you can't "just" buy them for the measly 5-8k doubloons they used to sell for - now you have to sequence them). Mogador, then Jinan (or just Sejong? not sure), All three Italian lines, and hell, I can't even tell what order the rest came in - these make profits similar to new prem ships. With thanks and love to our blubber-padded buddies.
  12. NicramDuel

    Update 12.1 - General feedback

    My exact problem, too. It's ridiculously well-hidden. Of course, I did know roughly where to look for, but it's much more difficult to keep track of - and this is just me: someone who knows where to look for it. I heard a lot of confusion about it. I can hear the thoughts of the intoxicated idiot who came up with this: "Let's clear out the menu to keep it nice and tidy! Who cares if relevant info isn't displayed? I'M IN CHARGE HERE! MOAR VODKA, STANISLAV!!!"
  13. NicramDuel

    Unofficial Quality Management - Poll Update 12.0

    1. Are you satisfied with the current status of the game? - "I am satisfied". As long as subs are not allowed into ranked or operations (my two fields of interest), I am okay. 2. Are you satisfied with the direction tof the development? - "I am very dissatisfied" Praise must be given to the art department. Everything else is complete bull$hit, even if we accept that most of the devs are a product of century-long slavic inbreeding. Absolutely no regard for great community suggestions, new techtrees going way off from any constructive addition to the game, instead just pushing hybrids and their stupid subs. They also show no real weight of consideration for 90% of player suggestions. They steamrolled their two cr4ps (CV's and subs) into the game the way they wanted to... AND diverted the company's resources into nigh-useless concepts such as underwater dimensions, sub mechanics, etc., instead of doing massive development on areas that the majority of the players would prefer - and potentially pay for (better profits in much less resource-intensive areas). Just remember the fiasco of World of Warplanes: "we know what you want better! 2.0 will be a blast!" - yes, it was. A blast to the players and in the face of the idiot that ordered the change. I wonder how much cash they're making now, out of so much put into 2.0, instead of just leaving 1.XX. Lol, kek. The only things I love from what the devs did is: - What they did to operations. I like the randomness, the removal of weekly ops, and the extension to T8 (coughnaraicoughweimarfarmerscough) - The economy rework. My playstyle fits into it very well - for instance, I am happy I can use free exp/commander xp on powerhorses in operations such as the Kutuzov, while saving ship xp for techtree and RB grinding. These are however, earlier feats, and the question was about direction, possibly the future. 3. Are you satisfied with Wargamings response to the feedback of the Playerbase? "I do not have an opinion" I do, and a strong one - but this is in the middle as an answer. On the negative, WG tends to take its player,- and customer base for total fools. They give us soviet-themed answers and information: using an incredibly vast amount of words to say absolutely NOTHING of value and actual meaning. And often fail to live up to their words: "no caliber over Yamato guns", "no T10 for doubloons", etc. On the positive: they DID act after massive backlash on AEGIS, which is a crucial part of my gameplay (operations), and they, for some odd reason, still restrict subs out of ranked. And finally, having other activities for T9 ships besides being fodder for T11's. Oh, and we have airships back. With a comfortable level bracet for everything T8 and up, but restricting T11's. I love this round the most. 4. Do you tend to play more or less World of Warships? - "More." Recently, I recieved more free time in my IRL, though this is temporal. I've been doing multiple wows activities - farming rewards on the PTS, even completing brawls for the first time in years, doing the weekly blimp quests (LOVE that game-mode!), ranked, and of course, ops. In the long run, I'll stick to ops, and ranked - as long as the biggest cowards and feature-exploiters are kept where they belong. Out of there. :) 5. Do you tend to spend more or less money on World of Warships? - "I don't spend any more money." I have about 150 Euros invested into the game, dating back to somewhere before january 2019. The devs demonstrated that in this game, NOTHING lasts. NOTHING will be what you purchase in a few months. Stat changes. Mechanic changes. Powercreep. In some specific cases, purchased ships lose key appeal, such as Sims with the removal of Operation Dynamo. And more recently, Weimars losing the ability to farm narai without a penalty for squad-creation. Or, earlier anti-air superplatforms becoming an AA-joke. As of 2019, wallet is closed, and cash is spent elsewhere. 6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you recommend World of Warships to friends? - "3" Blizzard's classic wow and wotlk have fallen enough in quality to now be on-par with wows, in terms of how "considerate" and "professional" dev teams in these two companies are. If I want to play with friends, I might pick this game (now that others are getting worse, too) for an odd shooting or two, but considering the nature of how wows has been re-engineered to lock you into constant gameplay, like a job, and offering little-to-no rewarding feeling for newcomers - I have cautioned both of the friends I've recruited to being highly casual players, without either playing above T2 in randoms (to avoid cv's), and have used free xp and flags to get t6's into ops with me (before op rework). There it's fun for us all, and they are protected from practically all forms of the $hitstorm wg has created. TL;DR: At the moment, I'm honestly enjoying the game and having fun in ranked, operations, and temporary game-modes. However, this is highly due to the fact that I do everything in my power to isolate myself from the main direction wows is headed. As long as I can avoid statpadsquads, cv-turds and subhumansmarines - and re-live what I consider the "golden days" of this game, I'm ok. The direction is horrible though. I'm just trying to enjoy what I can for as long as I can. Before the World of Warplanes fiasco finally kicks in here too, and yet another WG-title must fade into memory. Hope it doesn't happen too soon.
  14. NicramDuel

    Legendary Commanders' Supplies for Free XP

    - I have all three ships already - And I dare not say what I wish upon the WG employees that are responsible for lootboxes, random bundles, etc in general. Those two facts having been said, this is actually a generous offer. Even by 2018-or-so standards, where Nelson was available for 375.000 fxp. For a total of 1.050.000. fxp (945.000 if you buy all 84 in a batch), you are guaranteed two T7 and one T6 ships (from which Lazo is actually very decent in all game modes), along with some bonus stuff. Some of which is quite valuable on its own (45.000 coal). Pricing is actually good this time, especially for those who perhaps own neither of these ships. Timeframe is quite short however for those who could profit the most out of this deal - so best of luck! A few more of such TRULY decent offers are sincerely welcome. A sincere shout-out to whoever came up with this bundle.