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  1. NicramDuel

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    I am overall very happy with the gains of 32 SC's! I was especially happy to become an owner of Perth, I have thought about getting her a few times (I feel it has great potential in operations too, besides having relevance in ranked and CB's). Also, the 5.5k doubloons feels quite generous, and the type 59 camos will come in handy with the large reserves of special flags. And with just 4 containers containing "normal" 100-sets of flags, 2 of which I am always happy to get more of (anti-detonation and papa papa), I feel lucky in the end, and am content with this year's haul! Thank you, WG!
  2. NicramDuel

    New commander skill tree incomming!

    Always a pleasure to read about well-thought-out, smooth changes and reworks following in-depth investigation and objective results! We all know that skills are the single, most drastically pressing matter currently. Now we know where all those "resources" disappeared from the cv-rework process and operations. Definitely worth the past 21 months of suspense! Great job, guys! Keep up the good work!
  3. NicramDuel

    Narai's back - Thank you WG!

    As far as we can believe WG's official standpoint, operations never do, and never did draw anything near to enough players to have an effect on anything. Armchair Admirals stream, 4 days ago: This is due to "the unfortunate...let's call it the lack of general interest of the playerbase, like not enough people play them at the moment to make it worth the investment." https://www.twitch.tv/videos/724249554?t=2h33m49s Although this statement is hard for me to believe on multiple levels, I'll have to take MrConway's word as official. (if the forum is representative of anything, ops do indeed generate interest; the number of unknown names I see in ops also supports interest; I don't know what exactly counts as "investment" if not throwing out dynamo back in the day and suddenly everyone owns a Sims; etc) Even though we're speaking slavic developers here, if random is indeed their preferred gamemode, then perhaps they should make it a bit less frustrating (3-man unicorn statpaddler teams, SealCVlubbers, completely uneven teams, etc) instead of shutting down more fun/less frustrating game modes - or making them irrelevant. And the easiest t8's to get their a$$ kicked is those who do not even know CB exists! ...Or the unlucky 20+ techtree lines excluded from it. :D
  4. NicramDuel

    Narai's back - Thank you WG!

    The first time, when narai was removed especially because it yielded huge rewards due to some AI bugs that appeared overnight due to the deliberate, intentional meddling of development, rewards were indeed reduced. In this current iteration, no further nerfs appear to be applied. It's not just about boredom or excitement. It's about having a faster-than-coop alternative to get past T7, while avoiding all the issues that plague randoms. And about being able to (mostly) safely farm free exp at tier 7, although it still underperforms farming...oh, wait, I'm not going to say it, before AI bugs suddenly start appearing there too. As for extra ops: agreed. I do not understand why we can't have Cherry Blossom, for instance - even with old plane AI in there. Even though things have changed, it would be fun, and would cause no harm to have the op run as it did. Just nerf gains there too, and it suddenly wouldn't poke WG's eyes too badly.
  5. Thank you for re-enabling the operation after so long! It's been missed, and I sincerely hope it is here to stay!
  6. NicramDuel

    3vs3 Sprint Battlemode

    This was by FAR one of the best experiences I had in wows in 2020. Make it 2019+2020. This gamemode addressed and seemingly solved everything I hate about the game in general: - Small maps with fast-ticking points - quick action, a game is often as fast as a co-op. - I don't mind having no restrictions on CV's in competitive...just keep these modes on odd tiers. - Even though squadclubbers were allowed, I was overjoyed to see the technical issue a few days ago when they couldn't join as a team. Ahh, the salt felt sooo delicious! I'm not sure what the current situation is, but luckily, I haven't met a single div. And even if there were any, unlike random's MM, here they would need to face a duo of "Wecantscrewalightbulbinalone's" on the other side, 100% of the time. :D - NO STRESS! Lots of safe ranks, easier to rank out (although this time, I would have wanted it to last longer, needed more exp on Riga...) - exp and credit rewards are comfortable. If there were an option to just keep continuing after r1, without additional rewards I would do it. It ended all too soon.
  7. NicramDuel

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    Be VERY cautious with this. You never know when they adjust droprates. These CV crates may only look similar to those that dropped premium CV's so well. WG is known to adjust rates at a whim. Be careful. Sincerely.
  8. NicramDuel

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    Same thoughts here, although I'm not as restricted as those living in Belgium. This will not change, though - WG doesn't care about its players, anymore. They're making large profits without considering us. Shouts out to Belgian legislation - if only ALL EU (and world-countries) would bring similar laws. Then the lootboxes and luck-factors can be stuck back up in whatever orifice they emerged from in the first place.
  9. NicramDuel

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    I remember the time when Wargaming did short videos on the different departments of the company. Art department, event developers (preparing for one of the space battle or halloween events), etc. Do a video where we can see the faces of the department or even management board responsible for the money-based, greedy gambling/lootboxing/luck-factor-design behind these events. I dare you. I will even like the video, and not dislike it. I double-dare you.
  10. NicramDuel

    PT 0.9.8 - Asymmetric Battle

    I was one of the participants on the other side - it was almost too easy. We bulldozed down the bots, grouped up AA def against the CV, and I think it was like 3 of us DD's jumping you simultaneously on a "2 of us die, 1 will torp-nuke from 2 km's" basis. I appologize for this battle on the behalf of WG as well! Although I actually quite like the concept of this mode, it still needs refining. Being filled with bots, and getting an especially crude, 4-man-setup if a T8 CV joins is madness. On my very first attempt as a T8, I ended up on the wrong end of the horny horse myself: I think our best bet at this rate is to farm up battlepoints on lowtiers vs bots until the the next patch, next week - and hope higher tiers will be a little more worth it (or at all...) to invest time in. :D
  11. NicramDuel

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.8

    So far, all ships of the same tier recieved at least the same rewards. This applies to all T9/T10 reward ships during anniversaries too: all RB, and armory ships included. It is not unheard-of that premium/freemium ships actually got higher rewards than techtree counterparts (during snowflake events, for instance).
  12. NicramDuel

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.8

    In all honesty, I actually am comfortable with the rewards this time. I've already learned about the "give less, take more" mentality of Wargaming, providing less rewards, more randomly, and demanding more and more "financial effort" to unlock them. With this in mind, I was actually surprised to be getting a little "more". - No guaranteed coal and steel: That was a massive bummer last time. Not expecting it made letting go easier. All the while, having the new, improved daily mission rewards (40+4 steel a day = 1200+ steel a month already) and more than enough coal to spend (this is only a subjective point of view as I managed to farm tremendous amounts) makes letting go easier. - The superflag (gift)-crates would have been nicer with guaranteed, say "1-of-each" flag, but with 70+ crates for techtrees, that can come up to approx. 40 of each flag - that's a yearsworth of monthly missions - I actually like this. And this is not counting the preemium/freemium fleet of all reward ships, neting in another 25-40 crates. Although randomness is, again, incorporated, most flags can and will be put to good use - essentially, there's a degree of guaranteed rewards here. - Supercontainers: always nice to have, but my expectations are excessively low after last year's supercontainer nerf. Looking forward to my 31x100 flooding recovery time flags. In all honesty, I'm a bit worried, but hey-free stuff is still better than no stuff. Just please, don't let the supercontainer rates be even more crappier than ever. - The anniversary camo's: In all honesty, this is what I am happy about the most. Seeing all these sloppy, rng-based, hardly-any-guaranteed-reward-yielding events, consumable camos have become somewhat scarce. Getting a stock of 300+ useful camos (100% xp, 100% free exp) should keep me going for another year, with some moderate farming potential, too. Another guaranteed reward - always nice. - I also like how we can get permacamo's for actually something effort-related instead of the retarded "everything is gambling, brought to you by your very own WarGambling Co.!" mentality. These camos are worth 4k doubloons a piece, and I will personally see them put to great use on techtrees I plan to regrind. tl; dr: After the sheer disappointment of last year's rewards, combined with the introduction of the RB, I felt a long hiatus from the game was due. Although definitely not satisfying the hopes of steel and coal, this anniversary can net in rewards that may remind some of us of the glory of Anniversary II and III (supercontainers, +5 of each superflags for every 1k battles played). - supercontainers (nerfed in contents, though) - superflags (though less complete "sets" then in the old times, the efficiency of the sets will be higher due to the combination of not 5, but 8 of them, all three new ones providing extra xp) - easily accessible camos, and a lot of them - a few extra features I feel satisfied, and compared to what I was expecting initially, even more so!
  13. NicramDuel

    Russian carriers are coming!

    Seriously, stahp... this is how thunderer started out, too... a jest on LWM's behalf... who would have known then!
  14. NicramDuel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finally, after many 800, 900+ rounds, I broke the 1k base exp barrier in co-op. Not much, but better than nothing. I didn't expect it to happen with a T10 ship, though.
  15. NicramDuel

    The Worst Person I've Yet Seen In This Game

    Sadly, the system protects such mutants as the player you shared with us - this topic will probably be terminated, with you recieving no remedies, only sanctions. I would advise two things: 1. Edit your post, so you don't come to harm. 2. Take this very screenshot, and post in the facebook group "World of Warships Global Fanbase". Besides more people seeing it there than how many use this forum (and you having larger chances of generating some extra attention toward this player), there has been at least one instance in the past two weeks of wg staff taking action vs a player's account and reporting it under the post. Not that they never take action through the common (and usually poor quality) customer support - but seemingly, they are faster to act there, and there seems to be little delay between you indicating such an instance, and the swing of the banhammer. Just remember to provide ample evidence.