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  1. CherryWood

    What to do if carrier in team is bot/fool

    Post like these makes me actually believe that CV gameplay improved a bit through the times. Not so long ago, dead of one carrier was an usual start of a high tier match as CV sniping were a thing and it was mostly based on sheer luck who find the other one first and meet less cruisers along the way.
  2. CherryWood

    High Tiers Facepalm?! Kinda..

    One of the iChase Nautical tales videos have that. Same with the DD surviving multiple torp hits. You just have to unlucky enought to hit AA guns and stuff or HP depleted section of the ship. Rare but happens.
  3. CherryWood

    Bug on Two Brother's map

    Yup, happened to me also on this map, though a different piece of rock was floating for me.
  4. CherryWood

    XVM? Nope, stats will be hidden after all

    There are more ingame stats mods then this one already btw. I'm using one that use WG API to get numbers, and hiding stats actually works there.
  5. CherryWood

    Can we please get rid of detonation

    I have to fully agree this is the most annoing thing ever. Always makes me lost all the fun from the game in instant and usually ragequit for the day. And its no fun at all to detonate someone else, as its not your achievement but pure rng.
  6. CherryWood

    what percent is considered good

    Or you may look into one of the many statistics sites that are there, most of them have an average stats for each individual ship and some just outright tell you how much you deviate from that average in nice graphs and track your progress. And there are xvm like stats mods also...
  7. CherryWood

    Some interesting info around the world

    Oh no! They're talking about my beloved Yubari and in a good way! I totally see the nerfbat comming
  8. CherryWood

    Destroyers have cloaking devices

    Tier II destroyer can have detectability under 5km
  9. Those who don't wanna watch the remaing battle usually leave and jump into next ship... or alt-tab for whatever else. More sinking animations would be nice tho
  10. CherryWood

    Guys whats the best pay to win ship?

    Well, tirpitz and atago have the advantage of also being a great ships for ranked games. Won't make you a winner tho, as both are rather common in teams.
  11. CherryWood

    Ranked Battles

    That flag is from the last season, those of us who have reached rank 1 can't play ranked anymore until next season. And 10 minutes waiting time is (sadly) standard, you usually have to wait until another game ends which can take up to 20 mins...
  12. CherryWood

    Ranked Frustrations

    I was one win from rank 1... then I had a loosing streak so great that I dropped to rank 4 again I was kinda so frustrated to even be frustrated at that point Well, that's a Life a guess... At least 5-2 rank games are quite decent to play in.
  13. CherryWood

    Cv torpedo dmg

    It's actually less dmg then tier 4 because high tier ships have better torpedo protection on hulls that reduce the dmg inflicted . But planes are faster and can get into better positions easier so its not that bad...
  14. CherryWood

    Late war AA artillery DPS values

    AA rework would be nice, but I hope Kutozov isnt a new standard as its totally hopeless to try flying anywhere near that ship in same and lower tier planes
  15. CherryWood

    [Feedback] Ranked Season 3

    Well, I kinda enjoyed Ranked so far, but then I hit rank 5 and the whole thing just ended, because theres noone here to play with. And Im not gonna wait when there is ARP mission to do...