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  1. JH275

    ASUS invite code giveaway post!

    well I did share my own code. And I do hope other people will share theirs. There is no reason for them to keep it since they can't do anything with it if they already have an account. And I do not know why a player of WOWS like you would like to slow the growing of the game community.
  2. JH275

    ASUS invite code giveaway post!

    If you want I can share it now. My point was that there's no point sharing it if no one will use it.
  3. If I have understood correctly there is no way to redeem the invite code if you are already playing the game. That is why I have decided to make a post for the generous people who want to give away their codes for new players. If this post gets a lot of attention I will be giving away my own code as well! So if you have a spare code share it! lets make the world of warships community larger by giving a bonus for the new players! -JH275 EDIT: Also if this does get a lot of attention I might make a google sheets file with the gifted codes inside. 2ND EDIT: I have decided to already share my own code since not sharing it might slow the possible spreading of this post. Also to stop comments like (no offense) Arakus' which I have realized there will be lots of. But thankyou for sharing your opinion Arakus! Code: T59MD-NBH73-W374E-UWFUT
  4. JH275

    ship images in tech tree wrong

    Today while browsing the tech tree I found out that the images in the tech tree for the US aircraft carriers Ranger and Lexington are the exact same. It seems that the Lexington has the image of the Ranger. I don't know if this is only for me or for others as well. -JH275