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  1. 506_Mephisto

    Zeigt eure Super Container !

    Hatte heute wieder einen "normalen" Supercontainer. Rotieren die Tarnungen irgendwie eigentlich oder ist es zufällig? War 50% Valentinstag.
  2. 506_Mephisto

    Zeigt eure Super Container !

    14 Tage Premium Zeit... leider keine Free XP, Rote Drachen Fahnen oder Schiffchen...
  3. 506_Mephisto

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    I don't believe, that the Deadnought will recieve a "hat if-WW2 hull", since the Tier 3 ship is usually the nation's first dreadnought class of ships, with all being scrapped after WW1 due to numerous reasons like slow top speed, rather inefficient turret arrangements. Therefore none fought during WW2, where the game is primary set or recieved significant modifications.
  4. 506_Mephisto

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    I really hope, the removed ship hulls will return as a premium ship. Still sad, that WG fells the need, to remove the WW1 hulls... Now, that Mutsu is coming on Tier 6, I wouldn't mind, having for example SMS Baden as Tier 5, or having the WW1 configuration of ships one tier lower in general. As happened with the König Albert compared to the Kaiser. It is a real shame, that the golden age of battleships is just a niche product. I wonder, what WG will do with the Dreadnought... She is iconic yes, but rather weak compared to other dreadnoughts for example in terms of secondary guns. She just appears like a demonstration. A rushed built, showing what GB can do, rather than a true battleship.
  5. 506_Mephisto

    What nation next ?

    I would love to the the french. Especially their BBs. Tier 3: Danton (She might be a "Semi-Dreadnought" but I would say with a bit of tuning, she could work. If the player actually gets control bout the 24 cm guns, she would be a very interesting ship, having faster reloads for some guns than the Nassau!) Tier 4: Courbet (She was france's first dreadnought, but joined in much later. With her 10 guns each broadside, and a monstrous 8 guns straight forward she is very capable. Featuring wing turrets and superfirering turrets offer her plenty of guns to the front, the back and the side, in addition she s even capable of do at least half of an Kawachi wiggle. A very dangerous ship! Tier 5: Bretagne (A little bit slow, but offering quite a lot of firepower making fit.) Tier 6: Normandie (She was supposed to follow the Bretagne, but is a ship, that never was. Speedwise she is on par with the US ships, her armor seems to be ok. Like Fuso and NM she carries 12 guns, although by a slightly smaller calibre, which would result in a higher rate of fire. In addition she is able to fire 8 guns a stern, which today would be a record. Just because that lady shows you your back doesn't mean she runs away. She will dish out a quite nasty sting. It is essentially the opposite of the Dunkurque: Armored, slow, and has a damn nasty armament a stern! Tier 7: Straßbourg (Dunkerques sister ship. She is weaker armed than the Normandie, but like her sister a very fast ship. In addition she features a stronger armor. Meanwhile her guns could be balanced by making them fire faster, maybe slightly above Sharnhorst, at around 22-25 seconds? Tier 8: Richelieu (An enlarged version of the Dunkerque, featuring 8 15 inch guns in two frontal towers, making her capable of disishing out quite some punishment! The armor is ok, the ship is quite fast, around the same speed of the Bismarck.) Tier 9: Alsace (Supposed sucessor of the Richileu, but never built. Since N1 with 3x3 15 inch guns would maybe a little bit weak, and N2 featuring the same layout of Iowa and North Carolina, I would choose the N3 design, featuring 3x4 15 inch guns. Sure, it would be the smallest calibre at Tier 9, but instead of 9, that lady carries 12 around! Plus the quadruble guns would be a returning feature of french battleships from Tier 6 and above. Tier 10:? No idea. Potential premium: Tier 7 Lyon. A little bit slow compared to the Scharnhorst sisters and the Nagato. But this lady offers an outstanding amount of 16!! 13.4 inch guns in 4 quadruple turrets, making her, as far as I know, the ship with the most main artillery guns in the game. Although they might be rather small compared to Nagato or Colorado, the simple number of guns blast your enemies away. Especially dirty cruisers.
  6. 506_Mephisto

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    Interesting design. It does, indeed look taped together. the side sponsors look fairly out of place imo. Looks like they built a hull, and then decided to stick some weapons on it, instead of building a battleship. The ships just look so "chaotic". In addition the armament is very interesting, since those ships do only have one gun each turret, instead of the usual two. But it seems to be a thing of the french, since that ship isn't the only one sharing this characteristic. I am honestly wondering, how effective those were, especially with those square window hulls and the 1-gun turrets, reminding me somehow of the HMS Furious.
  7. 506_Mephisto


    Klar, aber auf der anderen Seite ist es halt auch ein Problem bereits ein Schiff zu haben, das alles bereits kann, nur besser. Genauso wie die Emden. Sie mag vlt. ganz ok sein, aber objektiv betrachtet ist sie eine schlechtere Dresden. Und das Teil ist eben nichts weiter als eine schlechtere Bogatyr. Was die Attraktivität es zu spielen massiv reduziert. Wäre doch an der Stelle mal nett, z.B. Schiffe zu bringen, die es nicht bereits gibt. Das würde auch z.B. mehr optische Vielfalt geben anstatt Dresden in Grau und Weiß oder Bogatyr in Schwarz und Grau.
  8. 506_Mephisto


    Also rein vom Farbschema her würde ich sagen, ist es die Pre-WW1 Version. Da machen die 152er Kanonen durchaus Sinn. Ist wohl eher ein Sammlerschiff. Was mich auch sehr überrascht ist der Preis der bei 1250 Dublonen liegen soll. Das ist 1000!! Dublonen günstiger als die Aurora und auf einem ähnlichen Preisniveau wie die Tier 2 Schiffe. Also sehr sehr billig für einen Tier 3 Kreuzer. Ich denke daher wohl eher, dass das ein Promoschiff wird, z.B. Weihnachten, und wie heißts so schön: Einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul. ;)
  9. 506_Mephisto


    Ich weiß nicht so recht. Wenn ich richtig sehe ist die Bewaffnung nicht so toll. 152er Kanonen. Und die 2x10 stimmen doch nicht... der Kahn hat jedenfalls keine 10 Zwilling-Türme. Oder überseh ich was.^^ Erstmal also keine 130er der Bogatyr, dann wnen ich mich nicht irre weniger Kanonen, die Kanonen profitieren nicht vom Kapitänskill anders als bei der Bogatyr, da sie zu groß sind... Außerdem ist die Ruderstellzeit schlechter. Im Austausch bekommt man marginal bessere Tarnwerte Und bei marginal mein ich marginal im Sine von 30 bzw. 40 Metern. Und 1000 HP mehr. Aber sie sieht gut aus. Verdammt gut. <3
  10. 506_Mephisto

    USS Missouri + KMS DDs + KMS Graf Spee preliminary stats (5.15 ST)

    They could. However after research with the Tegetthoff dreadnoughts of the austrian navy, they discarded the idea for triple barreled turrets, because those featured multiple issues like a slower rate of fire, were much heavier, more prone to misfunction and so on, and decided, to developed twin 38cm turrets when designing the Bayern Class, which had a very high rate of fire compared to contemporary guns like those on Warspite. Since Germany was very conservative... they stuck to their proven to work concepts instead of inventing the wheel new. The ship designs worked very well in WW1. However for example unlike the german dreadnoughts at Jutland, Bismarck was alone, making the "to stay afloat" aspect useless. A swimming hulk alone is useless if alone. If in group, there might be more possibilities of for example to fix the steering and retreat, like Warspite did at Jutland. And for the turrets, well the concerns they had when designing Bayern were confirmed by the french battleships and the KGV class of the RN as well.
  11. 506_Mephisto

    Old Mikasa/Pre-dreadnought Appreciation Society thread - Please see page 27

    Would you please sign me in? How could I miss that club so far?! Pre-Dreadnoughts are great looking ships. My particular favorite is the SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm (and the rest of her class), being one of the first ocean going battleship of Germany, and she looks so amazing with her ridiculously pompous ornamented bow. <3 Not to mention, that she carries a quite heavy artillery for a pre dreadnought, by having a third gun turret, although the L35 guns propably wouldn't hit a barn from the inside. Of course I do own the Mikasa, although she rarely leaves port she obviously is my harborqueen. <3
  12. 506_Mephisto

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    You can count me in. I simply love the WW1 era battleships, and I wish, the game would more fokus around that age. In particular I love german (and austrian) ships. And it is really interesting, while dreadnoughts in general have similarities, how different each nation designed their first dreadnought type ships, with plenty of different turret layouts. Superfirering turrets first introduced by the US, wing and echolon used by the early british and german ships, and the design, Russia and Italy used... Too bad, I missed out the Arkansas and Albany, since I didn't play back then, and Nikolai, because she was too expensive for me, being only available in a bundle.
  13. 506_Mephisto

    HMS President Petition

    She has to be preserved. It was such a shame, when SMS Goeben was scrapped, because Germany didn't want it, marking the end of the last battlecruiser in the world, the dreadnought with the longest active service time, and the last capital ship built by Imperial Germany. Such a thing shouldn't happen again. Preserve our treasures
  14. 506_Mephisto

    König Albert

    Sollen se die Range auf 13-14 km erhöhen und des Kaisers reload geben und sie kann erfolgreich im Tier 4 schippern. Sie ist, wie ihre Schwester ein Tier 4 Schiff. Von der Panzerung, der Bewaffnung und dem Indienststellungsdatum schreit alles Tier 4.Keine Ahnung was Wargaming da geritten hat.
  15. 506_Mephisto

    Austria-Hungarian Battleship Szent Istvan

    Would be a fairly soild Tier 4 BB. Although her torpedo protection was... kind of shitty.^^ I really love her 4x3 turret setup. It is so much better looking than the Nikolai, although her guns are rather short (only L45 compared to 50 or 52 of other Tier 4 BBs) The armor is ok, speed fits (although slightly slower), who cares about Anti-Air. Premium Tier IVs don't have such a thing.