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  1. Quick point to this. You are told the rewards in each box. You know the value (or can find out the value of these rewards). The Value in each box is equal to the cost in real money in terms of in game items. If you are lucky, i.e. your gamble pays off. You get an item worth far more than you already paid. Every box is worth what you pay in terms of in game items. Some boxes reward you more. Don't get upset you didn't get a ship. You already got your monies worth with in game items.
  2. Luke6_31

    Struggling to secure kills in Fiji

    Fiji is a second line Cruiser. You take her to the front but prepare to support. You need to work on getting higher damage which requires staying alive, to do so go with the fleet. Let the fleet spot and you shoot. DD's are good at spotting so encourage them to spot for you to shoot. If they know they have support they can run without firing whilst you smoke and shoot. Then just use heal and positioning to stay alive to buff damage totals and the longer you are in game the more chance of those sweet kills. Check the teamsheets then work out how far you can be to avoid radar and get close. The ship is optimal at about 10km or less so good knowledge of other ships is essential to work out the sweet spot between your great concealment and ideal shooting distance.
  3. Luke6_31


    You need CE for survival. You need IFHE for damage. Any 152mm CA needs IFHE for damage and CE for Survival. They come into their own with both. It's worth the struggle though however I would recommend Boise over Nuevo just as a crew trainer for US light Cruisers. However I also like the idea of a PanAmerican tree so might be worth grinding just for the future.
  4. Luke6_31

    Graf Zeppelin

    Or get rid of this broken crap? Got AA. Not got time for this crap...
  5. Luke6_31

    Graf Zeppelin

    Can you please remove this ship? What is the point of playing against it? I don't understand how this was allowed to be in the game. I have put time & effort into this game & you let this happen. Please just remove it & recompense those who bought it. This is not fun or engaging to play against.
  6. Luke6_31

    Is this game flooded by BOTS or whatelse?

    Well the Clan has been slowly growing since we got rid of the CAPTCHA tests.
  7. Average Sailor seeks English speaking clan for social & competitive gameplay. Trying to improve and willing to work. Stats available at all the best stats sites. Please ask for Big Boy John or his assistant.
  8. Hack Scrub player. Can I join? Also, maybe I want to go get better at ship sailing and possible game improvement. Are you guys able to help me?
  9. Luke6_31

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    Because the 4 point skill other than CE for RN CL is either boost to AA via manual targeting (best for minotaur) or 20% boost (best for Neptune). Most prefer to have captain specced for tier 9 or 10. Would've thought not going IFHE works better when you get moskva which doesn't need it
  10. Luke6_31

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    Reply: IFHE is only effective on 155mm and lower calibre guns due to the penetration mechanics. Plenty of videos on YouTube to see this but Flamu does good work explaining it. Better off maybe with DE instead. Also: Why put IFHE on a RN CL Captain...only if it is a pure Belfast captain otherwise that's not a clever thing to do on a pure AP ship.
  11. Luke6_31

    The Duca d'Aosta

    Reply: Manage ammo choices appropriate to the target. Your AP in the Duca is very useable. HE is less valuable than you may think. CE generally a better choice unless you run both fire starting flags and DE to counter the lost fire chance. Not an easy ship, just a very pretty one.