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  1. Luke6_31

    2cv games

    You do realise WG that this is crap for gameplay. You do realise this is the worst [edited]thing ever. GET RID OF TWO CV GAMES. PLEASE. Thank you.
  2. Luke6_31

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

  3. Luke6_31


    [edited]THIS crap. [edited]THIS GODDAMM [edited]CRAP.
  4. Luke6_31

    No more 2 CV Games

    Simple. STOP THIS crap. IT IS [edited]*edited*.
  5. Luke6_31

    Tier 6 Giulio Cesare

    *Cough* Jean Bart *Cough*
  6. Luke6_31

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Good luck WG. I think this Hotfix will rebalance the CV v AA meta a tiny bit. However, I am quite intrigued by iChaseGaming suggestion of making long range AA user controlled. I believe the issue would be that in a fire fight devoting time to using AA might be a touch difficult but if it could also be rigged with an auto-activation system similar to the one we currently have it might just work. Generally very happy with the work and effort WG are putting in to get this right and I wish them all the best with it.
  7. Luke6_31

    Lützow 150mm CL?

    So what you are saying is we can have another completely broken tier 7 cruiser to rival the Belfast? Sounds good.... Also, haven't put any work into balancing this idea. I just offered it as an idea for the community to play with. I think it has a degree of possibility as a tier 7 with a bit of work. I think as an actual paper ship which came very close to being built it might have a place in WoWS. Especially as there is a gap for a tier 7 Kreigsmarine cruiser premium.
  8. Luke6_31

    Lützow 150mm CL?

    And the trouble with Nurnberg guns is they are not great. You have an extra turret but not much else. So good range but poor damage. You could have a survivable cruiser without a heal but not good main armament (In terms of raw damage) but with good close torps, AA, hydro or Def AA. Similar idea is seen with the duca degli abruzzi but it wouldn't need heal as it is Hipper-class cruiser.
  9. Luke6_31

    Lützow 150mm CL?

    I was thinking you could take the Nurnberg guns and they would scale to tier 7. Couple with maybe the a hipper hull and it might work as a tier 7. However, Belfast is a tier 7 premium town-class cruiser but Edinburgh is tier 8. So it could also work as a tier 8 if needed but I thought the presence if prinz eugen would fill tier 8 premium slot. So makes more sense as a tier 7. Similar to how ashitaka and mutsu are lower tier copypasta of line ships.
  10. Luke6_31

    Lützow 150mm CL?

    Wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing the hypothetical 4x3 150mm version of the Admiral Hipper? The Seydlitz and Lützow were planned as the answer to the British Town-Class. So could be an intriguing option for fans of Kriegsmarine Cruisers to have a similar ship available.
  11. Luke6_31

    General feedback

    Because mouse is used to aim guns and its awkward mid battle to have to reposition mouse constantly. A single key press like for all other consunables seems the easiest solution to me. But some more ideas can't hurt.
  12. Luke6_31

    General feedback

    How about allowing AA sector repositioning by pushing the 'o' key once? Similar to selection of shells. One push and it repositions. Dragging a mouse whilst holding down a key is excessive mid battle.
  13. Can we have the sector system mapped to a single push of the 'o' key? Seems ridiculous to have to hold and drag mouse in the middle of battle. Similar to selection of shells really. Just push the key and the AA repositions. Thanks.

    1. MrConway


      Please post feedback in the feedback thread, not on my profile :)


      You can find it here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/112243-general-feedback/

  14. Quick point to this. You are told the rewards in each box. You know the value (or can find out the value of these rewards). The Value in each box is equal to the cost in real money in terms of in game items. If you are lucky, i.e. your gamble pays off. You get an item worth far more than you already paid. Every box is worth what you pay in terms of in game items. Some boxes reward you more. Don't get upset you didn't get a ship. You already got your monies worth with in game items.
  15. Luke6_31

    Struggling to secure kills in Fiji

    Fiji is a second line Cruiser. You take her to the front but prepare to support. You need to work on getting higher damage which requires staying alive, to do so go with the fleet. Let the fleet spot and you shoot. DD's are good at spotting so encourage them to spot for you to shoot. If they know they have support they can run without firing whilst you smoke and shoot. Then just use heal and positioning to stay alive to buff damage totals and the longer you are in game the more chance of those sweet kills. Check the teamsheets then work out how far you can be to avoid radar and get close. The ship is optimal at about 10km or less so good knowledge of other ships is essential to work out the sweet spot between your great concealment and ideal shooting distance.