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  1. Nicky_Deedles


    I haven't seen anything "faked" or manipulated in this game...except that reds always have one DD more than my team does...in a domination match...every single time... My god! This game really is being manipulated! /s
  2. Nicky_Deedles

    Detonation - fun and engaging mechanic

    3 detonations in last 3 days so I'm on a streak now. Didn't have any in the last 2 months and now 3 back to back? It really is fun and engaging mechanic
  3. Nicky_Deedles

    Other examples of regional differences?

    Yup. One needed to collect enough pearls to get the Kamikaze R without any lottery and the rest that had participated the event, but didn't have the pearls to instantly get it, had to go through the RNG to win Kami.
  4. Nicky_Deedles

    Christmass Idiots

    When other DDs play with their torps I tend to send them to the bottom with my guns. It's that simple.
  5. Nicky_Deedles

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I have the exact same feelings as it would've been nice to try and grind those camos for free but it seems that won't be possible. And I'm not going to buy anything that expensive just to get 100% free xp modifier to my ship. But still there's no need to rage and curse over the forums, showing that you are disappointed with this turn of events is enough.
  6. Nicky_Deedles

    A Very Happy Holidays to you!

    Happy holidays everyone! May your "presents" (read torps and shells) find their intended recipients
  7. Nicky_Deedles

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    As I already stated in other thread, giving us the chance to earn Graf Spee was an awesome call but now I've been left with a bad taste cause this Santa's convoy mess that has been going today. Why is EU player base denied from having the same missions than the other regions have? It's especially saddening when we have the achievements for the convoy missions showing in our profiles in-game but no way to get those said achievements. I really hope that WG can sort this thing out and not just leave it here.
  8. Giving us the chance to earn Graf Spee for free is an awesome present but all this other mess around Santa's convoy is just so disappointing. I just can't understand why it has been made such a problem, wouldn't it have been so much easier to just give all the regions the same treat for holidays? I really hope WG EU will listen and try to fix this ugly mess that has been created.
  9. Nicky_Deedles

    Keep milking us....

    Yeah not going to spend more money on prem camo for a ship I've already spent euros way back when I purchased it. No need to do that. It's a bit disappointing that there's no chance to get it by playing the game like in other regions.
  10. Nicky_Deedles

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    It's awesome to get new set of missions and especially when Graf Spee is waiting at the end. And if the NA "Commerce raider" video is right, only after getting Spee you'll be able to do Christmas Convoy missions. WG EU might be having different plans for that campaign. Or not. I'll just have to wait and see.
  11. Nicky_Deedles

    how it feels to play the ROYAL NAVY LINE

    I just couldn't make Emerald or Danae work. I had some random success with them but nothing in the way of constantly performing or having fun. I thought Karlsruhe was bad but when 2/3 of the matches with Emerald were in t7 against at least 5 german BBs on the enemy side, I really learned the true meaning of despair...
  12. Nicky_Deedles

    The Book of Revelations

    Way back when Mogami was the queen of t8 cruisers I mounted those 203mm guns on her and only after my friend pointing out that 155mm guns + expert marksman + aft = OP I switched to those flamethrowers. I always thought those 155mm with 50 sec turn times were awful and I had never realized that expert marksman would shave that down to 36 seconds or something like that.
  13. Nicky_Deedles

    How to high tier?

    Just park behind closest island and shoot over it like everyone else. Yeah some high tier matches are pretty annoying, no one dares to go too aggressively as they will get focused and erased fast.
  14. Nicky_Deedles

    Return Premium Ships ?

    If you struggle that hard with T5 cruiser, it's not the Scharnhorst's fault. Maybe, MAYBE, if you had the worst RNG in 100 years you'd lose to a tier 5 cruiser, but only thing that I can think of is that Königsberg outplayed and outwitted you from a range of 15-16km, evading most of your shots while you just kept shooting at her. It's pretty easy to avoid or even bounce most BB shells from that range.
  15. Nicky_Deedles

    German BB OP?

    I've taken couple of torps in with my Nassau/Kaiser, but way often it's the DD that suffers under that great RoF those german battleships have. So I'm having way more fun hunting down destroyers with my quality german BBs than other way around