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  1. Still open for any one seeking a new home...
  2. Still open for those who are interested!
  3. Cool, pleased to meet you. Doesn't matter where you're from to be honest, if you wanna join, happy days, if not, nice to meet you anyway!
  4. Not too far away, but Irish pips it! ? Sound for the wishes. Calm seas mate and a good aim!
  5. The clan title's Irish, so am I, for all my sins ?
  6. Afternoon all, IF you would like to be able to get bonuses associated with being in a clan, without having to take part in clan battles etc. and play to a very casual style, then why not take a look here? There are no requirements to join - well except one, if you do join, please play nice, no need for drama in game. Other than that? None. You won't need to use voice comms if you don't want to, if your fingers are too tired to type, no worries... You won't be required to play in clan battles, you won't even need to play in a division if you don't want to No minimum stats required. What will you get if you join? Currently, the clan perks stand as follows: -10% to cost of researchable ships Tiers I - VIII +10% Free XP per battle on Tier I - VI ships +2% to XP per battle on Tier I - VI ships +2% to Commander XP per battle -5% to the cost of post-battle service for Tier I - VI ships The more people that join, the more the stats above go up, so these benefits can only ever go upwards! There are no requirements to stay, however, you will be kicked if you're found to be insulting in chat, to anyone. There's no need for it, simple as. So, that's it. I thank you for taking the time to read, hopefully, some of you may apply to join - if you choose to, just apply to [TATL] when you can. For those of you who may wonder what Taighleach An Taibhse Liath stands for - Family (Clan) of the Grey Ghost! Take it easy and May your course always be Full and By!