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    #bringbackAFT Website, Petition & Closure

    ajaljf _Aslains_Installer.log
  2. JtAdams, thanks for your mods on wot. I am playing wows now to. I would like to ask for a minimap change. The max size is to small for HD monitors or multiple monitors. The minimap max size was changed by WG by about 20%. Since then no one has offered a this option in minimap mods. As you may know that locastan, ShuraBB have HD minimap mod for wot which also allows for moving map position with a config xml The maxsize of the minimap should be > or = 50% more than current max and changing positions would be great. Thanks in advanced
  3. A must for multimonitor 5760x1080. I use the Kvame configurator to change to more reconizeable colors and tic marks
  4. montana_ra

    Mutsu-Hatsu balance issue after 5.1

    Torpedo detection range and reaction time is what really matters and the IJN high tier 3 secs longer than all others. Most BBs with the rudder buffer can now avoid torps. I know that this was not updated for 5.1 does anyone have numbers for the USN now that they comparable torp ranges? Because if not I switching to USN DD.