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  1. How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    Yeehaaa - my wg games is working properly AGAIN and i can launch them with the launcher. Just as "themistocles" i did the mistake to installe game center. I didnt like it and deinstalled it, but had to fiddel around to get games (wot, wows, wows public test) to work again, and they could only be launched by the exe file, because when you install game center it delete the games launcher.cfg and launcher.log file. Problem is, if you have installed game center and delete it, you can launch the game with the exe-file, but only until next game update, then you have to installe game center if yo want to update and play the game and that was what happened when wows p-t had a minor update, i couldnt launch the game with exe-file anymore. Yesterday i did some (a lot) searching and found the proper installer to wot and wows p-t, and by luck i ended up here in this thred and got the link to wows installer kindly presented to us by "themistocles" (you are my friend for life). I spend the rest of the day to install game againg, and by advice of an old gamer friend i installed games over old installments and preserved all changes made in game settings, mods and so on. Damn im a glad ol' man today, smiling from ear to ear. And i have lerned a lesson: NEVER DELETE OLD INSTALLERS. All 3 are now in stock in a seperate folder.
  2. Key Binding Changes

    As a leftie - using mouse with left hand - i am very pleased with the new keybinding feature - but its very anoying that right ctrl dont work, and it would be nice if torpedo selecting key with double klik changed spred, biggest problem thou is right ctrl not working. Have set numpad keys to ammo change, gun / torp and spred change, and arrow keys for movement, so my right hand hover over that part of the keyboard most of the game, but freeing cursor with left ctrl is not very smart.
  3. Loot Boxes Feedback

    Well the exact text in "Introducing Update 0.5.13" says: "Each 24-hour period, players can collect up to three containers using the XP they earned in battles. Under the current settings, the first container can be collected for 2,000 XP, the second one for 10,500 XP, and the third for 24,500 XP" I can only read is this way: for 2000 xp i get the first container, for 10500 xp (total) i get the second container and for 24.500 xp (total) i get the third container, and not 2000, 12500, 37000. Weather it is one of wg usual scam or bad english, i dont know. !!!!!!!