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  1. gnist0s

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 1

    PTS account zerorised once again - have been there for the last time - PTS deleted.
  2. gnist0s

    Happy Belgian National Day!

    Excuses, excuses, excuses If i send you private pictures from my service in the danish navy/defence (jan 1974 - dec 2016) what should be the problem then. You can just: Google HDMS Niels Juel (danish corvet/frigate) and HDMS Sælen (submarine) both participating in Golfwar. Google HDMS Absalon and HDMS Esbern Snare (former L16 and L17 operations support vessel, now ASW Frigates) participating in pirate hunt in Golf of Aden. HDMS Sælen is today museum ship and part of "Ships on Holmen" which include HDMS Peder Skram F352, HDMS Sehested P547 (torpedomissile boat) and HDMS Sælen S323 (coastal submarine) And if interested visit: https://skibenepaaholmen.dk/ Where i am guide / radiooperater on the active radiostation on HDMS Peder Skram (look at my profile picture) That ended up as advertising for the museum And for you YabbaCoe (private conversation behind the mast) my first replya regarding the Belgian navy was ment as a teaser, i know there can be problems with copyrights using pictures from the net/wiki/what ever... I just wanted to see what reply i would get - thanks anyway ZZZZZ
  3. gnist0s

    Happy Belgian National Day!

    If i send you some pictures of the royal danish navy in action - eg in the golfwar or pirate hunt in the Gulf of Aden - will you then make a similary thing for the danish navy ???
  4. gnist0s

    Update 0.10.6 - Bug Reports

    Same problem here - you are not alone ZZZZZ
  5. gnist0s

    Update 0.10.6 - Bug Reports

    Wether i have mods installed or not, the bug are still persistent. If i stay in the battel to it ends and the but emerge it takes 20-30 sec from battle ends until back in port, and then there is no problem to seeing the battlereport. It don't open automatic, i have to open it manually. If i go out of battle (when dead / sunk) and i get the bug when battle ends, battelreport says "i can only see detailed statistic......" The bug have been reported severe times in the last update - hoped it would have gone but as i wise guy said: Ther's no money in solving bugs!!! zzzzz
  6. gnist0s

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

    Thanks for the test video tsounts. THAT explaine some of my missed torpedo attack when running the target in circle ZZZZZ
  7. gnist0s

    Update 0.10.6 Developer Bulletin

    A Dutch cruiser line - why did'nt Sweden get a seperate line for their DD's. Next should be a danish line including carriers - which we never had, but who cares germany didnt eather (they build one but never equipped it) Or did we have carriers; do helicopter carrying fregates count? zzzzz
  8. gnist0s

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    Can't enter clan page or naval battles - just weegee in a nutshell. ZZZZZ
  9. gnist0s

    Grand Battle

    Holy c... WeeGee, why don't you use your efford, on shortening the very very very long list of things not working or working badly instead of introducing things players dont want / need. ZZZZZ
  10. gnist0s

    Grand Battle

    More useless ballast in the port, besides the 4 cw ballast ships zzzzz
  11. gnist0s

    Public Test of Update 0.10.5: Round 2

    Your new log-in system is crap - i have to start all over with captains and equipment on ships. I want my old PT server name back (F352_Peder_Skram)!!!!!!!!! Where is my clan??????? Its like starting a new account ALL OVER - damn you WeeeeGeeee can you do something, just once, that is in the players interest ?????????????????????????????????????????????
  12. gnist0s

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

    If the Netherlands cruiser branch open for at new country, why did'nt the Swedish destroyer branch ????? zzzzz
  13. gnist0s

    Web Campaign: Bismarck's Last Battle

    It was a great ship, innovasive with fails - Taitanic had fails too. But because i like the ship, just as i like the Tiger and Panther tanks and the JU88 divebomber as innovasive warmashines, i don't like the man with the little moustache and his regime. In WOWS you can glorify different ships from different countries like you can with tanks in WOT and planes in WOWP (played them all) and for me its ok - i'm a naval man, retired after 42 year and if i like a ship, no matter where they are from, i dont necessarily like the country and their leaders too. wind, waves (green skincolor)
  14. gnist0s

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    The 3 x 4 ships are wg's way to anoy those 90% of the players that DO NOT participate in clan battels zzzzz
  15. gnist0s

    New World of Warships Trailer

    Dont give them wgs too many ideeas