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  1. Oh, Boris, turn that frown up-side-down. Ps. 100 Baby!!!
  2. justadude0815

    Proposal for increasing quality of gameplay

    I think the achievements should be tier based. They should be easily achievable, but with a very low reward (ie 1 or 2 premium consumables). The object is not to let people farm consumables, but reward good habits (ie playing the class). This way new players get a reward for playing their class. What needs to be achieved needs to be carefully considered so it will not be gamed. Also WG would need to put these achievements front and center. This is a really good idea. I hope it gains traction in the community and then with WG.
  3. justadude0815


    The thing about it is the use of terms like retard, moron or even mentally challenged say more about the person using them, be it in anger or to trying and make a point than anything else.While it may not paint a complete picture of that person it does reveal much about them in those situations. Since insults are decisive in nature they person spewing them will have little to show for his efforts except continued frustration. The thought that a different form of communication might lead to better results is never considered, because in most cases the better results are not desired. If these people want to be taken seriously they need to change the tone and wording of their statements, if they are fine with tossing out insults to briefly stem the tide of their frustrations then they do not need to change. The choice is theirs.
  4. justadude0815

    Noob protection

    Look, you have a 54% win rate. You need to join the tinfoil hat, cry me a river crowd. You can not go around spouting sensible concepts. Bad players are the enemy that WG loves to reward at your expense. Please edit your post to reflect that. ...a bad player could be an interesting human being... puh-leeze...
  5. justadude0815

    Noob protection

  6. justadude0815

    Noob protection

  7. justadude0815

    Remove it NOW

    Title = Instant Classic
  8. justadude0815

    Justice in clan battles...

    I love the "justice" part...
  9. justadude0815

    WG - Please don't have me play with people like this

    This makes me think it is a media or test account.
  10. Dude, its a Nürnberg. It's not going to blow up because a BB or three are in firing range...
  11. @SovietFury43, Judging by this and other posts it seems that you are no longer finding any enjoyment in wows. Furthermore it seems that you hsve lost faith i the developers and hope that anything can or will be done to make things better for you. I hope that things get better for you.
  12. justadude0815

    +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Sir! If you are not removing -bad- then you might as well not remove anyone at all!!!
  13. justadude0815

    +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Randoms are random. It does not seem like it would be hard to comprehend. You performance will be ranked in Ranked. Maybe take some responsibility of who you enter with if it is important to you. Now you try with Clan Battles...
  14. justadude0815

    +T8 closed for BAD Players

  15. Fair enough. I view it a little differently. I do not think anyone can expect much from a Random. It us called a Random after all. I would expect people to think about entering Ranked match as the teams performance is ranked and substantial rewards given. That is why I do not play ranked. I would play a clan battle with my clan though.