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    Being spotted since the new patches

    most of my games are in DD's and i have been consciously looking at the spotting of them when i have been playing ( AA is always turned off ) firstly i am noticing that i am being spotted by planes ( screen warning icon- then the hail of shells ) - even though there is no planes near me most certainly not in view range or the 3+. km detection range visually or via minimap .....Sometimes there is not even planes located on the minmap when i am being spotted but a few cruiser fighters in the distance 10+kms secondly - when i hit view range of a opposing DD - surely there is a time limit to you being exposed after you go back out of the surface detection range ? it probably works both ways ( in favour and against ) ... but i am noticing i am staying spotted a hell of a lot longer than my opponents . Like i said in brackets it probably works both ways but i have lost sight of dd's almost immediately ( even in the same dd type ) when you hit surface detection range while i will still stay visible until sometime later even without planes being present in the sky .As it's natural to find the reason for the spot after your opponent has disappeared thirdly : the new sonar - i was up to 9km's away in one game and was still visually spotted via sonar ( screen icon and shells ) - i don't get it
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    seems like all the ISP's fixed the issue they had with WG games at exactly the sametime as the new patch this morning
  3. stevearno


    it's not the ISP's all my other connection intensive programs are working as per normal I don't have Throttling/Capping on my ISP And how would it be ALL ISP's ? ..ok the trunk lines are the same but all my other stuff would not work ... I just downloaded a 4gig file running full speed as per normal i think you are right it was when the new patch was installed .... I can't play the game , the lag is bad enough trying to manoeuvre but to shoot it is impossible as the player you are aiming at LAGS then jumps 50ft in the direction he is travelling
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    yes just tried to play a game and it is unplayable - it's not me and my hardware or connection then just ran another speed test all is fine
  5. stevearno


    i have extreme lag in every game i have played in the last week my internet connection speed does not really change at any time of day i run at a constant 2mb ( not bits ) per second all day everyday .... even recently i have been running speed tests and all is the same as it always is . I have nothing running in the background about 2 months ago i was running 4k without a problem but have since downgraded to 1920x as the icons are bigger - this ran fine for weeks then as above in the past week i get lag in every game .... It's not my graphics as i have AMD R390 ( 8gig =4k ) is anyone else experiencing it ? - i honestly don't thinks it's to do with me as everything else runs fine
  6. stevearno

    Everything i have noiticed recently

    yes and my third view experiences were before the update ..the only reason why i posted today was because of the WYOMING issue ..so while I was here i started to RANT, what i seen watching third player. To be under the illusion that a MOD will not be updated to facilitate the changes in the new patch is pretty naive ...and thus we will be back at square one again I don't think you really should be handing out advise of knowledgeable or experience when you have a dismal win rate of 47%..... I would be to embarrassed to have that in my signature trying to be the voice of experience ... it is clear by your stats you are not dealing with it
  7. stevearno

    Everything i have noiticed recently

    stop being a delusional ##### watch third person - and you can see - i thought i explained without the need for people like yourself to be objective for the sake of being objective IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for a person to a hit a middle shot with every shot without an AID ( that is PLAYER Vs PLAYER - where perception is pitted against the other persons perception ) ... if you watch third person you can easily spot those using mods and those who are not ...as every movement change in the ships direction - the perception the player needs to formulate a new trajectory thus changing the probability .In the realm of mathematics ( probability ) it is impossible to get a shot with citadel potential on every shot = enjoyable game if you are not playing player Vs player you are playing Player Vs Computer - i play online to play against other players not some computer generation with a monkey clicking behind it
  8. stevearno

    Everything i have noiticed recently

    Went to go and play with my Wyoming - and for some reason it sails like a 'tin bath' with malnourished slaves at the oars ..NOW the shots fly every where you didn't AIM - will have to get rid of it now as is just a waste of a SLOT another issue : I stayed at the end of battle ( after dying from the bravest expedition ever shown in gaming combat ) and zoomed in to watch the last bits of the battle via one of my team mates that had hugged the edge of the map all game . I have watched a number of battles like this recently and the USE of MODS is just perverse -- the players using them you can spot a mile off - as EVERY and MEAN EVERY shot will hit the the middle of the ship or where the middle of the ship would be when the shots were fired .... it is only the manoeuvring of the ship that prevents a citadel hit every time . WHEN you play real time and are engaged ,you don't notice it so much as you are consumed by the game - but sometimes you just know someone is using mods as the shots are just too perfect . Before i really noticed this by watching the games 3rd person ... i didn't really CARE and just naively played the game ... NOW i kind of feel enraged and feel i need to offset this by getting MODS myself ..which I don't really want to do . I liked my ignorant bliss and now it has be shattered - the mods are tipping the scales soo much , it really is hard to enjoy the game knowing that someone will always better you not on eye and perception coordination but by using a mod that takes the need for them to use real life .... so now i have to get F#### mods now finally : WTF is manual AA - I can not find any YOUTUBE clips showing it in action ... I have read what the forum has to say ..adn it was very well explained in a thread ... but i would like to see it in action . please just tell me if it worth getting or not ?
  9. stevearno

    Launching TORPS through mountains

    it's the best - planes seem to be able to defy the laws of nature and throw torps through mountains
  10. stevearno


    thank you for quick response - and you cleared it up nicely i was reading it wrong
  11. stevearno


    there is no barracks ? from what i have read ingame - you can transfer one guy from one ship to another but he loses all his special abilities is that right ? as he is not trained on that ship , please correct if i have made the wrong assumption . so every time you get a new ship you may as well get a new 'GUY' to man it - am i right in thinking that ? and when you sell a ship the man is gone for ever ? so if i bought the ship again i would have to start again with another guy in the ship so am i right in saying buy a ship and keep the guy in it and don't sell it
  12. stevearno

    Torpedo Range

    world of destroyers - i bought the first Japanese one and it has 8km distance -- i just sit around 8km away and fire torps the whole game ... you can get about 4-8 hits per game
  13. stevearno

    HE and AP

    Very new to this game - so have a few questions - when should i use AP ? is it for close range attacks and HE for long distance ..... say if i am in a tier 2 destroyer is it worth using AP against a battleship or will i not pen it ? also why isn't there a British or German TECH line ? is that coming at a later date
  14. stevearno

    new player bonus codes

    isn't there a new player bonus code for world of warships like they have with world of w@nks ... have looked every where can find one ----