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  1. the_brave_1

    problem with steering

    I know in my settings i us A and E for my compleet turn so this is not the problem
  2. the_brave_1

    problem with steering

    hi there I am having troubles with my steering. when I want to turn either left or right I pres Q for left and D for right; (azerty). When i started to play WoW my ship would turn as long is I was holding the button, when i released the botton my ship would go back to sailing straigt ahead. This is where the problem is. When I push the button to turn it locks into a fixed position (1/2 or a full turn.) even when i release the button it will stay fixed. (i don't like it) Is this a new general setting in WoW or dit I do something wrong with my own setting? Ifso where can i change it so the steering won't be loced in these two positions? thanx in advace