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  1. Felling frustrated about the game, BB´s set on fire too damm quickly

  2. Barracada

    Turn off the chat for players who are dead

    Turn chat off dead players ? No , I had some draws and a few win with the help of "dead mates". Ban, toxic players agree. We only have to report then. Ban players for having words like noob, hacker, etc , dosen´t work . Ex: I can say i has so noob for doing that. Should i be ban ??. Of course not.
  3. Barracada

    Expand division number

    I think that 2 CV´s in a Division should be alowed. More players to the divisions , nop.
  4. Barracada


    Hi mates, one thing that this development has is fun. But , there are things that with the upgrades are worst. Example, torpedos wide, they become shorter and the BB´s cant fit betwin them. Another is the shorter view of the torps. Torps are the problem of the game. My question is Why can he can´t have two Carriers in the some division when we are playing with players? We can have two DD, CA and BB´s why not two CV´s?
  5. Barracada

    4 mod make thing difference

  6. Barracada

    Unhandled Exception Error

    maybe not
  7. Barracada

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

  8. Barracada

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

    Two ideias. Or mods for all or for nobody. This upgraded i don´t like it. The game was fun to play and now ....... BB´s was fun to play now not so good, better cruisers , worst BB. Torps more problems than ever . Rating fire for BB´s sucks. Thats my opinion. Good game for all mates.
  9. Barracada

    Unhandled Exception Error

    Again the some problem of many. Andrade73 had report the same, always the some, pc not good. Really??? Why WoT runs and this one don´t. Well lets see.
  10. Barracada

    help me in premium

    i don´t have that and my pc runs without problems, a little slow making loading but runs ok .
  11. Barracada

    problem about the game when it is starting

    Nothing, but i had said that im my post
  12. Barracada

    [MODELS] Ships Exposition

    i love modelismo but my wallet don´t , kkk
  13. Barracada

    problem about the game when it is starting

    I have one questions but i don´t know if its the right place . First sorry my english . I see that are too many players that don´t had pass level 4. And i know that are very potencial players that don´t have an invitaction. Why don´t let more players enter to substitute those who don´t play.
  14. Barracada

    Noob Guide and Beginner Tips

    Thanks mate
  15. Barracada

    Anyone know what this means?

    There are too many players that cal names to others, simply because they are sunk or they are loosing. I don´t care, but it shows the educations that they have. I agree that we have to start reporting .