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  1. TCG_OliveBranch

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Why not? I am in. I want to join raffle. PS. Thnx who donate something for the lottary. Its very good for community. Cheers
  2. TCG_OliveBranch

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    Thank you my friend. With that 3 container i completed RN Collection and get perma camos. Cheers...
  3. TCG_OliveBranch

    Jean Bart Credits?

    Thats result of my last game. I think it has to be pretty enought for good income but experienced and better friends can explain ,why i get tier 8 silver? PS: No any hydra ext. special flag mounted
  4. TCG_OliveBranch

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    I just did 500 hit with secondaries mission on Halloween Operation with Magnu-S. 1 game only,easy
  5. TCG_OliveBranch

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Got her 3 months ago with freexp ( with 1x35 wallet support ).75 games, Love her, learning and managing to increase stats
  6. TCG_OliveBranch

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I can't put screenshot cs i am onboard, sorry . So far, with Lenny , 7 kills and carrying game was my greatest achievement.
  7. TCG_OliveBranch

    Did you get "Special Bonus Mission" with the "Freedom Container"?

    Indianapolis Marathon ; after 1st mission i get Kidd. Later on no more big gifts for me.
  8. TCG_OliveBranch

    Musashi or Kronshtad???

    I dont have too much cruiser,specially soviet cruiser experience and i choose Musashi. When i get Moskva and learn basics, next will be Kronshtad
  9. TCG_OliveBranch

    Higher number of dispersion always means better?

    For dispersion smaller is better.I think for Sigma values higher is better right?
  10. TCG_OliveBranch


    Voted "Yes" for all but surprised to see most player says "No". It seems old players doesn't like to share their privileges with newbies . Selfish? Maybe yes maybe no,don't care but understandable...
  11. TCG_OliveBranch

    European destroyer tree

    One side Tier X Universal DD Gearing on US line and other side as a suggestion Tier IV Gearing Class Kocatepe and its torpedo boat. Interesting suggestion actually.
  12. TCG_OliveBranch

    Where are the other premium ships?

    I am a Seaman,when i started that game it was very short period before my new duty at sea. That time there was plenty vessels on tech tree. Then i decide buy some after my return, a couple months later i returned and bum,most of the premiums was gone. I was have thousands of doubloons cs of discount which tested by WG on some players. I bought which i like,i spent doubloons for unnecessary vessels and stuff like noob ( yeah i am wallet noob ) ,I should buy which i want at the first ,damn i had to remember WG's crap decisions from WoT. Now i have to wait weeks and see what will they sell with euro. Whatever, WG is WG...