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  1. TCG_OliveBranch

    What carrier should I get

    I think you shouldn't buy any! Already we have too much mosquito's flying around and ruining games,spreading malaria! Damn i don't understand you people interest to cv/arty on wg games ,disgusting
  2. TCG_OliveBranch

    How to make the game more enjoyable

    New mission chains, maybe premium ship rewarding mission chains like wot could be nice, maybe...
  3. TCG_OliveBranch


    Correct comment is " Never buy a Macbook for gaming" I have 2014 pro and i am kind a pitiful the years i spent on windows for a paperwork's and watching movies only.
  4. TCG_OliveBranch

    Verdict on Nelson?

    I am planning to get a high tier RN BB. Pages after pages still i cant decide what to do I have enought free xp for Nelson or enought money for Vanguard. Nelson's play style acceptable for me cs i have Jean Bart. On the other hand LMW says Vanguard is crap,even she suggested DoY vs Vanguard and i like conventional bbs more. It seems i gonna get DoY or KGV back, with pre camo
  5. TCG_OliveBranch

    Is it worth it? to buy Dreadnought?

    It seem you already have most of the premiums. Than buy her and put your collection :)
  6. TCG_OliveBranch

    How do you play the Kronshtadt? Give me Advice!

    I get Kronshtad because of removal issue. Still grinding ship from several lines and can't play her enough. I know accuracy issue but my main question is are you guys playing bow like Moskva or angled?
  7. TCG_OliveBranch

    Venom's personal appreciation thread - bonus codes added

    It worked but i am already on duty, 3 weeks later i can tell you what i get. Cheers and thanks dude...
  8. TCG_OliveBranch

    Soviet Battleships Tiers III – VII

    Are you planning an event for Russian BBs, like French BBs or we had to start grinding from Tier 1 ?
  9. TCG_OliveBranch

    Spanish Community Leftovers.......not anymore

    God dammed dude, i am already on board and when time to time checking forum,i didn't realize both our databases disappear. Thanks for your topic, and yes why WG? Ok you think we are not worth to spend money,human power or effort but at least you should keep old posts like a database for who can not speak English. As always, gg wg...
  10. TCG_OliveBranch

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Seems my dear Mr Serb spent all money again to girls,drug,parties and nothing for hamsters again
  11. TCG_OliveBranch

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Long long time ago i bought Diablo 3 and never played it cause of Wargaming games. Thanks to your update 0.8.0, i finally install the game and remember; there are a lot of good game around. Keep up to good work WG
  12. It could be very happy new year for some players, if u make some discounts to gold prizes but you prefere do it on in game prizes.
  13. TCG_OliveBranch

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Why not? I am in. I want to join raffle. PS. Thnx who donate something for the lottary. Its very good for community. Cheers
  14. TCG_OliveBranch

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    Thank you my friend. With that 3 container i completed RN Collection and get perma camos. Cheers...
  15. TCG_OliveBranch

    Jean Bart Credits?

    Thats result of my last game. I think it has to be pretty enought for good income but experienced and better friends can explain ,why i get tier 8 silver? PS: No any hydra ext. special flag mounted